A 'Deconstructive Creative' view

Update 10/8/14:  'deconstructive' view

On the merits of 'simple'...

"When you first start off trying to solve a problem, the first solutions you come up with are very complex, and most people stop there. But if you keep going, and live with the problem and peel more layers of the onion off, you can often times arrive at some very elegant and simple solutions. Most people just don’t put in the time or energy to get there."      Steve Jobs

In order to understand this blog it helps to have an 'out of the box' view.   But...

Thinking 'outside the box' is not what we think...

NOTE:  Thinking outside the box is not 'out of the box thinking'... it's 'out of the box 'assumptions'... combined with common sense thinking.  

 (Common sense is just 'that' which is obvious... in light of awareness)

So the 'box'... is just an unquestioned assumption...

   We are guided by assumptions so changing assumptions is by definition, changing directions.   One follows the other.

When you change your assumptions... change 'just happens'.

 Assumptions are the box... so if you want to get out of the 'box' you need an assumption that 'leaves out the box'.

  It's 'simple'.


NOTE: Contemplation is just 'considering the implications of a new assumption' in the back of the mind.


Contemplation is just considering the implications of living without an assumption.


A 'deconstructive creative' view is a view of an individual that is capable of letting go of 'assumptions' while allowing intuitively creative solutions to surface... simultaneously.

A 'deconstructive creative' view s a paradox.

A 'deconstructive creative' view is a 'superposition in the mind'... because you are 'letting go' and allowing... simultaneously.

(that's a paradox)

Nature abhors a vacuum... thus as you let go of assumptions... the 'vacuum' is filled with intuitive insights.

It's simple...

You don't 'do' intuition... it comes to you.

Thus letting go and allowing facilitates 'doing' and non-doing... simultaneously... because you're choosing (IE: 'doing') to let go while allowing intuition to arise.

It can only 'come to you'... when you make room for it.

You 'make room for it' by letting go of assumptions.

On is in time... one outside of time.

Thus 'out of the box thinking'... is a paradox.

'Thinking outside the box'... is a spiritual practice... in a practical world... because once the insight has 'arrived'... common sense informs you... as to what to 'do' next.


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