Operating on multiple levels simultaneously

On... 'operating on multiple levels simultaneously'

NOTE: The following may appeal to those investigating a Post Traditional Buddhism or non Buddhism but in general it applies to any path that requires understanding.  It's a view that takes into account the 'spiritually practical' needs and concerns of the individual while honoring the view from the 'non-local' individual that is, for all intents and purposes, 'ineffable'.  Most importantly, it's written in terms that any reasonably well informed seeker can relate to, thus it doesn't leave them in a suspended state of confusion due to language that makes no sense.   

Thus to the informed seeker... it's spiritual 'common sense'.

It's 'common sense' because it appeals to the intuitively informed higher 'Self' interest of the individual instead of the often misinformed 'self' interest of the 'person'... because it's not the ego that is the major adversary of the individual but confusion about their 'self' interest. 

  The ego responds to both thoughts and intuition... thus it will work seamlessly, either for or against an individual, depending on whether they are pursuing their 'Self' interest... or a misguided perception of their 'self' interest.  
The choice between the two determines their fate because as long as an individual is 'operating' in their highest 'Self' interest they are focused... because 'Self' interest by its nature has a singular focus... whereas 'self' interest is always 'torn'.

Thus one is conducive to spiritual progress... one is not.   because one is confined to the 'self' and one is not.   Thus one is conducive to independence... and one is not.  Because one promotes focus - as well as 'Self' focus... and one does not.

Focus saves time... and suffering.   Thus its a spiritual 'essential'... if one is to make 'progress'.    Progress is stalled, not by the ego, but by 'self' created problems... caused by distractions from ones highest 'Self' interest.

It's just 'common sense'.


Deconstruction and Buddhism

Buddhism can't be 'constructed' as in piling one concept on top of another until we come to a 'conclusion'.  It can only 'dawn' on the individual as the result of a 'deconstruction' of fundamental assumptions.  

So Buddhism is not a construction site... it's more of a 'hole' in the foundation.


"I saw that the ocean of pure awareness, on the surface of the universal consciousness, the numberless waves of the phenomenal world arise and subside beginninglessly and endlessly.  As consciousness, they are all me.   As events, they are all mine.  There is a mysterious power that looks after them.   That power is awareness..."

 Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj    from "I Am That"


Authors Update:  11/19/15

A word on the correct application of Crazy wisdom as a communication tool

Cognitive dissonance (as 'crazy wisdom')... operates on multiple levels simultaneously.  Thus its aim (when done correctly and with the proper motivation) is to 'speak' to individuals on multiple levels... simultaneously... but with different messages and different goals, depending on the level of perception of each individual.

Because of the seemingly contradictory nature of cognitive dissonance, for an individual with a flexible linear mindset, if they are open to whats being transmitted, they can reach a point where they can no longer figure out whats being said at which point they are 'given' the opportunity to have a 'light bulb moment' in which they 'give up' trying to figure it out and just let go... thereby creating an opening in the form of a breakthrough which arrives as a sudden intuitive insight that they might not otherwise have had. 

So for these individuals, cognitive dissonance... is a 'koan'.

  For those with a rigid and inflexible linear mindset, they may experience confusion as they will not be able to resolve the apparent contradiction in their minds.   The frustration with this confusion will 'send them away', if you will, as they will have no patience with what's being said, thus leaving them 'free' to find a more compatible message elsewhere.

For the individual operating on multiple levels simultaneously, cognitive dissonance will deliver multiple messages simultaneously... one to the 'person'... and one to the 'individual.   And because of its multidimensional nature it also serves as a sort of 'non verbal handshake' with the individual that simultaneously validates their multidimensional view by informing them on multiple levels... simultaneously.

So for one individual its a teaching tool in the form of an 'opening'.   For another its an 'invitation' to find satisfaction elsewhere and for another it's a form of multidimensional validation.

Thus it has multiple meanings on multiple levels for multiple individuals... simultaneously.   As such, it acts as a 'filter' and a time saver for the individual transmitting the message as they don't have to spend their time and attention on those that are not open to what they have to say while allowing them to focus on those that are open to their message... IE: those that have 'the ears to hear'.

Thus cognitive dissonance... is a paradox.

Thus, when 'crazy wisdom' teachers speak... their words have 'double' meanings.

The 3 levels of paradox

There are 3 levels of paradox.   The individual primarily identified as a separate 'person' is operating on a single level pf perception.  Thus they only perceive contradictions... and thus 'problems'. 

The individual operating on multiple levels simultaneously perceives contradictions as a paradox... because their awareness enables them to 'understand' both sides simultaneously.   Thus for them, 'problems' brought on by contradictions are 'workable' paradoxical situations.  

For the enlightened non-local individual, they are both sides of the 'paradox'... thus they see no contradictions... or paradox.   Thus they have no 'problems'.

The 'mechanics' of 'crazy wisdom'

The mechanics of crazy wisdom - IE that which makes it work - is that the individual that is primarily identified as a separate 'person' reacts to the contradiction... whereas the individual that is primarily identified as impersonal being or awareness 'responds' to the paradox... with 'understanding'.

One is a knee jerk 'mechanical' reaction... the other an intuitive 'response'... an intuitive 'understanding'.

Big Difference.

They can 'do' that because they 'see' through the contradiction... to the paradox... via awareness.

Awareness makes us 'nobody's fool'... thus they're no longer 'fooled' by 'contradictions'... because they 'know better'. 

Thus 'crazy wisdom' teachers are not 'considering' your 'personal' opinion of them... or what they say.   They are only interested in communicating with other 'individuals'... or those that are intuitively savvy enough to aspire to being 'individuals'. 

The Seekers job

The seekers job is to discern between the crazy... and the wisdom... and to avoid the former while gaining from the latter.  That takes awareness... as in the awareness to discern what's in ones highest 'Self' interest.   Thus if the teaching leaves out the importance of discernment... or of looking after ones 'Self' interest... then ones 'interest' in the teaching may soon be waning.

It also helps if the seeker 'understands' that it's not their job to become enlightened... because the 'person' which is seeking is not what gets enlightened.   The seekers job is to find the correct path for them and to commit to the work that's required... until they 'understand'.

IE: until they 'know better'.

You'll know you 'know better' when you no longer fall for that which is clearly not in your 'Self' interest... and you're no longer trying to enlighten that which doesn't exist.  Trying to enlighten that which doesn't exist is a 'fools' errand.   Thus you're no longer 'fooled' by paths that 'make' you crazy... at the expense of your own 'Self' interest.

Only an individual being can reliably discern for its 'Self' that which is always in it's highest 'Self' interest.  'Persons'... are prone to craziness... because they are torn in opposite directions... simultaneously.   The individual see's through the craziness in the 'person' and the 'personal'... to that which 'knows better'.

Once you 'know better' you're no longer on a 'path'... so much as you're on a 'road'.   The 'road' that leads you directly to your destination.    Intuitively informed impersonal awareness is the road.   How you 'get' there is your business.

Once you're reliably 'on' the 'road'... you're 'good to go'.

When you're 'good to go'... you no longer 'need' a teacher... 'crazy' or otherwise... because you'll 'understand' what's going on mow.

NOTE: The perception of detached impersonal awareness, distinct from consciousness, is what makes the perception of paradox possible... and what makes this blog... 'understandable'.

IE: detached impersonal awareness... is what 'looks after' consciousness.

Detached impersonal awareness can 'look after' consciousness because it's intuitively informed... thus it 'knows better'.

Being 'on the road'

 Everything makes sense at the level of 'understanding'.

   'Understanding' takes place when the individual is 'operating' on multiple levels simultaneously.   The individual is 'operating' on multiple levels simultaneously when they are 'operating on the 'impersonal' (and the 'personal') levels... simultaneously.   

Thus 'the' level of understanding is actually two levels of understanding... simultaneously.

'Operating' on two levels of understanding simultaneously... is a paradox.

One is impulsive... one 'knows better'.   Thus the impersonal individual becomes the 'adult' supervision of the 'person' and the 'personal'.

IE: it 'looks after' them.

It 'looks after' them because it see's that which the 'person' can't 'see'... and it 'knows' that which the 'person' can't know.

Thus the impersonal individual 'understands'... because it see's more than the 'person'... because it 'sees' through it.  Thus the impersonal individual is the 'nexus' between the impersonal being and the 'person'.

So when the individual 'understands'... everything 'makes sense'... including the 'person'.

When everything 'makes sense'... you can go about your business (on the road)...  it's just that you 'know better' now about what's 'going on'... with 'you'... and 'others'.

(and the world)

IE:  you're mot 'fooled' by it anymore.

When you're not 'fooled' by it anymore... 'crazy wisdom' will make perfect sense.


'Self' interest as 'Self' inquiry

NOTE:  It's easier to focus on your 'Self' interest when you see that the world is designed to get you to 'ponder' your torn 'self' interest... (IE: a perpetual 'self' created distraction).    

Once you get a 'feel' for your 'Self' interest (and your 'Self')... you start to get a 'feel' for 'being in the world... but not a part of it'.

When you're in the world but not a 'part' of it... what were once insurmountable 'problems'... become 'workable' situations.


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