The practice of self anticipation

The practice of self anticipation

If you took the time to read the articles on Where is Time  and  Free Will and Noise in the Brain  linked above in the Authors Note at the top of this page you'll see that there is a 'propagation delay' between the time when our thoughts are created (as signals in the brain) and the time that they start to come to our attention.   Awareness of this 'delay' allows the individual the 'space' to observe them as they arise because once the individual 'sees' that they are not happening in real time one can 'stand back', if you will, from them and just wait for them to manifest on their own.

This 'standing back' from ones thoughts as they arise gives the seeker the ability to practice 'self' observation on a different level from a rational and scientific basis that breaks the identification with thoughts... which leads to detachment from them... and an increase in awareness of ones knowing impersonal being.   This happens because it releases inner attention from thought which leaves it standing alone in 'anticipation' of thought where it can then observe them as they manifest in our minds... distinct from the individual being.  IE: distinct from 'you'.   Thus this practice helps the seeker to bring to life the proverbial advice of sages to 'watch' ones thoughts as they arise... 'as a cat would watch a mouse hole'...  

because there is 'thought'... and there is 'you' that is observing them... as they arise.  Thus 'you' are standing 'apart' from thought.

So you are, in essence, observing the arising of the 'self' in the form of thought... distinct from ones 'Self'.

Thus you could call this practice a literal form of self anticipation as in anticipation of thoughts that come to you as the 'self'.

So the 'self' is operating (arising)... and 'you' are the 'Self... simultaneously.

It's a paradox...


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