The 3 Levels of Paradox

The 3 Levels of Paradox

 Paradox is perceived differently depending on the level of awareness.

A) Contradictory Paradox or Contradiction:  The 'person' is a contradiction that 'operates' on a single level of perception..  Thus, to the separate 'person' a contradiction is a dilemma that can not be resolved with logic... so it's an unsolvable dilemma... leaving the 'person' in a state of limbo... unable to come to any lasting resolution of the dilemma.   Thus forward progress is stalled... hung up on the horns of dilemma itself.

B) Simultaneous Paradox:  The individual is a 'paradox'.  Thus to the individual whose impersonal being overshadows the personal self,  paradox is 'understood'... because so called 'paradoxical dilemmas'' are resolved by understanding both sides of the primary dilemma...  IE: the 'impersonal-personal' dilemma.  We are now co-existing in both the 'impersonal' and 'personal' worlds... simultaneously... which is a dilemma... but an 'understandable one'.  But only from the simultaneous standpoint of being.   Because only impersonal being fully understands the personal.

 All dilemmas are now 'understandable' because, from the view of impersonal being, so called 'dilemmas' are no longer a source of 'conflict' in the seekers mind... because the personal is now in its proper 'place' in relation to being... because being puts the 'personal'  in proper perspective.  So 'separation' is no longer a 'dilemma' now... because impersonal being has its own meaning that overshadows the limited meaning of the 'person'... thus relieving the anxiety of separation.   With a 'foot' in both worlds, the individual 'see's' the world from 'both sides now'...

 When you have a 'foot' in both worlds... you 'understand'.   Everything makes sense from the level of 'understanding'... that's how you know you 'understand'.

 All dilemmas in this world are a distraction from the primary dilemma... so they keep the world in a perpetual state of conflict.  For more on that see... The Seekers Dilemma - on Understanding...

C) Non-existent Paradox:  At the level of the non-local Enlightened 'One Individual'... the one who perceives is both sides of the paradox... thus no paradox... no problem.


 So the progression is from 'perpetual' dilemma... to 'understandable' dilemma... to 'no' dilemma.

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