Spiritual Artists

Spiritual Artists

People may think the artist lazy... but an artist is always working.

For an artist, everything is seed for their mill.

Seed for their mill in this case does not mean grinding seed into powder.

Seed for their mill is transmuting the lead of the personal into the gold of the individual.

With an artist... the 'wheels' are always spinning.

For an artist... there can never be enough Quality.

Their 'path' is the path from personal obsession to impersonal understanding.

The artist takes this seriously... and works all 3 shifts.... takes no days off... and 'holidays' in silence.

The artist... is constantly working... because the problem is virtually continuous.

You can't tell the artist so much by what they do... as by what they don't do.

The artist transmutes the energy of obsession... into useful energy.

The artist... eventually focus's the searchlight... by turning it in the proper direction.

When society practices... art will be ubiquitous... and Quality will be continuous.


When society practices... 'paying forward' will be in perpetual motion.


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