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Who Needs the Higgs

"I saw that the ocean of pure awareness, on the surface of the universal consciousness, the numberless waves of the phenomenal worlds arise and subside beginninglessly and endlessly.  As consciousness, they are all me.   As events, they are all mine.  There is a mysterious power that looks after them.   That power is awareness..."

 Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj    from "I Am That"


NOTE: The following may appeal to those investigating a Post Traditional Buddhism but in general it applies to any path that requires understanding.  
It's a view takes into account the 'spiritually practical' needs and concerns of the individual while honoring the view from the 'non-local' individual that is, for all intents and purposes, 'ineffable'.  Most importantly, it's written in terms that any reasonably well informed seeker can relate to, thus it doesn't leave them in a suspended state of confusion due to language that makes no sense.

So for the informed seeker... its just common sense.

It was inspired by this authors first article by the same name, published in 2010 (and linked below) and was primarily written between 2011 and 2015, although not in the order that it is presented. 

The author makes no claims of any 'spiritual attainments'... only as a writer and researcher interested in these subjects. 


       Deconstruction and Buddhism

Buddhism can't be 'constructed' as in piling one concept on top of another until we come to a 'conclusion'.  It can only 'dawn' on the individual as the result of a 'deconstruction' of fundamental assumptions.  

So Buddhism is not a construction site... it's more of a 'hole' in the foundation.


Authors Update:  11/19/15

A word on the correct application of Crazy wisdom as a communication tool

"He might  say one thing today and something different tomorrow, and yet, somehow he could never be accused of  contradictions; one had to understand and connect everything together"

from Ouspensky's 'In Search of the Miraculous'

Cognitive dissonance, as 'crazy wisdom', operates on multiple levels simultaneously.  Thus its aim (when done correctly and with the proper motivation) is to 'speak' to individuals on multiple levels... simultaneously... but with different messages and different goals, depending on the level of perception of each individual.

Because of the seemingly contradictory nature of cognitive dissonance, for an individual with a flexible linear mindset, if they are open to whats being transmitted, they can reach a point where they can no longer figure out whats being said at which point they are 'given' the opportunity to have a 'light bulb moment' in which they 'give up' trying to figure it out and just let go... thereby creating an opening in the form of a breakthrough which arrives as a sudden intuitive insight that they might not otherwise have had. 

So for these individuals, cognitive dissonance as 'crazy wisdom'... is a 'koan'.

  For those with a rigid and inflexible linear mindset, they may experience confusion as they will not be able to resolve the apparent contradiction in their minds.   The frustration with this confusion will 'send them away', if you will, as they will have no patience with what's being said, thus leaving them 'free' to find a more compatible message elsewhere.

For the individual operating on multiple levels simultaneously, cognitive dissonance will deliver multiple messages simultaneously... one to the 'person'... and one to the 'individual.   And because of its multidimensional nature it also serves as a sort of 'non verbal handshake' with the individual that simultaneously validates their multidimensional view by informing them on multiple levels... simultaneously.

So for one individual its a teaching tool in the form of an 'opening'.   For another its an 'invitation' to find satisfaction elsewhere and for another it's a form of multidimensional validation.

Thus it has multiple meanings on multiple levels for multiple individuals... simultaneously.   As such, it acts as a 'filter' and a time saver for the individual transmitting the message as they don't have to spend their time and attention on those that are not open to what they have to say while allowing them to focus on those that are open to their message... IE: those that have 'the ears to hear'.

Thus cognitive dissonance... is a paradox.

Thus, when 'crazy wisdom' teachers speak... their words have 'double' meanings.

The 3 levels of paradox

There are 3 levels of paradox.   The individual primarily identified as a separate 'person' is operating on a single level of perception.  Thus they only perceive contradictions... and thus 'problems'. 

The individual operating on multiple levels simultaneously perceives contradictions as a paradox... because their awareness enables them to 'understand' both sides simultaneously.   Thus for them,  so called 'problems' brought on by contradictions are 'workable' paradoxical situations.  

For the enlightened non-local individual, they are both sides of the 'paradox'... thus they see no contradictions... or paradox.   Thus they have no 'problems'.

The 'mechanics' of 'crazy wisdom'

The mechanics of crazy wisdom - IE that which makes it work - is that the individual that is primarily identified as a separate 'person' reacts to the contradiction... whereas the individual that primarily see's themselves as impersonal being or awareness 'responds' to the paradox... with 'understanding'.

One is a knee jerk 'mechanical' reaction... the other an intuitive 'response'... an intuitive 'understanding'.

Big Difference.

They can 'do' that because they 'see' through the contradiction... to the paradox... via awareness.

Awareness makes us 'nobody's fool'... thus they're no longer 'fooled' by 'contradictions'... because they 'know better'. 

Thus 'crazy wisdom' teachers are not 'considering' your 'personal' opinion of them... or what they say.   They are only interested in communicating with other 'individuals'... or those that are intuitively savvy enough to aspire to being 'individuals'. 

The Seekers job

The seekers job is to discern between the crazy... and the wisdom... and to avoid the former while gaining from the latter.  That takes awareness... as in the awareness to discern what's in ones highest 'Self' interest.   Thus if the teaching leaves out the importance of discernment... or of looking after ones 'Self' interest... then ones 'interest' in the teaching may soon be waning.

It also helps if the seeker 'understands' that it's not their job to become enlightened... because the 'person' which is seeking is not what gets enlightened.   The seekers job is to find the correct path for them and to commit to the work that's required... until they 'understand'.

IE: until they 'know better'.

You'll know you 'know better' when you no longer fall for that which is clearly not in your 'Self' interest... and you're no longer trying to enlighten that which doesn't exist.  Trying to enlighten that which doesn't exist is a 'fools' errand.   Thus you're no longer 'fooled' by paths that 'make' you crazy... at the expense of your own 'Self' interest.

Only an individual being can reliably discern for its 'Self' that which is always in it's highest 'Self' interest.  'Persons'... are prone to craziness... because they are torn in opposite directions... simultaneously.   The individual see's through the craziness in the 'person' and the 'personal'... to that which 'knows better'.

Once you 'know better' you're no longer on a 'path'... so much as you're on a 'road'.   The 'road' that leads you directly to your destination.    Intuitively informed impersonal awareness is the road.   How you 'get' there is your business.

Once you're reliably 'on' the 'road'... you're 'good to go'.

When you're 'good to go'... you no longer 'need' a teacher... 'crazy' or otherwise... because you'll 'understand' what's going on now.

NOTE: The perception of detached impersonal awareness, distinct from consciousness, is what makes the perception of paradox possible... and what makes this blog... 'understandable'.

IE: detached impersonal awareness... is what 'looks after' consciousness.

Detached impersonal awareness can 'look after' consciousness because it's intuitively informed... thus it 'knows better'.

Being 'on the road'

 Everything makes sense at the level of 'understanding'.

   'Understanding' takes place when the individual is 'operating' on multiple levels simultaneously.   The individual is 'operating' on multiple levels simultaneously when they are 'operating on the 'impersonal' (and the 'personal') level... simultaneously.   

Thus 'the' level of understanding is actually two levels of understanding... simultaneously.

'Operating' on two levels of understanding simultaneously... is a paradox.

One is impulsive... one 'knows better'.   Thus the impersonal individual becomes the 'adult' supervision of the 'person' and the 'personal'.

IE: it 'looks after' them.

It 'looks after' them because it see's that which the 'person' can't 'see'... and it 'knows' that which the 'person' can't know.

Thus the impersonal individual 'understands'... because it see's more than the 'person'... because it 'sees' through it.  Thus the impersonal individual is the 'nexus' between the impersonal being and the 'person'.

So when the individual 'understands'... everything 'makes sense'... including the 'person'.

When everything 'makes sense'... you can go about your business (on the road)...  it's just that you 'know better' now about what's 'going on'... with 'you'... and 'others'.

(and the world)

IE:  you're mot 'fooled' by it anymore.

When you're not 'fooled' by it anymore... 'crazy wisdom' will make perfect sense.


The 3 levels of 'opposable mind'

NOTE: The so called 'crazy wisdom' and  The Three Levels of Paradox presented here helps to explain the premise of the book... The Opposable Mind  that was talked about in the recently released book... Stealing Fire --- but... their version of it is actually only the first level (the level of personal contradictions) of 3 levels of 'opposable mind'.  

See also this on technology and the consequences of divided attention at... Humane Tech

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Paradox and the D Wave Quantum Computer


'Self' interest as 'Self' inquiry

It's easier to focus on your 'Self' interest when you see that the world is designed to get you to 'ponder' your torn 'self' interest... (IE: a perpetual 'self' created distraction).    

Once you get a 'feel' for your 'Self' interest (and your 'Self')... you start to get a 'feel' for 'being in the world... but not a part of it'.

When you get a 'feel' for being in the world but not a part of it... what were once insurmountable 'problems'... become 'workable' situations.

In the 21st century... seeing insurmountable 'problems' as 'workable' situations will make all the difference 'in the world'.


A word on the mind

 NOTE: The mind is composed of 'waves'.   Find the inner direction of one... and you've found the inner direction of the other.

Turning the mind 'within' is not about turning outer attention 'in'.   It's about recognizing that attention is divided between inner and outer... and learning to work with both... simultaneously.   Separation only happens... when inner attention is 'separated'... from outer attention.

All spiritual practice (in the end) is about inner attention.  First by recognizing it... and then by learning to re-direct it either deep 'within' or outside of the head... on awareness itself... because that's where 'you' can be found... the detached impersonal 'you'.  That takes will.  Willfulness traps inner attention inside the head... with predictable results.   A beneficial 'side effect' of spiritual practice is physical and mental balance and a calmer body and mind that produces less 'self inflicted' karma... and...  which makes for a more productive and positively impactful life... for yourself and others.  But the goal (in the end) is to master inner attention... and then the rest flows from that.   IE: the 'rest' becomes intuitively obvious.   And then you just 'do' whatever it is you 'do'... whatever it is you came here to 'do'.

Original mind, in this context, is the mind of intuitively informed awareness... distinct from thoughts in the back of the mind.

IE: consciousness is informed by the senses... only awareness is informed by intuition.

Big difference.


 The koan of Apple Computer

If you don't think that cognitive dissonance is a communication tool, try contemplating the message behind the words... 'Apple Computer'.   The term 'Apple Computer'... is a koan.  'Apple' is known... for 'operating' on intuitive insights... which attracted individuals who were intuitively savvy.

IE: the 'intersection' of technology and the humanities was an 'industrial strength koan'. 

That's because Steve Jobs was a 'paradoxical thinker'.  If you want to 'think differently'... then 'paradoxical thinking' is a good place to start.

 Changing the name from Apple Computer to 'Apple'... was a 'mistake'.


Foreword to the Blog

"Over a thousand birds inhabit the island mimicking the word "Attention", reminding the people to pay attention... "

From 'Island'... by Aldous Huxley

This blog is about the separation of attention... because you can't heal separation between individuals until you heal the separation in the individual.   The blog reads like a story as this is not a 'news of the day' format but a sensible yet non-linear view that systematically builds upon itself in a recursive fashion the further it is read.   It is particularly impactful if the reader can read it all the way through until you reach the Postscript in a single sitting and preferably to even the end of that as well, as to read it all the way through requires focus, will and attention... all symptoms of a growing individuality.  And the more often it is read the deeper your understanding of it will be. 

It begins with a self contained, deconstructive outlook on spirituality which is helpful in aligning ones 'thinking' with the view from impersonal awareness... otherwise known as 'original mind'.   This is important because if your thinking is out of alignment with the view from awareness there will be confusion in the mind which is a 'friend' of separation.  Thus precise 'thinking' is required in these matters.

The recognition of the separation of attention is an often overlooked, yet important tool in developing this 'original mind' which is a necessary pre-cursor to operating on multiple levels simultaneously.  In addition, working with inner attention is crucial in order to learn how to first distinguish it and thus recognize it... and then re-direct it deep within onto what Vedics call the 'Self'.  

 This turning inner attention 'in' can also paradoxically trigger a spatially extended non-local view of ones 'Self' via what the blog refers to as 'Depth of Field'... or the seeker can re-direct it 'out'... IE: outside the head via open-eyed meditation onto ones immediately available 'Self'... as in ones expanded non-local 'Self' in the immediate vacinity of the head...  IE: just outside the head in ones 'field of view'.   Finally, it can make it easier for the practitioner to focus inner attention on the 3rd eye... which is the ultimate gateway to the Self.  The perception of a separate 'person' as a localized  point inside the head is created by the fixation of inner attention inside the head on thoughts which inflames imaginings. Thus the re-direction of some degree of inner attention 'out' or 'in' or on the 3rd eye has the effect of breaking this effect down and revealing ones expanded and immediately available non-local impersonal awareness or 'Self'.   Thus there are several ways to work with inner attention, each with slightly unique results... because the 'Self' is non-local... thus it can be 'found' by turning inner attention either 'in' or out... or onto the traditional 3rd eye to the Self.

 It's also important in that we ordinarily perceive our 'self' as living in a limited world... limited to the view from inside the head.   When you expand awareness you are no longer 'stuck in your head'... so to speak.  So it makes us 'bigger' than our 'self'... and as such allows us to rise above it.

 This working with inner attention is reflected in more traditional techniques that eventually have a similar effect such as the above mentioned 'open-eyed' meditation or by meditation on the breath in and out of the nostrils, scanning the chakras (or even HeartMath)... but its not explained in terms of re-directing inner attention 'out'... as in 'outside the head'.   Thus the working mechanism behind such a practice is not necessarily revealed... but it is still operating.  So the individual can develop impersonal awareness as a result of these various well known practices that develop an ambient non-local awareness.  Contemplating the breath (outside the head under our nostrils) with inner attention on and off during the day (when our eyes are open) can help to solidify this use of inner attention... and bring ones being into 'view'... thus enabling one to operate on multiple levels... simultaneously.

 In any case, any practice that raises ambient non-local awareness will diffuse inner attention... thus giving us the effect of an expanded awareness... IE a non-local awareness... either immediately deep within or 'around' or 'outside' the head.

All of these 'views' that these different practices generate are unique ways of developing detached impersonal awareness... by re-directing and diffusing some degree of inner attention away from thoughts... either by default or by design.  Thus there is more than one way to experience detachment and awareness... and more than one way to generate... and thus experience impersonal awareness... but it all comes down to inner attention.   Reading this blog helps the reader to recognize and redirect this inner attention by first learning how to focus it on the infinite nature of reality.   It then can be redirected at will outside the head more easily... as in following the breath etc... or inward onto ones inner Higher Self.

The recognition of this variety of experiences of awareness (in addition to our 'personal' variables) helps to explain why there is so much confusion around this subject... and why people have asked for ages... 'What is enlightenment?'  

 The simple answer is... it's not just one 'thing'... but... it always includes impersonal awareness.

Along the 'way' the blog gives descriptions of what it's like to consider such topics as the relationship between art and rationality... quality and the sacred... as well as value and meaning... while going about your 'business' from these detached perspectives.  And, as stated above, it's a view that consistently 'makes sense' and is devoid of major contradictions that can leave the individual 'hanging' or in a confused state.  In fact, it sheds light on a number of traditional conundrums around such topics as the individual or 'Self'... the ego... 'free' will... 'understanding' and 'purpose', which all relate to each other... as well as to how the individual relates to society.


The Twelve Clarifications in the Blog


1) The Dilemma of Buddhism

This blog departs from the traditional language of Buddhism on a crucial point and that is that Buddhism is often interpreted as stating that there is no 'individual self'... or no 'separate individual'. The problem with this language in the seekers mind is that it can leave the mistaken impression that there is no individual to reincarnate.  So Buddhism can come across as something of a dilemma.  But it doesn't have to be.

The blog addresses this language issue by taking a more Vedic (or more 'Advaitic' ) approach in stating unambiguously that there is an individual aspect of the 'Whole', known as our 'being' or 'Atman' or 'Self'... just no separate 'person'.  So we 'exist' as individuals... but not as separate 'persons'.  That's a subtle but important distinction which gives the individual a place to hang their 'hat' of existence on without the attachment to a false assumption of a non-existent 'person'.   This 'terminology' is essentially a paradoxical clarification of the oft used term... 'selflessness'.   

This one simple point transforms Buddhist thought from one that leaves the individual potentially hanging on a language induced dilemma it can't solve to a situation that makes sense... that doesn't violate common sense... the common sense fact that we exist... as individuals.   When seen from that perspective suddenly Buddhism makes sense in a way that perhaps it didn't before.

This simple distinction thus creates a clear spiritual progression for the seeker from...

a separate 'person'... to an individual being... 

which eventually leads to what the blog refers to as a 'non-local individual'.


NOTE: Emptiness, then, from the blogs point of view is being 'empty' of a 'personal' me... so that impersonal being is then seen as the impersonal 'you'.   So 'emptiness' is 'seeing' through the 'personal' me... to the impersonal 'you'.

Thus the 'hole' in the foundation in Buddhism... is where the 'personal' me used to go.


2) Clarification of the 'Self'

The blog also helps to clarify another potential topic of confusion around the Vedic term... the 'Self'.   The problem with this term from the point of view of a Western mindset is that when we hear the word 'Self' we tend to unconsciously associate it with a 'personal' self... or 'the' Self... as if it's an object.   This language can create confusion in the individuals mind when trying to 'picture' this 'Self'... because it can't be 'pictured'.  So the Core of the blog goes to great lengths to avoid this term (although its picked up again in the Postscript and Afterword when referring to traditional terms) and instead it attempts to clarify the distinction between the 'person' and the impersonal being (Self).   By sticking to its impersonal nature the blog sidesteps this pothole in the mind which is in itself a 'deconsctrutive' technique.    

Thus language can be used as a tool for 'deconsctructive' thought... so to speak... while getting the essential point across.   

That's not to say that the word 'Self' isn't useful... its just that the individual has to discern its meaning in the context of that usage.   So just because there is no 'personal' self... does not mean that there is no  impersonal 'Self'.   Which means there will always be a degree of 'Self' interest.   So 'selflessness' is not a lack of 'Self' interest... it's an expansion of it.    'Selflessness' is a re-direction of personal 'self' interest to  an expanded impersonal 'Self' interest.   Impersonal 'Self' interest is 'Self' interest that serves the greatest good of not only the individual being but of those around it as well.   Non-local individual 'Self' interest then, serves not only the individual and those around it, but expands to include all it 'sees' as well.

So there will always be 'Self' interest.  It's just that its limited by how narrow or how 'widely' we define the 'Self'.   So 'Self' interest expands as our definition and our experience of the 'Self' expands to include impersonal awareness or being.   Thus 'self' interest wanes as our 'Self' interest becomes more apparent.   The further the 'Self' extends... the less 'self' interest there is.   So the more the individual 'sees' of its 'Self'... the less it thinks of its 'self'.  

But there will never be a time when we are devoid of 'Self' interest.    It's just a question of what level that interest serves... and to what degree we devote our attention to either the 'Self' or the 'self'. 

  In fact you could even say that the progression from 'self' interest to 'Self Interest'... is the path.   And in the end you could even say that the recognition of this ever present 'Self' interest is the key to actualizing ones being in the midst of everyday life because as our 'Self' interest grows our self interest recedes into the background... its 'proper place'.

This is intuitively understood by the individual... thus you 'understand'.   Understanding begins with the 'understanding' of our proper place in relation to our greater impersonal 'Self Interest'.

IE: The 'not-self' does not imply a 'non-entity'.


NOTE: 'Self' interest is what fuels the path.  It's just common sense.


3) Free Will Clarified

The issue of 'free' will is also one that has alot of confusion surrounding it.  The blog clarifies this by stating that 'free will' is not an aspect of the separate 'person' but rather is a faculty of the impersonal individual.  The 'person' is thus bound by 'willfulness'... and 'free will' can only be experienced to the extent that we are serving the interest of the 'Self' by either pursuing the 'Self' or actualizing the 'Self' interest of the impersonal individual.

 Realization of this can help to motivate the individual to 'see' more clearly the dilemma they face... and to act on it through spiritual practice.

Personal willfulness is 'free' will that has been distracted... by personal attachments.
'Free' will is will that is 'free' of 'personal' attachments... thus it's 'free' to serve the highest 'good' of the individual.  Free will serves our 'Self' interest... as well as the 'Self' interest of those around us.

'Free' will is intuitively informed individual will.


4) The ego   (clarified)

The blog also takes issue somewhat with the traditional confusion concerning the place of the ego in terms of the individual.  The blogs view of the ego is not something inexplicably intertwined with the individual in a way that 'traps' them in an endless loop of struggle.  Rather it is seen as something 'other' than the individual... but integral to a human experience.

This subtle but important distinction makes room for detachment while also making room for honoring our humanity... while minimizing the 'struggle'.

'Detachment' from the 'ego' is actually detachment of 'personal' attachments to the ego.   And then the ego just 'is'.

 The root of 'personal' attachments is the 'belief' in a separate 'person'... which gets coupled (attached) to the ego... in our minds.    The 'root' cause of detachment is the 'decoupling' (detaching) of the belief in a 'person' from the ego.

NOTE:  The 'entangled' ego is the ego that is 'entangled' with the 'person'.  IE: the ego has been confused with the 'person'.


5) Surrender and the myth of ego death

Since the ego is not 'of' us... but an integral part of our humanity, we're in no position to surrender it... and it doesn't have to 'die'... not in this lifetime.  

But... since individual free will is 'ours'... we can surrender it, in the end, to the One Will that is greater than our own.   And this is seen, not as a defeat... but as a relief.   The relief of a burden.

  This is why it is necessary to first develop individual will before we 'surrender'... because 'you' can't surrender that which you don't 'have'. 

When you read of surrender that  includes a horrific struggle that is because the 'person' will not 'surrender' without a 'fight'.   So it indicates a heavy attachment to the 'personal' that was being torn from them... against their 'personal' will (IE willfulness)... so to speak.

Letting go of 'personal' attachments as an orderly part of our spiritual practice not only makes for a more orderly and less disruptive and dramatic 'path'... it makes for an 'easier' time of it, at the 'end'... so to speak.   It just makes sense.

So a 'free' will is not opposed to the One Will... it serves it.

Thus the progression of will is from...

personal willfulness... to individual 'free' will... to the One Will.

When we are willing to take our proper place in relation to our greater 'Self Interest'... that's called 'getting out of our own way'... which is a preliminary form of voluntary surrender.  'Surrender' to the One Will begins with voluntarily taking our proper place in relation to our individual 'Self' interest.

 IE: Letting go is an act of will when its 'seen' to be in our greater 'Self' interest.


6) Understanding Clarified

From the blogs perspective, understanding is what occurs naturally when an individual 'sees' their impersonal nature simultaneously, in the midst of their 'personal' life.  

Thus you 'understand'... you 'understand' the 'personal' dilemma that you and everyone else are 'in'.   Thus you understand 'others' as well.  'Compassion' is not just understanding our own predicament but the predicament of 'others' as well.

 'Personal' understanding is thus seen to be limited to the information in the mind of the 'person'... and this information can only be 'overridden' by an impersonal perspective.  So as long as an individual is stuck in a solely 'personal' perspective there will be no true 'understanding'.

So being 'overrides' personal information in the mind through understanding... because it 'knows better'.   This 'knowing better' has a beneficial 'modifying' effect on the mind which gives the individual a greater perspective.   This greater 'perspective' puts the 'self' in its 'proper place'... in relation to the larger 'view' of the impersonal 'Self'... thus 'balancing' it.

NOTE: When you 'understand'... you understand that your 'Self' interest is tied to the 'Self' interest of 'others' as well.   Understanding grows as we become more comfortable with voluntarily taking our proper place in relation to our greater 'Self' interest.


7) Purpose Clarified

From the standpoint of the blog all true 'purpose' is an aspect of a 'trans-personal' perspective.    Thus all 'true' purpose is 'bigger' than the 'person'.   So the 'path' to purpose... is 'through' impersonal being... so to speak.

'Persons' have a 'personal' Destiny... beings have 'purpose'.

Impersonal being allows the individual to 'overlay' their 'personal' destiny... with a Greater purpose.

That purpose is to demonstrate impersonal awareness in everything they 'do'... as well as by what they don't 'do'.   So now everything they 'do' has purpose.

So impersonal individuals intuitively'understand' their purpose... its obvious.


In fact you could say that there are three levels of purpose.

1) Personal Destiny:   The purpose, or 'function', of the 'personal destiny', if you will, is to develop the 'personal' expression to the point where it no longer is a complete distraction from the impersonal 'Self'.  IE: to put its 'self' in its proper place... by becoming an adult... because it takes a reasonably adult perspective to 'see' that its not all about 'them'.   Only a reasonably balanced adult can voluntarily 'sacrifice' its 'self' for an 'other' (so to speak) without hurting its 'self'.

NOTE: Voluntarily 'sacrificing' ones 'self'... for ones 'Self'... is an 'Art'... that can be practiced.

2) Individual purpose:   The purpose of the individual is to demonstrate impersonal awareness in everything they 'do'... as well as by what they don't 'do'... for the sake of ones 'Self' and 'others'.

(IE:  Tea ceremonies are 'done'... for a 'purpose')

3) Non-local individual purpose:  The purpose of the non-local individual is to inspire and be a blessing for all those around it... as well as all they 'see'.

Thus the individuals, and the non-local individuals 'Self' interest is inevitably tied to their 'purpose'.   So you could say that the individuals 'Self' interest... is their 'purpose'... because its not all about 'them'.

Becoming an adult requires will.  Becoming an adult serves our 'Self' interest.  Becoming an adult is a 'trans-personal' act.   
  Being an adult is a paradoxical position... because its about 'you'... and 'others' now.

Sacrificing willfulness is a path to becoming and adult... that builds will.


NOTE:  The term 'reasonably balanced' in this sense means that when the individual finds themselves out of balance they have the tools to self-correct back into balance... in a 'reasonable' amount of time.

The 'self' is a contradiction... thus it requires 'balancing'.     Recognition of when the contradiction is 'active' is helpful in distinguishing between the 'self'... and the 'Self'.   

 The 'self' may be a contradiction that requires balancing but the 'Self' is a paradox... so it requires understanding.  Manifesting awareness in the midst of ordinary life is a balance of 'balance'... and understanding. Balancing 'balance' and understanding simultaneously is being detached and engaged.  Being detached and engaged simultaneously is an 'Art'... that can be practiced.  Being detached and engaged... is a paradox.

Being detached and engaged simultaneously... is a superposition in the mind.


Balance minimizes the distractions of the self... from the Self.

NOTE:  'self' mastery is a function  of 'self' balancing.

IE: There are no perfect contradictions.


8) Imagination clarified

Imagination is often blamed for our predicament but that is not the whole story.  The blog differentiates between useful creative imagination and 'imaginings'.   Imaginings are creative imagination that has been unconsciously misdirected into something that is not the case... because they are based on unquestioned incorrect assumptions... thus they are misleading.

The 'self' is a product of assuming we are a 'person'... which is not the case.   'Seeing through' the assumption of a 'person' liberates creative imagination from our imagining that we are a 'person'.  Imagining we are a 'person' is the root cause of imaginings.  Therefore the most skillful way of increasing creative imagination is to liberate it from imaginings.   Thus 'seeing through' the assumption of a separate 'person' liberates creative imagination.

 Once creative imagination is 'liberated'  from imaginings... it is naturally, intuitively and automatically redirected to help us fulfill our purpose.   Imaginings stifle our purpose.   Creative imagination serves our purpose.   Creativity serves our greater 'Self' interest.

 NOTE:  imaginings are a 'distraction' of creative imagination.

Imagination solely based on thought alone is subject to 'personal' limitations... thus it is inherently 'limited'.  Creative imagination is imagination that is intuitively informed imagination... thus it is not based on a limiting assumption... IE: it's not based on thought alone.  The individual being is intuitively informed outside of time whereas the 'person' is informed 'over' time.   Thus creative imagination is a 'paradoxical' experience.   Thus an appreciation of paradox is 'helpful' in developing a reliable intuitive creative imagination.

NOTE: Creative imagination solves problems that imaginings create.


9) Awareness vs consciousness clarified

The blog makes a clear distinction between awareness and consciousness by stating that awareness is primary and consciousness is an effect of primary awareness.  Furthermore, consciousness is an effect which helps to create an 'effect'... IE: the 'self'.   Since consciousness is an effect which helps to produce the effect of the 'self' the study of the effect of consciousness on the 'self' has its place... especially in terms of becoming a reasonably balanced adult or 'self'.

But... only awareness can know its 'Self'... consciousness can not... because its only an 'effect'.   Since awareness can know its 'Self' and consciousness can not it stands to reason that when it comes to knowing ones 'Self', the investigation of awareness should be of primary concern to the individual since it's the only one of the two that holds the promise of a direct experience of its 'Self'... as our 'Self'.

Even though awareness can know its 'Self' the nature of awareness is unknowable... such as we are.  Thus when it comes to knowing ones 'Self', endlessly ruminating on the nature of an effect... based on a source whose 'nature' is unknowable... is a distraction of the first order... from our 'Self'... and our purpose.

When you are aware of your own 'Self' as awareness... consciousness is 'interesting' and 'useful' in maintaining balance and fulfilling our purpose... but it's no longer a primary concern in terms of our attention.


Note: Awareness is not an 'ego function'.   If you want to go 'beyond' the ego... awareness is the only way 'out'.   


10) Stages of seeking clarified

The individuals on the spiritual path are usually divided between spiritual 'seekers' and spiritual beings.  The blog makes a further important distinction in the progression on the path from...

spiritual seeker... to a spiritual practitioner... to a spiritual being.

The distinction is important because seeking implies that the individual is lost which is typically correct at first. On the other hand, the spiritual practitioner, while still 'technically' a 'seeker', is an individual that is beginning to clarify their direction through repeated (even daily) experience of detachment, being or awareness as a result of practice... which is a direct manifestation of a deeper, more focused exercise of will.  Their way forward is thus more clearly defined in their mind and thus they are not so much 'lost' as they are headed in a consciously intended direction.  Thus the practitioner is consciously working in 'preparation'... for a familiar 'result'... so to speak.   The spiritual being, on the other hand,  is one who is beyond the 'need' for practice... but may still in fact practice as a way of deepening their ongoing experience of being.

Thus the blog emphasizes practice as a way of overcoming being lost... in the 'fog' of consciousness... which is an 'effect'.   Practice is an act of will... at the 'expense' of willfulness.   Thus practice builds will which serves our purpose... by helping to raise awareness up out of the 'fog' of consciousness... so we can 'see' it.

Spiritual practice is a 'delay' of gratification... that ultimately 'satisfies'.  So it is also a tool for becoming a reasonably balanced adult.  Thus it is 'paradoxical'... in it's results... because it serves our 'Self'... as well as our 'self'.

Thus spiritual practice leads to valuing impersonal awareness over personal attachments... without 'deleting' the personal from our lives.

That's a paradox.

Spiritual practitioners 'know' where they are going... thus its harder to 'distract' them.   When you know where you are going your intention is more focused.   When your intention is more focused you can focus your will in an 'intended' direction.   When will is focused in an intended direction... results are just a matter of 'time'.   When results are just a matter of time... its easier to be patient with the 'self'.


11) Opinions clarified

Discouragement of attachment to opinions is understandable and necessary as they are major attachment 'points' in the mind.  But denial of opinions can have the effect of unconsciously reinforcing the 'non-entity' position.  The blog takes a more nuanced and realistic approach to this subject by differentiating between 'personal' opinions and impersonal opinions.

'Personal' opinions are the automatic and unquestioned opinions of the 'person' whereas impersonal opinions are 'individual' opinions that are informed by impersonal awareness or being.  Thus they carry more weight... but are not infallible. 

Eventually at the level of Self Knowledge 'opinions' are more likely expressed from direct knowledge or knowing... thus they become more authoritative.   So the progression of opinions on the path is from...

'personal' opinions... to impersonal opinions... to Direct Knowledge or Knowing. 

Thus we 'understand' when we have 'personal' opinions... we are detached from our impersonal opinions... and we 'know' what we are talking about when we are speaking from knowing or 'direct experience'.  Thus the path leaves room for opinions to 'grow' in authority as the individual grows in understanding... without demonizing the inevitability of opinions in the mind.  In this way we extend 'understanding' to our 'self'... until we 'know better'.

NOTE: If you are 'sure that nothing is sure'... that's a 'personal' opinion.  Discernment is the 'fruit' of 'impersonal' opinions.

IE: Deconstruction and discernment go hand in hand because the 'person' is problematic.

  Deconstruction and discernment go hand in hand because only the individual 'understands' what's in their highest 'Self' Interest.

12) Knowable vs unknowable clarified

The blog is of the 'opinion' that there are limits to what the 'person' can know... such as we are... and that to differentiate between the knowable and the unknowable can save time and effort on the path.   Furthermore pursuing the unknowable at the expense of the knowable is a classic trap or diversion in the mind that leads to what the blog refers to as ... 'problems with progress'.  IE: unnecessary 'self' created problems.  Concentrating on that which is knowable (as opposed to the Absolute or unknowable) makes for a more fruitful search and promotes confidence that we are moving in the right direction rather than leaving us in a 'suspended' state of confusion... which is a form of self imposed limbo... IE: a 'self' created problem.

 Being 'sure that nothing is sure'... is a mental 'loop'... a 'self' imposed limbo, as in a 'self' created problem.  Its not possible to think ones way out of a mental loop.  The only way out is intuitively informed impersonal awareness... that 'knows better'.   Then its possible to think with clarity about these so called 'problems'... from a perspective that is outside the 'loop'.

 Determining what is truly knowable vs what is truly unknowable is an exercise in discernment... that leads to an 'understanding' of the limits of the 'person'.  However... the individual being can be intuitively 'informed' by the 'unknowable'... thus motivating us to 'see' past the 'person'.   When you 'know' that you 'are'... you don't need to know the unknowable... because being is satisfied with its 'Self'. Endlessly attempting to 'know' the unknowable leads to 'inflation' of the 'self'... at the 'expense' of the 'Self'... so to speak.  

 Furthermore, eliminating 'self' created problems eliminates half the battle.  Narrowing down the 'battle space' narrows down the 'problem'... to that which is manageable.  When you narrow down (deconstruct) the 'problem' to that which is manageable, your chances of 'success' go up exponentially.   So half the 'battle' is just narrowing down the 'battle space'... to that which is manageable.

Discovering 'reality' begins with discovering the 'real' problem first... and then the answers will come.  Thus 'success' begins with focusing on the real 'problem'.  Starting with the problem first is a de-constructive technique.   You can't expect an 'answer' unless you understand the problem.   It's just common sense.

If you want to develop 'focus'... focusing on that which is knowable is a good place to start.   

Will and focus go hand in hand.   No will... no focus.   No focus... no will.

NOTE: 'self' balance eliminates a number of 'self' created problems.   IE: 'self' balance takes alot of 'self' created 'karmas' off the table... and puts them in their 'proper place'.

NOTE: 'self' balance narrows down the 'battle space'... to a focus of attention.

Everything makes sense at the level of 'understanding'.   When everything 'makes sense'... you don't 'need' to know the unknowable. 

 IE:  If you want to know the 'knowable'... 'understanding' is a good place to start.

IE... 'only don't know' does not imply a 'know-nothing'... just don't be a 'know it all' and you'll know everything you need to know, in order to 'do' whatever it is you came here to 'do'.

IE: Focusing on the knowable saves time but being in awe of the unknowable is one way of putting the 'know it all' in its 'proper place.


A word on dharma

'Dharma' is just 'doing' what you came here to 'do'.

'Free Will'... serves our 'purpose'.   When you know your purpose... you'll know just what to 'do'.

'Doing' in the midst of a human experience requires an ego to 'do' our conscious bidding... until we know better.    

IE:  there is no 'pointless' dharma.


Summary of the Clarifications

A deconstructive thought system doesn't 'pile' concepts up on top of one another... rather it 'peels' away barriers so that your thinking is in alignment with your 'view'... IE: the view of intuitively informed impersonal awareness.

Thus language (terminology) in these matters is important because constructive language lends itself to constructing images in our minds (like a construction site) whereas 'deconstructive' language allows the mind to intuitively fill in the blanks with knowing intuition rather than images.   

The irony is that when you put these clarifications together as a whole it starts to paint a 'picture' of spirituality that makes sense... because its informed by a paradoxical intuitive 'understanding'... not solely by words that can be misinterpreted in the mind.   It makes sense because an understanding of one leads to an understanding of the others.  So its a whole-istic view of spirituality that makes sense to the Western mindset, whether that 'mindset' lives in the East or West.   So language is important... especially when its language about that which is impersonal in nature.

When the path forward makes sense there is less resistance to it because the unknowns start to become knows.  So the path becomes more direct... more focused... more intentional... thus more purposeful.   

So you save 'time'... on the path.

This is important because the bulk of time spent on the path is spent in developing a reliable contact with ones being.  So anything that expedites that contact expedites the relief of suffering on the part of the individual and society and accelerates the growth of understanding... in the individual and society.

Mystery creates doubt.   Knowledge puts the doubter in its proper place.   When the doubter is in its proper place the individual is not so much a spiritual 'seeker'... as a spiritual 'traveler'.    A spiritual 'traveler' travels forward through life while staying 'put' in their mind.

Thus the spiritual 'traveler' is a paradox.

'Seeking' is painful when there's no 'end' in sight.   'Traveling' can be an adventure because there is a destination in mind.   Adventure does not imply 'easy' or pain free.  Adventure implies effort, challenges, set backs, obstacles and work around's that ultimately lead to success.  The difference is that adventure is 'seeking' with a known direction to a familiar goal.   The difference between 'seeking' and 'traveling' is knowing where you are going.   Spiritual practitioners know where they are going because they are 'reminded' of it on a regular basis... through their practice.   

When you know where you are going... its easier to put up with 'traveling'.

Thus you could say that another way to view the progression on the spiritual path is the progression from...

a spiritual 'seeker'... to a spiritual 'traveler'... to a spiritual being.

A 'savvy traveler' knows the most direct path to where they are 'going' so they know how to save time.   They know what to 'bring'... and what to 'leave behind'.   And they know how to 'take advantage' of the destination when they 'get there'.  And... they also know when its time to get back to work.

'Savvy' travelers know that obstacles are not barriers... so they find 'creative' ways around them.   Discovering 'creative' ways around obstacles develops 'creativity' and flexibility and flexible minds are adaptable minds... thus they are more likely to adapt to a changing world.   

A flexible 'traveler' is an indication of a flexible 'self'.   A flexible 'self' is a 'self' that is not held back by 'attachments'.   Thus a flexible 'self' is one that is less likely to 'object'... to the presence of the 'Self'.


NOTE: The blog also maintains that creativity and rationality are not mutually exclusive but are, in fact, perfectly compatible and that managing both is an 'art' that can be practiced.  In fact, from the standpoint of impersonal awareness it's the 'personal' perspective that is irrational and it's the impersonal individual that is the rational 'actor'.

 Also, as events in the world accelerate, problems will no longer be able to be solved by 'thinking' alone as events will begin to outpace our ability to keep up with them. Thus intuitively informed creative imagination is going to be increasingly vital in solving the problems of society as well, going forward.   In fact... it's already the case.

 This acceleration is in part driven by computer technology such as the D-Wave 'quantum' computer which promises a 'quantum' acceleration on top of the already breathtaking pace.   

Since (as it turns out) the blog is a spiritual analog of the principals of paradox and superposition behind the D-Wave computer perhaps technology and spiritual understanding are not mutually exclusive.  In fact they may even turn out (in the end) to serve each others 'purpose'... for those that are paying attention to what it is trying to tell us about ourselves.


Reprise (Self Interest)

There is another aspect to 'Self' Interest and that is that 'Self' interest is 'that' which has attracted the 'interest' of the 'Self'.   'That' could be either distractions due to 'self' interest or the 'Self'... which means that the 'Self' has become interested in its 'Self'... once again... at the expense of 'self' absorption.


Reprise ('free' will)

'Free' will does not mean that you can just do anything you want.  That's called 'willfulness'.

Willfulness is a product of the 'fog of consciousness'... 'free will' is an aspect of awareness.

IE: 'Free' will is will that is 'free' to be informed by intuition... now that it's no longer distracted by the 'fog' of consciousness'.

  NOTE: 'Free' will derives its 'independence'... from its 'independence' from willfulness.


Reprise (Spiritual practice)

Spiritual practice is a 'Self'-ish endeavor.

Spiritual practice is a 'Self'-ish endeavor... because it requires will that serves our highest good as well as the highest good of those around us.

Spiritual practice is a 'Self'-ish endeavor... that's in the best interest of the 'Self'... as well as the 'self'... and 'others'.

Spiritual practice makes good 'citi-zens'... because what's good for the 'Self' is good for society.

A 'Self'-ish society knows how to act in their own highest interest... because it's in the best interest of 'all' involved.

IE:  'Self'-ishness... is a paradox.


Reprise (awareness vs consciousness)

Consciousness 'expanding' is an effect of an awareness that's 'growing'.

Consciousness is 'transformed' when awareness has a 'beneficial' expanding effect on it.   So no awareness... no 'transformation' of consciousness.    Consciousness is an effect.   If you want to transform an effect, you have to 'turn' to the source.

Awareness is awareness... consciousness is awareness of 'things'.

Awareness and consciousness are two different levels of perception.

Having two different levels of perception simultaneously... is a paradox.

So... being aware of awareness and conscious of things simultaneously... is a paradox.

Awareness of awareness and awareness of 'things' are two 'opposite' experiences of awareness.

Thus being 'aware' of awareness and conscious of 'things'... simultaneously... is a 'superposition' in the mind.


NOTE: Balancing awareness and consciousness simultaneously in the midst of everyday life is what spiritual practice is all about.


The mind of a Sage

 Sages don't see themselves as 'persons'.  They 'see' themselves as non-local impersonal individuals speaking through the vehicle of their individual human experience.   

Big difference.

So the next time you see a sage and 'think' you see a 'person'... think again.


Reprise (ego vs the 'person')

What follows in the blog is a way of viewing the ego and the 'person' from a different perspective... one that offers the possibility of 'mental detachment' by seeing 'through' the cynical game that's being played at our expense... IE: the expense of the individual being.   The 'person' may not exist, but the 'personality' does exist, as the voice in the head, and it gives the impression of a 'person' in our minds. This 'personalized personality' has its own agenda outside of the individuals and that agenda is furthered and solidified by blaming the ego for our predicament... thus the 'person' and its agenda can escape our scrutiny.  The net effect is that the so called 'person' escapes responsibility for its own role in this... by pointing a finger elsewhere... in our minds.   It is literally the oldest 'game' in the books.   When the individual 'see's through' this 'game' they naturally want to distance them-Selves from the agenda of this 'person'.  This 'distancing' is what the blog refers to as 'mental detachment'.  Thus the individual or 'Self' becomes the 'adult supervision' of the 'person' and its agenda... and the ego and the impersonal personality become 'useful'... because they have no agenda.   Once free of the 'personal' agenda the individual can then take advantage of the ego and the personality and employ them as allies in fulfilling its purpose... which is greater than the 'person'... and its 'personal' agenda.

So it's important to clearly see that the ego and the person are two different 'things'.  One has an agenda... one doesn't.  Once you 'see' that then the dynamic between the two is more easily revealed... and its easier to distance ones 'Self' from this inner 'finger pointing'... if you will.

The ego is an ally that organizes our humanity... so that 'we' don't have to.  The ego is required for a human experience.  It responds to both thoughts and intuition... so it's both 'automatic' and capable of responding to 'manual'  (IE intentional) 'intervention' on our part.  So the ego works for the 'self'... and the 'Self'... such as we are.    Determining the primary 'employer' of the ego is a function of inner attention.   The primary employer of the ego is a function of the choice between willfulness and 'free will'.

The belief in a 'person' is what creates the 'agenda' of the 'person'... because the 'person' then takes on a 'life of its own'.   We give life to the 'person' with our belief in 'it'.  When you 'see through' the belief in the 'person'  its agenda dissolves and the individual is then free to assert its purpose.

 The 'agenda' of the 'person' is an 'impersonation' of our 'purpose'... as individuals.   The 'person' is an impersonation of the individual being.

So the ego and the personality are not a problem.  It's the assumption of a 'person' based on the presence of the personality that is the problem... because it gives the 'personality' a 'personal' agenda... instead of being an ally of the intuitive individual... IE: the individual human being.

So the next time you see a 'person' and think you see a 'person'... think again.

Or more correctly... the next time you see an individual and see someone who's convinced they are a 'person'... you right.

NOTE: it's easier to detach from the personality when you 'see' there is no 'person' behind it

Thus everything still 'happens'... it just doesn't 'happen' to a 'person'.

When you untangle (decouple) the 'person' from the ego... the personality just 'is'.

So the only thing that 'dies' is the attachment to that which never existed in the first place... and then the ego just 'is'... because the ego is a neutral 'thing'... so it responds to either the 'self'... or the 'Self'.

IE: The 'impersonal life' is just living the life of a 'person'... without being a 'person'.

NOTE: There is a difference between thinking and being lectured by the mind.  Outgrowing the 'lecturer' is part of becoming an independent 'thinking' individual.


The 'heap'

The individual sees a body... and has memories... and hears a voice in the head speaking in the first 'person' and 'heaps' all this together and assumes its a 'person'.

The 'heap'... is the assumption of a 'person'.

The fact that the ego (and the voice in the head) does not require the belief in a 'person' in order to 'operate'... is a 'revelation'.

IE: The 'person' is a label... only the individual is 'indispensable'. 



Spiritual practice is an act of will at the expense of willfulness... that transfers power from the 'person' to the individual... the 'impersonal' individual.

Consciously transferring power from the 'person' to the 'impersonal' individual creates 'focus'.

When an 'individual' can consciously generate focus by consciously transferring power from the 'person' to the impersonal individual... by choice... they are 'good to go'.


The 'impersonal position'

When you disentangle the ego from the person that's called 'moving from the personal position to the impersonal position'... as opposed to the non-entity position.   One implies a sentient being... one does not.

The impersonal position is 'seeing' through the belief in a 'person'.   A superposition is when awareness is distinct from what appears as the 'person' and the 'personal'.

The impersonal position is 'mental' detachment... a superposition is 'spiritual' detachment.

A superposition is 'operating' on multiple levels (positions)... simultaneously.   Thus you are 'operating' in this world... but not 'of' it... simultaneously.

NOTE: A 'superposition' in the mind is obvious... when intuitively informed impersonal being has become the adult 'supervision' of the 'person'.


The Impersonal and our humanity

NOTE:  'Impersonal' does not mean in-human.   'Impersonal' means we haven't completely 'personalized' our humanity.  

(humanity is required for a human experience)

Being is fully compatible with a human experience... but it's obscured by a completely 'personal' experience.

The impersonal is not devoid of personality. The 'impersonal' puts the 'person' in its 'proper place'... in relation to the impersonal... in our minds.

If you think the 'impersonal' is 'in-human'... try contemplating 'mans inhumanity to man'.


Mental Detachment and Spiritual Detachment

Mental detachment is a function of an impersonal view.   Spiritual detachment 'begins' with what the blog calls the view of the 'Trinity'.    Mental detachment is an aide and a pre-cursor to spiritual detachment.

 Thus awakening is a two step process... first 'mental' awakening... then 'spiritual' awakening.

NOTE: You can't detach from that which you 'are'.   You can only detach from that which you are 'not'.


Karmic humanity and Dharmic individuals

NOTE: You could say that we're 'spiritual beings' having a human experience and that would be true.   Another way to express it is that we're impersonal being... having a personal experience.

If there is no 'person'... then there are no other 'persons'.

If there are no other 'persons'... then there's never been any 'persons'... ever.

If there's never been any 'persons'...  then there never will be any 'persons'.


There are only individual beings, who are having a 'personal' experience.   

It's an individual karmic 'personal' experience that is tied into a 'collective matrix' of karmic personal experience... at the expense of the individuals 'Self' interest.

Once you 'see' that most of this world works for the benefit of the 'collective matrix' of 'personal' experience... at the expense of our 'Self' interest then Loyalty to the 'system' begins to erode.

That's called... 'the first questioning'.

It is said that one must give up all hope in order to create a new 'world view'.   When one realizes that there never will be any 'persons'... that is giving up all hope for the 'person'... and the 'system'.

Thus everything hinges on Loyalty... to either the 'system' that operates in it's own 'self' interest... or to our own 'Self'.  

IE: 'to thine own 'Self' be true ?'... that truly is the question.  

  When all hope is given up for the 'person'... and the 'system'... that creates an 'opening' in the mind for the individual... the impersonal individual.

Such a breakthrough is called a... 'Metanoia'.

 Fortunately there is (and always will be in our times) an 'impersonal Dharmic group of individuals that operate outside the karmic laws of 'persons', which 'knows better'... and... which 'looks after' the world by not 'falling' for it... which acts as an inevitable balancing force (for sanity) for the 'personalized karmic Matrix'.  For more on that as well as a 3rd way to direct inner attention see... The Tao of Gurdjieff


The Great Cosmic Joke

Sometimes when it dawns on individuals that the whole world is filled with (and has always been filled with) people who are 'pretending' to be something they're not it can cause one to laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of such a 'reality'.   That's sometimes referred to as the 'Great Cosmic Joke'.

 Eventually the laughter drops off (because human suffering is no laughing matter) and the seriousness of the world reasserts itself.  But now you've peeked behind the curtain and now you understand what's going on... thus you 'understand' the world now.

The individual doesn't see this world as a world filled with other 'persons'.   The individual see's this world as a world of other individual beings... who are convinced they are separate 'persons'.    And if they are not completely convinced... then they are 'hoping' to be convinced... at some point in the 'future'... which gives them... 'hope'.



So everything that's happened has happened.  It just hasn't happened to a 'person'... to any 'persons'... ever... and it never will.   We've just been 'imagining' that it did.  

 So when a sage say's that 'nothing ever happened' what they mean is that... 'everything that has happened, has happened... it just hasn't happened to a person'... to any 'persons'... ever.  

 And it never will.

The term Metanoia indicates that an individual has adopted  a 'new world view'.   It means that they now have a new 'view' of the world.   

'Seeing' that there are no 'persons'... and never will be any 'persons'... is a way to help 'solidify' this 'new world view'... because all hope is gone for that which we only imagined... thus making room for becoming comfortable with that which we are.

Accepting that there never will be any 'persons' releases inner attention from the 'grip' of the 'person'... which allows the individual to 'see' whats really going on.

When inner attention on hope for the 'person' is gone... Happiness has room to grow... by its 'Self'...

as well as enthusiasm... for ones own 'Self' interest... because it's truly serving the highest interest of 'all' involved.

Loyalty is what directs inner attention.   Change your Loyalty and inner attention follows... unless you're content... to be your 'self'.

NOTE: Either everyone is a 'person'... or no one is.


The Matrix of mind projections

NOTE: The 'Matrix' is the matrix of 'personal' mind projections that all have their origin in the assumption of a separate 'person'.   Challenging that assumption is the first step out of the 'matrix'... and into the 'real world'.

Challenging that assumption is like taking your own 'red pill'... without the 'pill'... and without the 'side effects'.


NOTE: Looking at the world correctly is just 'flipping the script' on the Matrix... in your mind. 


Authors NOTE 6-22-15 

 The practice of self anticipation

If you take the time to read the authors 2011 article on Where is Time  and  the 2014 article on the study about  Free Will and Noise in the Brain  you'll see that there is a 'propagation delay' between the time when our thoughts are created (as signals in the brain) and the time that they start to come to our attention.   Awareness of this 'delay' allows the individual the 'space' to observe them as they arise because once the individual 'sees' that they are not happening in real time one can 'stand back', if you will, from them and just wait for them to manifest on their own.

This 'standing back' from ones thoughts as they arise gives the seeker the ability to practice 'self' observation on a different level from a rational and scientific basis that breaks the identification with thoughts... which leads to detachment from them... and an increase in awareness of ones knowing impersonal being.   This happens because it releases inner attention from thought which leaves it standing alone in 'anticipation' of thought where it can then observe them as they manifest in our minds... distinct from the individual being.  IE: distinct from 'you'.   Thus this practice helps the seeker to bring to life the proverbial advice of sages to 'watch' ones thoughts as they arise... 'as a cat would watch a mouse hole'...  

because there is 'thought'... and there is 'you' that is observing them... as they arise.  Thus 'you' are standing 'apart' from thought.

So you are, in essence, observing the arising of the 'self' in the form of thought... distinct from ones 'Self'.

Thus you could call this practice a literal form of self anticipation as in anticipation of thoughts that come to you as the 'self'.

So the 'self' is operating (arising)... and 'you' are the 'Self... simultaneously.

It's a paradox...



The blog begins with an appreciation of paradox which comes about as an actual experience of paradox in ones mind... and in order to have an experience of paradox its essential to have an understanding of the mental mechanism of paradox.  Then once you understand the mental mechanism of paradox this will naturally bridge the gap between the linear mind and the non-linear mind... between time and timelessness... between the 'separate' mind and 'original' mind.

A paradoxical mindset is the bridge between the linear and the non-linear mind... because its in and out of time... at the same time.

 The mental mechanism used to bridge that gap... is inner attention... and the best example in nature of paradox is the paradoxical mechanism 'in' the wave.  Thus we begin with... 'waves'.

In the end this leads to a practice that helps the individual to 'see' themselves... as in 'Self Recognition'... IE: 'seeing' ones 'Self'.  This 'seeing' ones 'Self' is a paradoxical experience as one 'is' where one 'is'... and one 'is' where one 'looks'.

That's a paradox.   

Thus an appreciation of paradox is essential to an experience of repeatedly 'seeing' ones Self... which 'begins' with an appreciation of the role of paradox in 'beginners' mind.  

As stated above, there are 3 levels of paradox...

Contradictory paradox (IE 'contradictions')... Simultaneous paradox... and Non-existent paradox.

Contradictions operate at the level of the 'person'... individuals operate on multiple levels simultaneously... thus they 'see' (and thus 'understand') both sides of the paradox simultaneously... and non-local individuals 'are' both sides of the paradox... simultaneously.

All three are referred to in the blog and are described in more detail in the 'Footnotes' section at the end of the blog called  The 3 levels of Paradox.

 When you 'are' where you 'are' as well as where you 'look'... distractions from ones Self are less of a problem as you begin to learn to 'see' through them... with practice.   Thus attention on ones 'Self' is easier to maintain in the midst of ordinary life.   This is essential for individuals in the west who have no choice but to deal with ordinary life in the midst of seeking... so to speak.

Ordinarily an individual has to practice 'in the blind' (IE the fog of consciousness) so to speak, in order to 'set the table' for Self Recognition which would somehow randomly and fortuitously occur... usually without any recognition of the actual mechanics of how such an experience happens.   But what is contained in this blog is a breakdown of the mental mechanics of a 'practice' of Self Recognition that is repeatable... and thus 'practicable'.   Thus Self Recognition goes from being just a random and fortuitous event to a practice that is the result of a conscious choice... to practice Self Recognition... with full understanding of the mental mechanics of how that actually occurs.  Without that understanding the re-peatability of the practice would not be possible.


NOTE: Self Recognition is an experience that puts us in our proper place.   Self Realization is residing in our proper place.

Big Difference.


So the 'table' still needs to be set... work still needs to be done... but with this practice the individual has something to 'aim' for.   So Self Recognition is something that can be practiced... 'at the table'.

The reason it's important to read the blog like a story is that, like any story, the spiritual path has a 'beginning'... a 'middle'... and an 'end'... so to speak.  The progression of the blog is a microcosm of that and it can be briefly summed up as the above mentioned progression from...

a separate 'person'... to an individual being... to a 'non-local individual'.

Being 'where you are as well as where you look'... is an 'initial' indication of a non-local individual.   But the non-local individual see's beyond even that.   The blog refers to this as...'Depth of Field'.


The 'ineffable'

NOTE: When you can 'see' with Depth of Field you can 'see' beyond the boundaries of the ego... thus you no longer feel a need to 'dissolve' it... as you can 'see' a need for both... such as we are.

That's a paradox.

Thus the 'non-local' individual is a 'double' paradox as it is aware of the 'personal' and the impersonal while having a local and a non-local perspective... simultaneously.  And since the 'personal' occurs in 'time'... and the impersonal is 'timeless' you could even say that their view is a 'triple' simultaneous paradox.

Awareness of 'three' simultaneously paradoxical perspectives is certainly the very definition of... 'ineffable'.

Sorting out the 'ineffable' is what this blog is all about.  Making the 'ineffable'... 'understandable' is an 'art' that can be practiced.   As such, as you read the blog your awareness should begin to 'stand out' more.   As your awareness begins to 'stand out' more you begin to 'understand' more of what the blog 'says'.   Thus the blog has a certain 'Self fulfilling' quality to it that becomes more apparent the more it is read.



Each stage or progression along the path has 'signposts' which at times 'overlap'.  Recognizing these 'signposts' is important so that the individual can make a realistic assessment of their progress and maintain a correct 'aim' or direction on the path.  There is a more in-depth explanation of that 'progression' in the Footnotes at the end of the blog in a section called 'A Spiritual Roadmap'.

In addition there are three levels of detachment described in the blog...

mental... emotional... and spiritual.

The first is referred to in the text of the blog... the second is hinted at and taken together they can help to inspire the third.   All 3 are described in more detail in the Footnotes at the end of the blog in the section called... The Three levels of Detachment.

Two things to keep in mind while reading this blog

One is that it stands to reason that if an individual is to perceive reality then their perception should be compatible with the 'nature' of things.

Also, while the spiritual search is full of up's and down's there are two crucial turning points where the individual has to be willing to  consciously  take a step 'backwards'... as an act of will... in order to move 'forward'.   The reader will find them implied in the text and 'flow' of the blog itself.

The reason this 'stepping backwards' is an act of will is because it is seen as obviously serving the highest good of the individual.  Thus it is 'obviously' in ones 'Self' interest (and not the 'persons')... thus it's the obvious choice.

Stepping backwards in our own 'Self' interest on the path forward... is a paradox.


NOTE: I wrote the following in reply to the more well known 'Moore's Law' which originated with a gentleman I have a great deal of respect for.  But since times they are 'a chang'n'... I felt it was time to put it in some sort of spiritual perspective.

From... 'The 'Law of Spiritual Practice


Every time the speed of computers doubles... the complexity of the world doubles.
When the complexity of the world doubles... the world gets doubly 'serious'.
When the world gets doubly 'serious'... it requires some 'serious attention'.
Every time the number of 'serious' spiritual practitioners doubles... the world gets less 'serious'.
When society is completely 'serious'... inner attention will be a given.


Authors Note: The world 'as it is' requires optimists... and the world 'as it is' requires cynics.  But to 'see' the world as it 'really' is... requires 'realists'.   If you consider yourself a 'realist'... or aspire to being a 'realist'... then you have my respect... and this blog will be useful and validating.


The Core of the 'Who Needs the Higgs' blog

  Authors UPDATE (8/5/14): 

 All but a few lines of the Core of the Home page of this blog was first penned over the Holidays from October of 2011 to January 2012. The bulk of the Foreword, Introduction, Postscript, Afterword and Footnotes (as well as most of the blogs sub-pages) were penned between January of 2012 and 2015.  It was inspired by the writing of my first article (linked below)... originally titled "Who Needs the Higgs"... which was published on Daniel Pinchbeck's website 'Reality Sandwich' in October of 2010. For readability purposes though (with some browsers) I am also linking below to a republished version of the article that was re-named by their editor to 'Spirals and Energy in Nature' which also has a link at the bottom of that piece to a lively online discussion I had with some critics of the article.  The original Reality Sandwich version was linked by Sepp Hasslberger on several of his sites so I am linking to his page on it as well as he was instrumental in keeping the article alive with all of his links.  It has the first few paragraphs and then a link to the original full article... as well as an excellent Tribute video to two important individuals who were instrumental in pointing out the circular (IE 'spiral') 'nature' of nature, which is at the very bottom of that page.   But... if your browser has formatting issues with the original version of the article I suggest you try the second link below to the republished version.  I've also added the original link as well...


 From the 'Who Needs the Higgs article... 

"Writing about scalars is like writing about zen.  You could spend infinities at it and still be scratching your head in a different place.  The language is all square and the 'whole' is a confoundin' dodecahedron.  It's a pathetic operation -- has an endlessly futile feel to it like throwing water balloons at the sun.   When you sift through the literature you are confronted with a Berlin wall of  'talkin' in tongues' terminology and Rune like formulas, all of which does nothing to clarify the true nature of the phenomena.   In fact the opposite happens.   A window of opacity opens up before the reader, somehow revealing yet simultaneously obscuring the view.  Such is physics."

The original Reality Sandwich article linked here...  Who Needs the Higgs

Link to Sepp's excerpt here (and video) 
(which contains the link to the original Reality Sandwich article)


Authors NOTE 6-26-22

 NOTE: The video of Dr Hunt's discovery of the Human Energy Field (linked to in the 'Who Needs the Higgs' article) is getting harder to find but you can read about it in this Article about Dr Hunt's discovery and recording of the Human Biofield


NOTE: You don't need to know what a wave is.. in order to appreciate where it's coming from.


NOTE:  When a wave is broadcast omni-directionally it propagates as a sphere.   But when a portion of this sphere is induced into an antenna wire it travels as a 'separate' spiraling wave.  This spiral wave is an example of a holographic 'separation' of a 'wave'... as both contain the exact same information.   This happens because a wave is not just "a" wave... it's a collection of waves... appearing as "a" wave... and one of those waves 'separates' from the 'source' wave... when its induced into the antenna.

Thus talking on a cell phone... is a holographic 'event'.

Thus a spherical wave is actually a collection of self similar spiraling waves emanating from a single central point... giving the appearance of a sphere as they extend outward in all directions... simultaneously.

So if you picture a wave as shaped like a spiraling wave - instead of a wavelike straight line - then you're closer to a 'picture' of where 'in' is headed... and what follows will make more of an impression.


 'deconstructive' view

"In the wave lies the secret of Creation"    Walter Russell

On the merits of 'simple'...

"When you first start off trying to solve a problem, the first solutions you come up with are very complex, and most people stop there. But if you keep going, and live with the problem and peel more layers of the onion off, you can often times arrive at some very elegant and simple solutions. Most people just don’t put in the time or energy to get there."      Steve Jobs

  In a world based on fractals the mind waves are moving in opposite directions simultaneously (imploding and expanding) so the search for truth is always in two opposite directions simultaneously - one to understand the problem and one to discover the truth.   Complex problems beget complex answers and take you further from the truth - in one direction only.   When you simplify the problem it brings you back to center.  When you simplify the problem... the answer simplifies itself.   Simple solutions are always obvious when you simplify the problem.   So 90% of the solution is simplifying the problem.

 NOTE:   To move in two directions simultaneously... is a paradox.

Just to contemplate that the mind is always flowing inward as well as outward simultaneously is enough to alter your perception and bring you back to center - for more on that keep reading...


NOTE: The difference between truth and information is that information leads the 'person' to the truth about being.


In order to understand this blog it helps to have an 'out of the box' view.   But...

Thinking 'outside the box' is not what we think...

NOTE:  Thinking outside the box is not 'out of the box thinking'... it's 'out of the box 'assumptions'... combined with common sense thinking.  

 (Common sense is just 'that' which is obvious... in light of awareness)

So the 'box'... is just an unquestioned assumption...

   We are guided by assumptions so changing assumptions is by definition, changing directions.   One follows the other.

When you change your assumptions... change 'just happens'.

 Assumptions are the box... so if you want to get out of the 'box' you need an assumption that 'leaves out the box'.

  It's 'simple'.

 For instance... most of us assume that waves only travel directionally through time...  but what if that was only half the story?


NOTE: Contemplation is just 'considering the implications of a new assumption' in the back of the mind.


Contemplation is just considering the implications of living without an assumption.


NOTE: Energy follows attention like the air follows the wind.

NOTE: Implosion transmutes that which was manifested.. into that which it came from.


as an aside...

NOTE:  As it turns out there is one similarity between what "Who Needs the Higgs" is saying and the conventional view of the Higgs boson.  According to the conventional view, the Higgs boson gets it's 'mass' when it "interacts" with a field surrounding it called the... "Higgs Field".    The ancients would call this field a... 'chi field' or prana... or what was otherwise known in Tesla's time as the 'aether'.


 Fractal waves and the Holographic Universe

"Bohm calls this deeper level of reality the implicate order (which means enfolded) order and he refers to our own level of existence as the explicate order... He uses these terms because he sees the manifestation of all forms in the universe as the result of countless enfoldings and unfoldings between these two orders"

From (page 46) of...  The Holographic Universe  by Michael Talbot

Thinking outside the boson...  A 'simpleFractal view of the infinitely imploding energetic Mandelbrot of reality...

 After writing the 'Who Needs the Higgs' article it occurred to me that this infinitely enfolding 'energetic Mandelbrot' was a potential model for the actual working mechanism of the fractal nature of reality (IE spinning scalars within spiraling vectors within spinning scalars...).  Or to put it another way,  how David Bohm's implicate order manifests... and therefore, how the Holographic Universe operates. After all, if fractals do explain reality then they would have to have an energetic nature.   So called 'particles' are supposedly only solid 3 dimensional objects which would not fit the model of an infinitely regressing fractal reality.   So up till now there had been no model for connecting particles to fractals.   In this model however, particles are more like a spherical 'standing wave of energy'... which are actually a collection of spiraling waves... which are composed of waves arising up from infinity and receding back into infinity... and they 'interconnect' through spatially extended spiraling waves which act as continuous spiraling tether like connections between them (like Birkeland currents or Quantum Tunnels?).... and... most importantly... all these spiraling waves also arise up from and subside back into smaller and smaller recursive waves of energy... rising up from infinity and subsiding back into infinity.


 "When an electron appears to be moving it is due to a continuous series of such unfoldments and enfoldments.
 Put another way, electrons and all other particles are no more substantive or permanent than the form of a geyser of water takes as it gushes out of a fountain. They are sustained by a constant influx from the implicate order, and when a particle appears to be destroyed, it is not lost, it has merely enfolded back into the deeper order from which it sprang".

From (page 47) of...  The Holographic Universe  by Michael Talbot


 IE: Only a simultaneously 'arising and subsiding' (unfolding and enfolding) 'self similar' model of energy (waves) can fit in a fractal model - potentially - so if nothing else, it would appear that there is more to a so called 'wave' then we know...


 So it would appear that infinitely regressing fractals like those seen in the videos of the Mandelbrot Zoom regression can be seen as inspiration for and 'visual maps' of the true infinite (and self similar) source of waves (energy)... or infinite source of energetic mind.   If mind is energy... then mind would be infinitely 'arising' (Shakti) and infinitely 'subsiding' (Shiva)... while only appearing to maintain itself as the waves of which we are conscious (Vishnu).   

 Always Three.   Thus, as Sri Nisargadatta would say... " the numberless waves of the phenomenal world arise and subside beginninglessly and endlessly".  Or, as the Heart Sutra says... "emptinaess becomes form... form becomes emptiness".


 NOTE: The 'Yin-Yang' symbol is just a sideways view of a spiraling wave (or waves within waves) arising up from an infinite source and subsiding back to an infinite source... infinitely.  

 IE: "emptiness becomes form... form becomes emptiness".


Authors UPDATE 6-18-22

 Two Pictures (of Paradox) worth a Thousand Words

NOTE: For a realtime example of this counter-rotating Yin-Yang of simultaneously exploding-imploding (enfolding-unfolding) energy (from The Event Horizon Telescope) see this image of the Black Hole in the Center of our Galaxy... Sagitarius A Event Horizon

See also this quote-description and photo...

"And look at the brighter orange parts in the swirling mass. That’s the plasma that is circling towards our direction on Earth. The light colors represent the plasma that is circling away from us."   Picture of the Counter Rotating Black Hole

If ever there was a scientific validation of the Heart Sutra... it's those two pictures.


 So if you want to connect the dots between so called "particles" and an infinite fractal reality, you have to see them as energetic in nature.   Energy is the connection between the dots (particles!)... and it is the dots at the same time - they are a 'coiled continuum'... in an 'un-coiled continuum'.

 Thus so called 'particles' are both individual and continuous at the same time... IE: they are a paradox... that is, in our model.

NOTE: Energy 'arising' from infinity and 'subsiding' back to infinity is the 'implicate order'. 

So contemplating an infinite regression is just contemplating the 'implicate order' of 'things'.



Duality requires waves... moving in opposite (dual) directions... simultaneously.

Thus energy is a paradox.  It travels in opposite directions... simultaneously.

The D-Waves 'waves' are a paradox.   They travel in opposite directions... simultaneously.

The Mandelbrot Set is a paradox.   It travels in opposite directions... simultaneously.

The reality of 'duality' is a paradox... that travels in opposite directions... simultaneously.

Life itself is a paradox.  It pulls us in opposite directions... simultaneously.

The world is made of waves moving in opposite directions... simultaneously.

Once you 'see' that... the world will never 'look' the same.


If energy is fractal in nature it should not surprise us that matter takes fractal forms.  

 Either they are both fractal in nature... or neither is.


"The ancients taught that gazing at the world correctly was a spiritual practice"

from "Where is Time?"

On contemplating the implications for our view of the mind...

 Simply put... if you want to balance the mind you have to be able to 'see' that it's traveling in opposite directions simultaneously - then there is a possibility of balancing it as there is now a balance point - between the opposite directions.   Then you see that to focus the mind in only one direction is by definition 'unbalanced'.   So to take into account the infinite inward direction of mind is to begin to balance it.   IE: to 'center' it.

 It's a balanced 'whole mind view'.

 But we first have to see that there is an inner direction in the mind that we can 'see' and follow... and experience  Then it's only natural to do so as our attention will begin to gravitate to it... naturally.

 Contemplating the actual reality of the infinitely regressing (imploding) side of ones mind is turning the mind within.  Just taking the time to do that, is a consciousness expanding experience in itself.   Then we see that it's really just a matter of our willingness.   But in order to be willing it helps to first see it..   Then it's just a matter of practice.

  Once you do so it becomes clear that this contemplation has a grounding effect which is interesting to contemplate in itself.   How does one feel 'grounded' in an infinitely regressing mind?   It's a paradox... and that right there is a hint.   Infinite mind is the only solid ground as it is the 'ground' of ones mind.  It is the reality of ones mind and reality is always grounding.   It's only 'un-reality' that's un-grounding.  So it's solid ground and solid ground always feels better.   It's the infinite inability to land (in the back of ones mind) that keeps one from defining and it's this lack of defining of our experience that leaves ones mind open to correctly discern and to correctly respond and experience.  

 You see when you contemplate this infinite inner regression you contemplate it in the 'back of your mind'... not the foreground.   So the outward moving attention, necessary to operate in the world, is balanced by the inward moving inner attention.   And 'you' are in the 'center'.   Up till now our inner attention has most likely been preoccupied with 'outer' images... which by definition, is imbalanced.   

So a balanced whole mind view is to have simultaneous inner attention on the inner infinite mind... and outer attention on the outer world mind.   And 'you' are in the 'center'.   

 So when we practice this it becomes clear that the conscious mind has been distracted by this background aspect of mind - I call it the'underconscious' as it is not the subconscious but it is an 'under noticed' and under appreciated aspect of conscious mind which has the power to distract our inner attention and create misleading definitions in our minds.   It's like a 'slight of hand' - it's magic - it is magic.  That's how we are fooled so convincingly - all the time.   This is what magic is trying to tell us.   It's showing us the hidden distracting mechanism of our minds... hidden in plain sight... in the 'back of our minds'.

 So when we correctly 'see' the mind for what it is it expands our consciousness.   And 'seeing' the world correctly is 'seeing' our minds correctly.   The two go hand in hand... correct view of the world is the correct view of mind as the world is mind.  It's consistent... one validates the other.  And this correct view of the world and mind is expanding and grounding at the same time - they compliment each other and this alone tells us that we are closer to reality... it's a 'self validating' experience.   So we don't need anyone to validate it for us as our experience is convincing by the fact that there are no questions in ones mind as to whats going on.   We just know.   Contemplating reality should expand ones consciousness... that's the tip that it's reality.   It's rewarding... but not in an inflated attachment to concepts.   It breaks attachments.  We've all seen the results in the world from the one sided attachment to one sided  views of the world.   One manifests the other.... in a 'mind world'.   How could it be any other way?    So it follows that a balanced and correct inner-outer view of the mind-world would have effects as well.

 So outer attention on outer things... inner attention on inner things... in the back of ones mind... and 'you' are in the 'center'.  It makes sense.  It's balanced... it's simple.

 So who needs the Higgs to tells us what reality is when we can 'see' and experience reality for ourselves. 


NOTE: 'Being' in the 'center'... is a 'middle way'.


NOTE: When attention is balanced... the mind balances itself.


NOTE: Change your view of reality... and your experience of the mind will follow.


 NOTE:   Plato's cave... is in the 'back of the mind'.

The 'back of the mind' is the wall in Plato's cave.


 NOTE:   Transpersonal means to... 'transcend the personal'.

 NOTE:  Belief is an answer to a question...  knowing is having no more questions in ones mind.

All (existential) questions, beliefs and doubts are in the 'back of the mind'...  when you dissolve (implode) these beliefs, questions and doubts you're left with knowing.    Which leaves you free to learn from your experience.    This is the antithesis of 'habit'.

NOTE: Implosion (inward movement) is the natural non-linear simultaneous "opposite" of explosion (outward movement)... you can't have one without the other.   In a balanced system... every yang has its yin.

 Knowing is not about knowing everything... it's whats left when we dissolve or implode existential questions and doubts in the back of our minds.   We know that we are... that we exist.

Exist-ential questions and doubts are caused by not knowing that 'we' 'exist'... that's because we don't exist as we believe we do.   Existential questions only arise because we believe we are something that doesn't exist.

Belief and doubt go hand in hand - you can't have one without the other.  So because we believe ourselves to be 'persons' we naturally doubt that the person exists - so we have existential questions... because the 'person' is only a belief... not a fact of existence.    The belief in a person is an assumption... not a fact.   It's the answer to a question that we give to our selves.

 Being...  is to 'be actively aware... while being'.  So it's actually neither a noun nor a verb... but it is... and it's an active 'is'... so you are aware and you are...  it's a paradox.

 'Persons' are separate... like particles...  'being' is both individual and continuous... like "particles"...  and it's experienced as either one or both - simultaneously - so it's paradoxical in nature... like "waves".   It's flexible.   Persons are more rigid, by nature as they are perceived as separate.

  The irony is... that dissolving the attachment to existential beliefs - which includes the false belief in a 'person' - makes one a better 'person' because we don't take things so 'personally'... we lighten up... it's a paradox... which is another hint that you're closer to the truth.   But this belief does not go away entirely... we all have personal lives... but it can be put in its proper perspective... which then makes room in our experience for knowing that we exist... that we are beings... that we are. 

 Being is not a 'person'... it's just being what you are.   You just are... you just are not a person... but we have and need a personal life... its a paradox.    We need both... but we are currently blind to one side of our lives.   One side of the paradox.  One half of our experience.

 Living with the belief in a person is not a problem when we know that we are.   It's only a problem when the fixation on this belief crowds out the knowledge that we are.   There's room for both... except now being will overshadow the personal... being will inform it.   You can have both... but they are not equal as being has a much broader view.   So the attachment to the personal is subordinated to being... but this is not a struggle... it's obvious... so it happens naturally as the individual instinctively values being more highly than the personal... so its not a struggle.   It's a happy arrangement.

 So when you shift your attention in the back of your mind to the imploding inner direction of mind you transmute attachments to all existential questions, doubts and beliefs... and this makes it easier to 'see' what you are... and to see the world... just as it is.

 Being is an undefined state of existence... free of existential beliefs and doubts... an aware, undefined existence... a living and aware undefined state of existence... free to operate in the world.   Free to operate in a 'personal' world...

  This belief in a person is coupled to the ego which can inflame it.   So the personalized ego is a dilemma and a potential problem.  The ego itself is embedded in the human mind and is not going away (in this lifetime) irregardless of our belief in a person.  But when we decouple the belief in the person from the ego we have an impersonal ego which is not a problem as an ego is required to operate in this world.   Impersonal egos are not as easily inflamed as they have fewer and lighter personal attachments to them.  So the ego now has fewer and lighter 'hooks and handles' on it that can pull on it and irritate it.   So it then becomes a useful tool of the impersonal being and an asset instead of an adversary.

NOTE: The ego is not 'transcended'...  it's disarmed of personal attachments...  and re-animated by being.   In other words... it's the 'personal' that's transcended by being.  

 (the ego has been confused with the 'person')

 So 'ego-battles' are not necessary at this point... ego battles are seen as a distraction.   It's the coupling of the belief in a person to the ego that creates a 'battle'... but that is a workable situation once it's recognized for what it is.

 We define the person in the back of our minds... magically... but being is undefined - so the mechanism that creates the false belief in a separate person is dissolved and un-defined being is revealed... naturally... without an ego battle.   The actual battle is with the attachment to the personal.   And the ego just is.

 So when we implode the background attention on the under-conscious attachments that fuel the belief in a separate person we 'expose' being... it is revealed... naturally, because we are no longer distracted by existential doubts and questions... so it gets our attention.   And the more we place our attention on being, the more comfortable we are in an undefined state.   So we are more free to operate in the world with fewer attachments to limiting existential doubts and beliefs.    We then just do whatever it is we do... whatever it is we came here to do.

NOTE:  When you know that you're 'doing whatever it is you came here to do' that's called... having a 'purpose'.


NOTE:  The past and the future are all about the person and the 'personal'.   There is no impersonal 'past' or 'future'.

NOTE:  The exclusive inner preoccupation with the 'separate person'... in the back of the mind... is the Narcissistic trance.


See... Self Inquiry and Buddhism


NOTE: Mind projected amplifies... mind imploded transmutes...


NOTE: Individuals are beings who function as persons but whose being shows them otherwise.

 If being 'interacts' with the continuous...  it is 'of' the continuous.

 That which is separate... competes.   That which is continuous... cooperates.

 That which is fooled by magic... can always be fooled.   That which knows... knows better.

 Particles collide.    The continuous 'interacts'.

 Particles are by definition 'apart'.    The continuous by definition... is a continuation of itself.

 Being defined is 'knowing' your limitations.   Being undefined is freedom to act with knowledge.

 Limitations limit our ability to act effectively.   Being is to continuously 'be'

NOTE:  Fewer limitations doesn't mean we can have every 'thing' we want... it means we are less likely to hold our selves back from doing what we need to do.

 Attention is ours... nothing can change that.   But... it can be divided... and it can be distracted.   

 Dividing and distracting is the only way that being can be fooled.

 Dividing and distracting attention is the mechanism of magic.

 It literally takes magic to fool an individual being into believing it's a separate person.

 (it really is a magical world)

 There is a word for the effect of magic and it's called... an 'illusion'.

 The primary illusion we need concern ourselves with is the illusion of being a separate person.

 Knowing the mechanism of all other illusions is helpful... but only if it helps to explain the illusion of being a separate person.  

 Just because something is an illusion does not mean that it has no effect on our experience of being... or that we don't have to deal with it.  

 Detachment is a form of dealing with illusions... but it's not a quick ticket out of illusions... only from the burden of it.

When we recognize the illusion of a separate person the realization dawns that trying to solve the outer illusion of separation is futile until we come to grips with our own inner illusion.

 Being is perfectly compatible with our humanity.   Being 'only' a separate 'person' burdens our humanity.

 Being a part of humanity is our destiny.  Being 'only' a separate "person"... is 'optional'.

 All detachment is detachment from "personal attachments".   There are no 'impersonal' attachments.

 Impersonal does not mean un-emotional.   It means that emotions are not supercharged by coupling the personal to the ego.  

 Impersonal emotions can be savored... as opposed to being personally overwhelming.

 To be content is to be content to just be.   All the rest is adventure.

 There's nothing wrong with a little adventure... when you know that you are.

 Adventure can even be exciting... when you know that you are.

 Personal histories just are... when you know that you are.

 You could say that we're 'spiritual beings' having a human experience and that would be true.   Another way to express it is that we're impersonal being... having a personal experience.

 In the end... it's an impersonal world custom made for personal expressions and impersonal adventures... but being doesn't end... because it's continuous.


 NOTE:  The more we contemplate that we're actually being distracted by the use of  magic the less we're going to appreciate it.  No one likes being fooled..


On Understanding

 Understanding can only come from viewing both sides of reality at once.   Understanding is understanding the personal dilemma... from the simultaneous standpoint of impersonal being.   

 And you can't understand without a personal life...

 Paradox is not a contradiction... at the level of understanding.  

 At the level of understanding... paradox is the answer.   

 Paradox only makes sense from the level of understanding.   So the one who 'misunderstands' paradox... misunderstands for a reason. 

Misunderstandings are the 'norm' in a world set up for misunderstandings.


"I've looked at life from both sides now"...   Joni Mitchell


The Personal Dilemma

The individual being sees a body... with a name... and hears thoughts that speak in the first person... and feels emotions... and 'has' memories... and we 'heap' all this together and assume it's a 'person'.


the personality still operates in the 'absense' of an assumption of a 'person'.

If the personality still operates in the 'absense' of an assumption of a 'person'... what does that say about the 'person'.

Our humanity still operates in the 'absense' of an assumption of a 'person'.

'Impersonal' does not mean 'in-human'.   Impersonal means our humanity has not been 'personalized'.

('humanity' is required for a 'human' experience)

Being an individual is just being an individual being... and the 'personality' just is.


NOTE: Detachment from the 'personality' is much easier... when you 'see' there is no 'person' behind it.

NOTE: When you remove the 'cork' of the 'person'... the 'whine' of the personality still 'pours' on and on...

We 'let go' of the assumption of a 'person'... but we 'detach' from the personality.

Big Difference.

('Mental' Detachment... is a 2 step process)


Note: The 'impersonal life' is just living the life of a 'person'... without 'being' a 'person'.

IE:  The 'impersonal life' is just 'thinking' outside the 'box' of 'thinking' you are a 'person'.


Note: The 'not-self' is the 'no-person'.


A word on the 'personality'

It's not entirely accurate to say that the 'voice in the head' is the 'mind' as the mind is much more vast than that.   It's more accurate to say that the 'voice in the head' is the 'personality' as it's the voice that presents itself to us as the 'voice of the person'.   So we don't have to detach from the 'mind' entirely at first... but we can detach from the 'personality'... as it presents itself to us in the mind.   And it's easier to detach from the 'personality' when we see there is no 'person' behind it.

See through the 'person'... and detachment from the 'personality' is a workable situation.

Detach from the 'personality'... and the rest of the mind just 'is'.


The 'ego' and the 'personality'

NOTE: The ego is the operating system of our humanity.   No ego... no humanity.

NOTE: The 'personality' is just the individual human expression that runs 'on' the operating system of the ego...

and you can't 'operate' without an 'operating system'.   

NOTE: The ego is a 'neutral' thing... it 'serves' that which dominates our inner attention.


Beginners mind is 'impersonal attention'.

'Impersonal' attention is 'bare attention'.

IE: Beginners mind is just bypassing the 'middleman'.



Personal opinions are the opinions of the 'person'.

Impersonal opinions are opinions that are informed by impersonal awareness... thus they carry more weight... but are not infallible.


'Personal' opinions are inevitable.   'Impersonal' opinions are a relief.

'Persons' have opinions... individuals 'see through' their own personal opinions.

IE: Individuals 'know better'... than their own 'personal' opinions.


NOTE:  The spiral is to the spherical as the individual is to the whole.


On Balance and Society

NOTE:  The irony is that it takes a relatively balanced person to even be willing to let go of personal attachments.   As long as there is a personal expression it means keeping an eye on it and making adjustments when necessary.  IE being flexible through awareness.   

 The personality is the expression of the 'person'... as long as there is a personality there will be a 'personal' life.    Flexible means being willing to change ones personal expression for the better when needed.

 The more the individual is in touch with being the more that practical 'flexibility' comes naturally.
 Flexibility in this case is reasonable and practical adaptability. 

 In a world of dichotomies, flexibility is the key to adapting to change.

 Adapting to change... is change.

 Flexible individuals create a flexible society... and flexible societies enact practical common sense change when change is called for... because flexible societies recognize when common sense is necessary... and they're willing' to act on it.  

 A society of individuals in touch with a common being are more likely to come up with a common solution... because they are more likely to agree on the 'common good'... because from their common standpoint... the 'common good' is just 'common sense'.

NOTE:  The next evolutionary step of humanity will be the evolution of 'common sense'... because 'common sense' is just 'that which is obvious in light of awareness'.

NOTE: When something is 'obvious' in light of awareness that's called... 'intuition'.


NOTE:  The more we contemplate that we're actually being distracted by the use of  magic the
less attached we are to personal limitations.  No one wants to be distracted... once they know they've been distracted without their knowledge.


Paradox is of Time and timelessness

 When a spiraling wave travels down a wire through 'space as we know it' we interpret this as time.   When a wave implodes it does not implode 'through space as we know it'... it implodes 'into space as we know it'... in towards its center.

 This is the mechanism of paradox...

 One is in time... and one is outside of time... at 'right angles' to time (so to speak).   One is linear... one is non-linear as we know it.  One is spatial... one is non-spatial as we know it.  Both occur at the same time thus each wave has a spatial and a non-spatial component to it.  So each wave is 'in time' and 'outside of time'... simultaneously.

 Since all wavelike phenomena (particles!) appear to us continuously all inward movement must be occurring simultaneously - outside of time as we know it.   Therefore all phenomena by default... occurs 'in time' and outside time simultaneously.

 So when we legitimately contemplate the infinite inward movement in the back of our minds it has a modifying effect on our experience of time as our attention has shifted somewhat to a timeless domain.

  No one has to tell us this... it's obvious in our experience.   It's simple.


The 3 Levels of Paradox


 Authors NOTE: 5/9/16

I came across a 1999 quote from Dr Steven Hawking that is eerily similar to what I wrote above on waves.  In it he was referring to other dimensions occurring 'at right angles to real time' which is almost exactly what I wrote about the timeless dimension of waves arising and subsiding 'at right angles to time'  (IE outside of time).   The quote came from a Parade Magazine article apparently but it may be in his book as well.  The concept, although not the term, may even go back to Einstein and relativity.


Will... and the play of opposites

 NOTE:  As long as we only believe we have free will... we'll doubt it.

 Will is a faculty useful to being.    But will-fullness is a product of the person.   One is fueled by belief... one is a tool for being.   One is free to use... one comes at a cost.

 Until we distinguish the two... there will be doubts about free will.

 If you've read this far... that's an act of will.

 Informing ones self is an act of will. 

 The more we inform our selves, the less we're interested in distracting our selves.

 One reason to develop will is to develop the ability to focus more inner attention on being and less on the personal.

 A belief by definition... is a definition.

 A paradox by definition... is undefined.   But it can be understood.

 Defining is a way to 'create' certainty in a world uneasy with paradox..

 Because we believe in that which is uncertain we crave certainty... as long as we only 'believe' in certainty we will doubt it.

 Being is certain of itself... because paradox covers all the bases.

 If being is a paradox then paradox is natural for beings.   Ignoring paradox is ignoring being.

 The 'play of opposites' is in time.   Paradox is in and out of time... at the same 'time'.

 The 'play of opposites' is a linear simulacrum of paradox.  Paradox is no 'play'.

 The 'play of opposites' is perpetuated by willfulness.   Contemplating paradox is an act of will.

 Spiritual practice is an act of will.

 Contradictions only occur in time.   The timeless never contradicts... because it just goes on and on...

NOTE: Just as two is resolved by three, the play of 'opposites' is resolved by Trinities.  

NOTE: Trinities are individuals who are conscious of the body and conscious of the personality but who view the world through the Bay window of being.

The resolution of the 'play of opposites' - understanding - will be the fruit of practical 'Trinities'... and it will be perpetuated by individual and collective will.

 Opposites are fixated by the 'other'... Trinities see 'through' the 'other'.

 Opposites are the product of being that is fooled by magic... Trinities are no body's fool.

 Opposites have binocular vision... Trinities have a 'third eye'.

 Opposites take 'sides'... Trinities understand all sides... but are not indecisive.

 Opposite sides form buildings which shake with the changes.   Trinities are pyramids... that rise up out of opposite sides... and weather the changes.

 Opposites create tension that devolves into chaos.   Trinities transmute chaos in an orderly fashion. 

 Revolutions are what happens when evolution's fail.

 Transmutation takes the 'sting' out of the inevitable Revolutions.

 Evolution's fail when common sense is an uncommon characteristic.

 Every 'evolution' has it's devolution.   

 Transmutation is the resolution of the opposites of evolution.

NOTE: Transmutation is Transformation.


The Dilemma of Separation

You can't solve the dilemma of separation until you solve the dilemma of opposites.

Solve the dilemma of opposites... and the dilemma of separation is a workable situation.


Being 'only' a separate person is a monopoly in perception.  Trinities are a 'balance of power'.


You have to be 'three'... before you can be 'one'.


Trinities are individuals who are compatible with the natural 'Law of Three'.

Trinities are individuals who are compatible with the 'nature' of 'things'.


NOTE:  Intuition is 'being' being informed... by 'real time' information.

Discernment is the practical application of 'real time' information.


Newton was an Alchemist... before he saw the gravity of the situation.

A world ruled by opposites will be bound by the gravity of it all.

The future can only be trusted to that which has no future.

Progress is perfect until it's a problem.

What if opposites were made in heaven...

The future is assured when the present is in the way.


Reminders to practice...

 So to develop the practice it helps to first notice when the inner attention is fixated on outer mind things and then this can trigger a reminder that 'this is only the outer half of mind'...only half of reality... that the legitimate inner half of reality has been neglected... half of the mind - half the picture - and then the inner attention relaxes until it contemplates the infinitely regressing inner mind in the 'back of the mind'.    It free falls.    It's a practice.    But one that gets easier with practice.

 This happens naturally when we realize we are neglecting something.   Our attention naturally gravitates to it.  But at first we have to remind our selves to remember that there is something we are neglecting... that we are back in the box.   Then our view expands and we get accustomed to the 'bigger' view as it begins to work for us in real life.   We see things we ordinarily might miss with our pre-occupied inner attention because our outer attention is now free'd up somehow.   It's a paradox.   Reality is a paradox... it travels in opposite directions simultaneously - that's a paradox.  So we're becoming accustomed to 'paradoxical' reality... we're more flexible... we're adapting... and that takes practice.

 We're used to viewing in linear ways - in one direction only... the box.  This precludes paradox... isolates us from reality.   Reality requires flexibility... and flexible minds adapt faster to changing outer realities.   So in times of an exponentially faster rate of changing outer realities, flexibility is an asset.  It enhances adaptability.  We've discovered a hidden asset of the mind... it's ability to be comfortable with paradoxical reality.

 And this is rewarding... it's self fulfilling... and self validating... we become our own source for determining what reality is... we are becoming independent... and that takes practice.    Independence takes practice.   It takes getting used to.

 If we're exclusively fixated on the outer side of reality we can get used to thinking that reality is harsh... that it's painful.  But that is only one aspect of a single side of reality - from inside the box.   That's not all of reality.    That's not even all of half of reality.    Outer life is harsh at times.   It is painful.  But that's not all there is to reality.    In truth... a paradoxical view takes the edge off harshness... puts it in a proper perspective... so we're less attached to harshness and that makes us broader... gives us a 'longer, wider view', because of our bottomless inner view.   And this inner view does not struggle... it just free falls.   So there is no struggle there... it uses less energy.   So we have more energy for outer activities.   We're more efficient.   It's a paradox.


NOTE: Turning the mind within is turning inner attention within... onto that which is always turning 'in'.

'That' which is 'always turning in'... is 'turning' in 'Shiva's' direction.


The Future and Will

 Legitimate Paradoxical "thinking" is not a new way of thinking... it's an old way of being that makes room for common sense thinking.   It is contemplation that doesn't interfere with common sense thinking.   It is outside the box of the dichotomy of opposites... it's an antidote to the dichotomy of opposites.   Dichotomy 'separates' the world... 'tears' apart the world.   Paradoxical thinking 'resolves' the dichotomies of the world.   Paradoxical thinking heals the world.

 Paradoxical thinking is a legitimate way of viewing the world... it is a 'whole mind'... 'whole world' view that is a natural ability of the mind... because being is 'of' time... and 'of' timelessness...  all the 'time'... at 'all times'.

 Attention is the 'focused awareness' aspect of being.   Since being is 'of reality' being has the ability to focus on any aspect of reality.   No aspect of reality is outside the range of the attention of being.

  Dichotomies are the funnel through which the inevitable is delivered.

 Free will frees up the future.


NOTE:  If you want to 'think differently'... paradoxical 'thinking' is a good place to start.


NOTE: The difference between 'being' being informed by 'real time' information and information that leads the 'person' to the truth about being is that being is informed in 'real time' and the 'person' is informed over time.    Because... waves arise and subside in 'real time'... and travel 'over time'.


Opening the mind

To help to facilitate the ability to contemplate in this manner it helps to just remind yourself that the mind is traveling in opposite directions simultaneously.  This reminder will slow down the momentum of the linear mind... thus opening up an alternative to it... in your 'mind'.  So now you have a choice as to where to put your inner attention.   Linear mind is not the only way to experience the mind.  When you are open to the possibility that the mind has an infinite non-linear component to it that you can contemplate any time you like... this 'opens' the mind.

An 'open' mind is one that is 'open' to all directions in the mind.

When you are 'open' to all directions in the mind... the 'mind' opens itself.

Just contemplating that the world has an infinite source... in the back of the mind... as we gaze at the world... opens the mind'.

So all the individual needs to do to 'open' the mind is to just be willing to contemplate that the world they see has an infinite source.  When this is done the mind will automatically contemplate it in the back of the mind... and a new, much larger perspective will dawn on them in the foreground of the mind.   It's simple.

In order to do that it can help, as a reminder to imagine an infinite regression 'into' a wave... as in 'scalars' enfolding 'vectors' enfolding 'scalars'... 'into' its center... on into infinity.   Once you establish that direction 'in'... in the mind with your inner attention then you can return to it over and over again.  And the more you establish that 'direction' in the mind the easier it is to re-establish it in your mind, again... over and over.
 Or you can use a vague image of regression as in the videos of the Mandelbrot Zoom regression... especially as an initial inspiration.... but too much detail is a distraction. The main thing is to allow inward movement - a free fall - and know that it is infinite.  This vague infinite inward free fall movement is all that is needed to successfully 'contemplate' in this manner... IE: contemplating the fact that the mind is traveling in opposite directions... simultaneously.  That is a major shift in perception.  Once confidence is gained that it is indeed working and effective and repeatable - even if only for brief moments - then motivation to practice will grow on its own.

 You can also just do what the blogs recommends and that is to contemplate the implications of pi in the back of your mind.  It's a spiritual practice.


NOTE: When the mind 'rises up' that's called manifestation.   When the mind 'subsides' that's called 'returning to the source'.


The Effect on World Mind

 In this model all minds are connected to a large degree through the semi-conscious 'underconscious'.   So it follows that when we implode our attachments to underconscious existential questions, doubts and beliefs this will have an effect on the World Mind.   So instead of transmitting aggravating energy back into the grid we are 'shunting' aggravating energy 'to ground'... the ground of the infinitely grounded inwardly imploding inner mind.  

 But in a connected model, we are not only shunting to ground our own aggravated energy... we simultaneously act, to some degree, as a 'World Mind Ground'... a 'World Mind Shunt' to the ground of reality... because at least some of the energy we implode is aggravated existential energy that 'comes our way' from the greater world mind.   (and some small portion of that we may have generated ourselves!... so we're also cleaning up 'after ourselves', so to speak, by shunting energy that may have 'gotten away from us' at some point in the past as well)

 Inwardly moving mind is the 'return path' of mind... it is the 'ground path' of the circulating energy of the world mind.    

 So in re-connecting to our own 'ground paths' we help to ground the world mind while helping to reconnect the greater 'ground path'... and so our individual 'paths' serve to ground the greater mind... and to re-connect the greater 'return path'.   So we're doing our part by just doing our part.

 This is called 'sanity'.    It's simple.


NOTE: Mind amplified is mind 'rising up'.   Imploding mind 'subsiding' is just mind 'returning to the source'. 


NOTE: Contemplating mind 'returning to the source' is contemplating the implication of the 'implicate order'.

NOTE:  Imploding background attention is just contemplating the 'implicate order' of the mind.



Remembering the problem

NOTE:  To remember to practice all we need realize is that we 'are' (only) a person again... we're back in the box... being is absent.   And then remembering to practice comes naturally.

 Because being can be alien to our experience at first it helps to first recognize the problem - the lack of being - until lack of being is alien to our experience and being is more familiar to our experience.

 The problem is... we don't know when the problem is.

 Eventually, when being is absent... that should get your attention.

 So reminding our selves there's a problem is the first step in resolving it... it's just common sense.


On Awareness

 Being is... and being is aware.

 Awareness is... and awareness is aware.

 Consciousness is being aware of some thing.

 Awareness is being... being aware.   It's an aspect of being... it's how it's able to recognize itself.

 Being aware of awareness is one way of being aware of being.

 Consciousness is an effect of awareness - it's a product of awareness.

 'Consciousness expanding' means we become conscious of more levels, more dimensions, more frequencies, more senses... more things.

 Awareness does not 'expand'... but it can extend... spatially... giving us a broader 'view'...

 Awareness can be distracted through it's ability to pay attention.  Attention is a faculty of awareness..   Consciousness is the effect when something 'comes to our attention'.

Awareness exists in sensory deprivation... it's one reason why people have practiced sensory deprivation...  to learn to separate out awareness from consciousness.

You can't be conscious of being... only aware of it... because being is not a thing.

 So to be aware of being... you first have to be aware of awareness.

 'Presence' is being aware that we are present... as being.

So one way to become aware of being is to be just aware of being aware.

 So we are aware... and we're conscious... at the same time... in every waking moment.

 Awareness of awareness is possible because being can focus attention on itself.

 Only awareness can be aware of awareness.   Only being can be aware of being.   But it requires attention.   And that attention is directed by will.

 So to be aware of being all you need do is be aware of being aware.

 Being aware leads to being aware that you are.

 Whenever you become aware that you are aware...   you're present.    

 It's obvious.

 And when being becomes practiced at being aware of being aware it will sooner or later recognize itself....  it's Self will be obvious... and that's called 'Self Recognition'.

 When the Self is obvious all the time... that's called 'being home'.

 When there's 'no place like home' that's called 'the search'.

 When there is no place that is not home... that's called 'enlightenment'.


NOTE: A 'quiet' mind is not a 'silent' mind.   A 'quiet' mind is when awareness is 'louder' than thought.


Comfortable with being undefined

"that's what infinity is.   It's "liberation from definition"

from "A Yoga in Space"

 NOTE: Imploding background attention transmutes the energy of distractions into the energy of awareness.  

 Imploding background attention transmutes limiting definitions into undefined being.

 Imploding background attention is a 'win win'.

 A good time for imploding background attention is while waiting for an elevator

 When you practice notice how present you are as compared to letting your background attention wander.   Notice if this presence translates into greater outer attention and awareness and if that translates into a greater ability to act if needed... or to be still... or patient.

 If you recognize the undefined being once... it can be recalled... but not from memory.

 When presence is detected. check for body awareness and mind awareness.  

 When focused solely on the personal...  body awareness, mind awareness and presence are absent and the 'personal' dominates.   It's just an amorphous, personal 'you'.   

 When tired... see if awareness or presence is tired.   If 'you' are tired, you're probably solely focused on the personal.

 When presence is detected and anger arises... are 'you' angry... or is anger present?

 When you detect being or presence, are you comfortable being undefined?   Or is there a fear reaction when being undefined is realized?  

 Can you see the potential that being undefined holds?

 The more we practice the more comfortable we are with undefined states.  Undefined 'states' are just being undefined.

 When you are undefined you're no longer defining what the world is either.

 Being 'comfortable' is no longer having to tell the world what it is... because you know what you are.


  It's possible to be conscious... when shopping for the Holidays.

Conscious shopping is a form of giving Holiday Cheer.

 Merry Existence!


Bodily Practices

NOTE:  Personal balance and body-mind flexibility are greatly enhanced through body-mind practices like YogaThe Five TibetansTai-chi, Chi GungJin Shin Jyutsu and Brain Gym .  Bodily practices offer a major advantage and can save a great deal of time as they give leverage over the otherwise resistant mind, specifically by helping to open and balance the 3 main energy channels which represent the 'past'... the 'present' and the 'future.   So when they are 'balanced'... the individual is present... in the 'present'... which is a 'symptom' of a balanced mind.   Bodily practices are a meditator's best friend.

 NOTE: Bodily practices help raise consciousness and awareness... which is conscious of the body, conscious of the mind... and aware of awareness... simultaneously.   Bodily practices support will.

 Bodily practices support Trinity's.   Bodily practices support paradox.

 Because the body is the home of the mind... there's just no getting around it.

 Bodily practices move the body consciously.  Anything that moves the body consciously raises consciousness of the body and of the conscious mind.

 Awareness stands out easier when you become conscious of something... consciously.

Being consciously conscious helps separate out awareness from the fog of consciousness.

 So bodily practices raise consciousness of the body-mind and awareness of awareness.

 Bodily practices raise awareness of inner attention.

 Bodily practices support flexibility.


NOTE: Habits are solidified in the body.   A flexible body makes for a flexible mind.

The attachment to 'being' a 'person'... is a habit.


NOTE: Tenacity builds will... stubbornness perpetuates willfulness.


 NOTE: Intuition is just mind 'rising up' in 'real time'... to inform us.

NOTE: Mind projections are mind rising up... and away.


The best time...

NOTE: Imploding background attention is an act of will.

NOTE: Even a few seconds of will a day... builds will.

NOTE:  Even a few seconds of imploding background attention can make a day different.

 The best time to practice is in the midst of a stressful situation... in the midst of suffering.   It builds will and there is more energy available to transmute... so the outcome is more powerfully felt... and it raises the possibility of a different outcome than the habitual one.   It's a very powerful example of breaking lock.   That raises confidence in the practice... and in the individual... by showing that even the powerful momentum of habit can be broken in the heat of habit.

 Personal confidence is a measure of belief... impersonal confidence is an aspect of knowing.



You can't find something untill you place your attention on it.

Intuition is easier to 'find'... if you're 'looking' in its direction.



Only awareness can know itself.

Consciousness is awareness of things.

Attention is a faculty of being.

We can identify with things we focus attention on...

Identification is identification with 'things' other than being.

Being is being aware.

Only awareness can focus attention on awareness.

Only awareness can be aware we are conscious.

Consciousness without awareness is when we are only conscious of things.

Consciousness without awareness is a setup for being fooled.

Consciousness without awareness is a setup... for magic.

Consciousness without awareness is a setup for identification with any thing but being.


NOTE: Being knows, but being only conscious of things can lead to belief.   

NOTE: Being only conscious of things can lead to belief we are some thing.

NOTE:  Identification is belief we are some... thing.

NOTE: Concepts are mental 'things'.

NOTE:  Defining our selves is defining our selves as some... thing.

NOTE:  Being un-defined is knowing our selves as no thing.

Relief is knowing you are not a thing.



"I am not a concept"

(from a poster at the local Toyota Dealership)


Imagination vs imaginings

Individuals are far less than they thought they were... but far more than they ever imagined.

Identification ties up creative imagination... into imaginings.

False assumptions are imaginings... Reality free's up creative imagination from imaginings... so it can be used 'creatively'.

Creativity solves problems that imaginings create.  If ever there was a time to solve problems creatively... it's 'now'.


NOTE: The continuous always has a "future".



Boredom is when the person has nothing to keep it busy... so it frets.

Being keeps busy... because there is always some thing to be aware of.



"this world wasn't just ‘designed‘ for distraction... it was engineered that way"

from "Where is Time?"

We identify with that which distracts us the most.

NOTE:  The more we contemplate that we're actually being continuously distracted by the use of  magic the less attached we are to personal limitations.  No one wants to be distracted... once they know they're being distracted without their knowledge.

It takes a continuous distraction... to distract the continuous.

 Knowledge of continuous distraction... raises continuous awareness

NOTE: Continuous in this case does not mean forever... only being is forever.    But as long as there is an individual there will be some degree of 'continuous' distraction.

Distractions are virtually 'continuous'.

NOTE: Distractions are virtual reality.   But they do have their place.

NOTE: Putting distractions in their 'place' is what spiritual practice is about.

NOTE: No one does away with distractions entirely.

NOTE: The difference between suffering and adventure is putting distractions in their place.

NOTE: Virtually continuous distractions are a setup for identification with virtually continuous distractions.

NOTE: This blog is a 'virtual' continuous distraction... to raise awareness of virtually continuous distractions...   It's a paradox.

  Once you know you're being distracted continuously... it raises awareness of awareness out of the fog of consciousness... continuously.

Once you see it's a continuous distraction... the distraction will never look the same.


The enormity of the situation

Enormity here does not mean impossible or even difficult... it means for once we're aware of the continuous nature of the problem.

The enormous scope of the problem doesn't mean it's beyond our reach... it simply means we see the scope of attention required to deal with it... continuously.

Seeing the continuous nature of the problem raises awareness of the problem which motivates us to shift our resource of attention to it... and away from the back of our minds.

Realizing that we are being continuously distracted helps galvanize attention from the back of the mind and onto the distraction... but with new 'eyes'.

New 'eyes' in this case are the 'eyes' of attention... which is a faculty of awareness.

Moving attention from the back of the mind frees up awareness so it can be focused on the distraction... to continuously 'see' it for what it is... not what we'd like it to be... in the back of our minds.

90% of the solution is simplifying the problem.   

Simplifying the problem in this case comes from seeing it's continuous nature.

90% of the problem is that we don't see the problem continuously... because we're distracted... continuously.

 90% of the solution is being willing to see the problem is 'continuous'.

90% of the solution is seeing the distraction for what it is.

 90% of the solution is seeing that the distraction is 'continuous magic'.

Once you 'see' that... the distraction will never look the same.

Once you 'see' it's continuous magic... your chances of 'seeing' the problem continuously goes up... exponentially.


There is a term for 'continuous magic'... it's called 'continuous suffering'.

'Continuous' suffering could be said to be... 'all pervasive'.


NOTE: Imploding background attention in the back of our minds helps to dissolve attachments to the back of our minds... and helps to free up attention so we can 'see' the distraction... continuously.


NOTE: Continuous awareness of the distraction raises awareness of the continuous... it's a paradox.


Recognizing Distraction

NOTE: When we realize we're distracted it always gets our attention.

The best way to get our attention is to realize we're distracted.

When you know you're distracted, it galvanizes your attention.

Knowledge of distraction always precedes getting our attention.

When audiences are distracted the speaker always calls for attention.

It's just common sense.


Distraction looks like an 'ordinary' day. 

Distraction sounds like the 'back of our minds'.

NOTE: Since we're continuously distracted there's a good chance we're distracted.

If distraction is virtually 'continuous' and the one thing that's virtually 'continuous' other than truly continuous being is the thoughts in the 'back of our minds'... then... maybe they are a distraction.

Being distracted is a habit.

Until knowledge of distraction is more urgent than the 'back of the mind' we'll be distracted.

The best time to substitute a new reality for the assumed one is on waking up in the morning, before the 'show' starts.

So the best time to realize we're distracted is when we wake up in the morning.

NOTE: No one 'breaks' a habit.   We only substitute new habits for old habits.

In order to 'break lock' on the back of our minds we need something more urgent to galvanize our attention.

When you realize you're being continuously distracted by magic... that's urgent.

Until then... our attention will be galvanized by the 'back of our minds'.

It takes a virtually 'continuous' distraction to galvanize our attention.

'Continuous' magic... is galvanized inner attention on the 'back of our minds'.

When someone honks a horn, that's a momentary distraction.   When someone 'lays on' the horn... that galvanizes our attention.

When you realize someone is 'laying on' the horn to deliberately distract you... you re starting to deal with it.

When you realize someone is deliberately distracting you it re-prioritizes it.

Waking up is re-prioritizing our inner attention away from the magical inner distraction... and onto the urgent realization that we're being deliberately distracted.

When this 're-prioritization' takes place our attention shifts to life... to being... to awareness... to what's 'really' going on around you.

That's why waking up is experienced as more 'real'.

Waking up is waking up to a higher level of 'reality'... because the other 'reality' was virtually in our heads.

Nothing gets your attention like a new reality.


NOTE: When the profundity of the situation sinks in that we are actually being continually distracted without our knowledge, then 'seeing' the distraction for what it is will be a natural and automatic response.

Nothing dissolves loyalty like knowing we've been fooled without our knowledge.


NOTE: A 'sleeping' world is a 'personalized' world.  Once you 'see' that the world will never look the same.


Where is 'In'?

NOTE:  If you contemplate a wave as more like a wavelike spiral than a wavelike straight line... then you're closer to seeing where 'in' is heading.

'In'.... is a direction... not a destination.

 'In.. is 'into space'.

 Turning the mind 'within'... is contemplating infinite movement 'into space'.

 Turning the mind 'within'... is turning the inner attention 'into space'... but not settling on any point in space.

 'In' is in every moment... because any part of any wave that travels through time has it's roots 'within' space.

 'In' is a whole new direction.

 'In'... is not linear.

 'In' is not the past or future.

'In' is not stillness.   Stillness is helpful to begin to look for 'in... (stillness has it's place)  but the best time is in the midst of 'suffering'... 

 NOTE: Imploding suffering is one way to become convinced of 'in'.

 'In' is a freefall 'in'... in the back of your mind.

 'In' is movement 'into' space... but not through space.   So movement here doesn't carry the same penalty.

 'In' is the direct route to 'infinity'.  

 If you can contemplate infinity in the back of your mind... you're 'in'.

 'In' is taking the back of your mind 'offline'... without turning it 'off'.

 Offline is 'off the line'.

 Off-line is off the line-ar direction.

 Offline does not mean 'out of service'.

 'In' is in.. in certain circles.

 Contemplating 'in'... raises faith with 'in'.


NOTE: 'in' is a shortcut... but it's not cheating.

NOTE: Cheating is distractions without our knowledge.

NOTE: It's within the rules to use every direction available.

NOTE: 'In' is a shortcut to everywhere... without leaving anywhere.

NOTE: 'In' has to be imagined at first... but eventually it can be just 'felt'... within.

 'In' is seen as a risk at first... but it has no downside.

 When we see 'in' as a risk... that's a distraction.

Once you find 'in'... you're as good as in.

Once you're comfortable with 'in'... you're good to go.

'In' is gravity... to infinity.

Distractions defy gravity.

'In'... is gravity... to being undefined.

Balance is achieved by putting distractions in their place.


NOTE:  When you're 'in'... you're bypassing the 'middleman'


Paradox 'found'

NOTE:  Paradox is not a contradiction... at the level of understanding.   

At the level of understanding... paradox is the answer.

Paradox only makes sense from the level of understanding.   So the one who 'mis-understands' paradox... mis-understands for a reason. 

Misunderstandings are the 'norm' in a world set up for misunderstandings.

If you can't 'see'... how are you supposed to understand.

Paradox is only a contradiction to the mind whose awareness is still lost in the fog of consciousness.

'Seeing' with the eye of awareness... is the 3rd eye of understanding.

'Seeing' with understanding... is seeing 'through' the waves with the periscope of awareness.

 Everything makes sense at the level of understanding.

 Paradox... is a level issue... IE - awareness has been 'leveled' by consciousness... so to speak.  IE awareness is lost in the level of consciousness.

 The only answer to a level issue... is to level the playing field.

 The only way to 'level' this playing field... is to 'add' a level.

 The only way to 'level the field' with awareness is to separate it out from the fog of consciousness... it's a paradox.

 'Separating' awareness from consciousness appears as a paradox... until the individual actually does it... then there is understanding.   Then it makes sense...

 Separating out awareness from consciousness opens the eventual door to 'unity'. 

 Separating out awareness from consciousness is necessary in order to see through 'separation'.  

 Taking a 'step backwards' is a paradox on the path of awareness.   So it's easy to 'walk' right past it.

NOTE: An impersonal ego is more likely to be willing to take a step backwards... because it has no 'face' to lose.

 If you've read this far there's a good chance you understand.

 Shangrila... is paradox found.


"If scalars were something of an alchemist's dream then perhaps I was headed for a bottomless pit of pi in the sky"

 from "Who Needs the Higgs"


The koan of Pi

Paradox is an issue of awareness... not a 'problem' with logic.

Limits of logic... are not a 'problem' with logic.

Logic is fine... at the level of logic.   Logic is useful... at the level of logic.

'Irrational' numbers are not irrational.

'Irrational' numbers... are infinitely regressing numbers.

'Irrational' numbers are pointing directly at infinite regression.

Mis-labeling numbers as irrational... blinds us to the phenomena of infinite regression.

In a 'common sense' world... numbers are finite... and infinite... because the world is 'finite'... and infinite.

pi.. is a finger pointing to paradox.

pi... is a finger pointing to the level limit of logic.

pi... is a finger pointing to legitimate unlimited reality...

pi... is a finger pointing to legitimate infinite regression.

pi... is a finger pointing to the ultimate 'logical' answer.

pi.. is a 'life saver' tossed back by the infinite... to a world struggling at a limited level.

pi... is the unbreakable 'silver chord' 'back' to the infinite... 


NOTE: Contemplating the infinite regression of pi in the back of the mind is a spiritual practice.


pi... is the bridge between 'logic' and infinity... it makes sense.


NOTE: The reason the circle is used to represent the endless... is because its characteristics can only be expressed by using... pi.

No one 'squares the circle'...

We can only 'see' squares and circles... with all 'eyes'... simultaneously.

When we can 'see' squares as squares and circles as circles... we'll have no more need to 'square circles'.

'Squaring' circles is irrational.  It makes no sense.

Attempting to 'square' circles is only useful to wear out the logical.

'Squaring' circles.. is a koan.

Koans are meant to 'break lock' on the logical... so we can 'focus' on the infinite.

When we 'break lock' on the logical... we 'break lock' on identification.

When we 'break lock' on the logical... we 'release' awareness from the fog of consciousness.

'Breaking lock' on the logical... leaves the logical intact.   It's a paradox.

'Breaking lock on the logical... is no threat to logic.

'Breaking lock' on the logical... expands logic... by putting it in its place.

pi just makes sense... in a 'common sense' world.


Balanced world

In a balanced world... pi is logical.   It makes 'perfect' sense.

In a balanced world... pi is a rational number.

In a balanced world... all numbers are rational

In a balanced world... pi is the most important number in the universe... because it points to that from which the universe came.

NOTE: In a balanced world... keeping an 'eye' on pi... is a spiritual practice.

NOTE: Keeping an 'eye' on pi... balances the world by keeping one 'eye' on the center.

NOTE: Keeping an 'eye' on pi... balances the world... by expanding the logical to include the infinite.

In a balanced world... progress is never a problem.for long... because progress is based on common sense.

In a balanced world... common sense can be trusted... because the infinite and the finite have their 'eyes' on each other.


Unknown vs unknowable

pi is important because it points to the unknowable.

'Knowledge' of the unknowable... prevents inflation of the 'known'... by putting the 'known' in its place.

'Unknowable' does not imply that the unknowable is 'unknown'.

The 'unknowable'... is a level issue.   If it 'is'... it is known.

'Knowledge' of the unknowable... leaves us open to be informed... by that which knows the 'unknowable'.

Wanting to know is essential to progress... but dabbling with the unknowable leads to problems with 'progress'..

Knowing the unknowable is not necessary for progress.

Refusal to acknowledge the unknowable... is a setup for problems with 'progress'.

When you know that you are... you don't need to know the unknowable.

Relief is knowing there is an unknowable.

Relief is not having to know the unknowable... because we're informed by it.

Relief is being content with learning the 'knowable'... while being guided by the unknowable.

Knowing that you are... is the first step in knowing the unknowable will not be unknowable forever.

Knowing that the unknowable is inevitably going to be known... takes the pressure off of having to know the unknowable.

When you know that you are... the knowable is your oyster... because the unknowable is merely out of season.


NOTE: The reason the unknowable is 'unknowable' is because the best we can do is be aware of it... till we 'are' it.


Good to go

NOTE: Keeping an 'eye' on pi is keeping an 'eye' on 'mind returning to the source'.

 If you can keep an 'eye' on 'mind returning to the source'... you're 'in'.

Once you're 'in'... you understand.

Once you're 'in'... you're good to go.

When you're good to go... you're an independent, stand alone spiritual practitioner... you're 'in'.   You understand... you're a rational being... you're sane... you're an individual... you're a 'Trinity'... you're 'breaking lock'... you're no 'body's' fool... you 'see' the dilemma of opposites... you're aware and you're aware you're aware... you're detached and engaged... you're doing your part... you have will... you're balanced... and perhaps a little relieved.

Being 'in'... is a necessary first step...   You've solved 91% of the problem because you can no longer be continuously distracted... if that's your will.   You've broken lock.    The rest is a matter of practice.   The 'rest'... is 'none of your business'... so to speak.

Your business is to just go about your business... but with a 'new eye'.

Your 'business' is to go about your business with all 'eyes' open.


NOTE:  Being detached and engaged... is a paradox.

When you're 'in'... you're a walking paradox.


91% of the problem

 The 'answer' is in solving 91% of the problem... because the rest is 'solved' by that which knows the 'unknowable'.

 Relief is knowing we only need to solve 91% of the problem...

 Desire to solve 100% of the problem... leads to problems with 'progress'.

 Desire to solve 100% of the problem... leaves it in the 'persons' hands.

 Desire to solve 100% of the problem... leaves it to the 'person'.

 When you're 'in'... you're aware that you're doing your part.

 When you're 'in'... you know that the rest will eventually be dealt with in good time.

 Knowing the 'rest' will be taken care of takes the pressure off of thinking we need to solve 100% of the problem.

 Desire to solve 100% of the problem... is the biggest obstacle to solving 91% of the problem.

 Desire to solve 100% of the problem... leads to problems with 'progress'.

 Problems with 'progress'... is the biggest problem.   The rest is a workable situation... once you understand..

 Desire to solve 100% of the problem is based on a belief.   Knowing we only need to solve 91% of the problem... is a relief.

 Being 'in'... requires effort... it takes practice.   There is still a 'person' to keep an 'eye' on.  So knowing the way 'in' is not an excuse to stop practicing.   It just means that your 'business' is more clearly defined.   'Business' implies effort.    But now the effort required is clear... it's workable.

 Clearly defined effort is not really an effort... that's a paradox.

 Clearly defined 'effort'... is a pleasure.

 We're happy to do our part.

 When you're happy doing your part... you're 'in'.


A successful society

 NOTE:  It's possible to make sense of 91% of the problem.   The rest is beyond the senses.

 Desire to solve 100% of the problem... leads to problems with 'levels'.

 Desire to solve 100% of the problem leads to inflation of the 'known'.

 91% of the answer is learning how to focus inner attention in the direction of the answer.

 The struggle to understand 91% of the problem makes for a better 'person'.   Go figure.

 A better personal expression leads to fewer problems with 'progress'.

 A society of 'successful strugglers'... makes for a successful society.

 A successful society is a society that makes sense.

 A successful society is one where common sense is a common characteristic.


If you can contemplate mind manifesting then you can contemplate mind returning to the source.

Being 'in' is just contemplating 'mind returning to the source'... in the back of your mind.

It's just common sense.


NOTE: If you want to 'only don't know'... then the 'unknowable' is a good place to 'start'.


On Quality

 Quality is the result of the conscious effort to manifest perfection.

 'Clearly defined effort' is required in order to manifest 'Quality'.

 'Total Quality'... is never achieved... because it's not a destination... it's a direction.

 'Total Quality' is 'achieved' when everyone involved is focused in the 'back of their minds' in the direction of perfection... as they go about their business.

 The 'rest'... is none of their business.


NOTE:  Quality is often associated with the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio is a representation of an infinite regression.

NOTE: Gazing at representations of an infinite regression reminds us of infinity.

Gazing at a form that represents the Golden ratio reminds us of our 'direction' in life.

So 'quality' in form is a constant reminder of our inner direction in life.


NOTE: Quality in the form of the Golden ratio reminds us of our infinite nature because our inner attention 'free falls' when we gaze at it.   Thus the 'reminder'.


 Quality... society and Art

Societies that consciously manifest 'Quality in form' in public places are successful societies.

'Quality in form' in public places... is often called 'Art'.

'Art' that incorporates the Golden ratio is a public service... that registers in the 'back of our minds'.

'Art' that incorporates the golden ratio... registers in the back of our minds... but reappears as 'Quality' of life...

'Quality of life' is enhanced by quality surroundings.

'Quality' surroundings remind us of our inner 'direction' in life.

'Objects' of Quality remind us of our inner direction in life.

A society that builds 'quality products' is a society that will eventually surround itself with reminders of our inner direction in life.

Surrounding ourselves with reminders of our inner direction in life... is one way of continuously breaking lock on the back of our minds... on distractions from our inner direction in life.

A society that consciously reminds itself of its inner direction in life.. is one that's more likely to manifest 'Quality' in form.

A society that manifests 'Quality'... understands.

A society that manifests 'Quality'... makes sense to itself.

A society that makes sense to itself... is 'in' a 'State of Quality'.


The individual and Quality

An individual that lives in a 'State of Quality'... is more likely to be 'in'.

A society of individuals who are 'in' is more likely to manifest 'Quality'... as they go about their business.

Just because a society is in a 'State of Quality' does not mean that 'Total Quality' has been 'achieved'.    It means that quality is inevitable... given their 'state of mind'.


Attachment to attention

NOTE: Thoughts follow attention like the air follows the wind.

NOTE: The reason we call them 'attachments' is because our inner attention gets 'hung up' on them when we attempt to shift it in the right direction.

Attachments are inner distractions of attention... in the back of the mind.

Attachments are only 'attached' with Velcro... because attention is movable.

If attention wasn't movable... we'd be nailed to this place.

Attention is a spotlight... that is attracted to noise.

Infinite regressions are silent... so it takes will to 'see' them.

If the world was silent... all 'persons' would be bored... till we became aware of attention.

When you become aware of attention... everything is worth 'seeing'.


NOTE: Becoming aware of attention... is being aware of being aware... because attention is a faculty of awareness.

Attention is easy to overlook... on the way to distraction.

Attention is what we 'see' distractions with.

When you 'see' a distraction... you 'see' it with attention.

You can only focus on a distraction... by ignoring attention.

If you can 'see' something... attention 'delivered' it.

If you can 'see' something... remember attention.

We don't really 'remember' attention... but we can remember to 'look' at it.

Without attention... there would be no distraction... and no awareness either.

Focused attention... makes the 'particle' from the continuous.

Focused attention is what makes an 'individual' being from 'continuous' being.

Universal attention is the realm of universal awareness.



NOTE: When the 'individuals' attention is divided again... you've got 'separation'.

Divided 'individual' attention... sets the stage for the illusion of 'separation'.

Divided individual attention... is a setup for 'magic'.



NOTE: In order to understand 'separation' you have to be able to 'see' when 'separation occurs.

Separation is just 'simple math'.

IE: Separation is 'being'... twice divided... minus awareness.

Separation is just 'being'... being distracted... from its 'Self... because the attention of the individual has been divided (IE distracted)... once again.

Individuation is just an individual focus of universal attention.  IE: Individuation is not separation.   

Individuation is a unique individual perspective... of the 'whole'.


 Attention... is not a 'person'.


Will and attention

Attention can only be consciously shifted by an act of will.

Shifting attention to an infinite inner regression is an act of will.

Without will... distractions are the only thing 'on'.

Without will... we'd be nailed to this place.

Without will... we'd never be able to 'see' attention.

'Seeing' attention... is an act of will.

If you can 'see' attention... that's will.

Becoming aware of attention... 'will' be rewarding.

If it takes will to 'see' attention... whose side is will on.

Will is 'on our side' because will and attention go 'hand in hand'.

Will is 'on our side' because will is 'ours'.

Will is 'on our side' because will is 'being in action'.

Will is 'on our side' because will only serves our highest good.

Will will be rewarding... distractions will be... distracting.


Attention distraction deficit...

NOTE: Paying attention to attention... is paying attention to attention.

Paying attention to attention... leaves distractions intact.

Paying attention to attention... is no threat to distractions.

Paying attention to attention... puts distractions in their place.


Attention is not a distraction from distractions... otherwise it would be a distraction.

Attention doesn't worry about the future.

You'll know things are changing when attention is headline news... instead of distractions.

No attention... no distractions.

Attention is the 'leading indicator'... of awareness.

Attention...   I'll get back to you on that.


Attention and society

In a successful society... attention is the prime imperative..

When a society is paying attention... governments don't 'need' to.

Distractions are the 'leading indicator' of 'problems with progress'.

If TV was paying attention... it would be focused on itself... and then we could all get back to reality.


Attention is radical... and 'everyone' knows that that won't work.

Advertising works because distractions work like magic.

If being was a distraction... we'd all be enlightened.



Make being a 'distraction'... and see what happens.


Worth repeating

NOTE: The Golden ratio... is an unending ratio... it's an expression of an infinite regression.

NOTE: Gazing at representations of an infinite regression reminds us of infinity.

Gazing at a form that represents the Golden ratio reminds us of our 'direction' in life.

So 'quality' in form... is a constant reminder in form of our inner 'direction' in life.

NOTE: Quality in the form of the Golden ratio reminds us of our infinite nature because our inner attention 'free falls' when we gaze at it.   Thus the 'reminder'.   The 'reminder' is what we 'see' with our inner attention when we gaze at an infinite ratio... infinity.

Everyone recognizes infinity when they 'see' it.


Nature of Free fall

When the mind sees a square... it resolves it to a finite ratio... and it stops there.

When the mind 'sees' a form that represents the infinite Golden Ratio... it 'resolves' it to infinity... thus the 'reminder'.

All we need do is gaze at a form that represents an infinitely regressing ratio and we're 'gazing' at infinity... in the 'back of out minds.

Thus the connection between Quality... and the sacred.

The 'reminder'... is in the experience... because everyone recognizes the experience.

It's a common experience... thus the ultimate 'common sense'.


Sacred Geometry is...

The reason Sacred geometry is 'sacred'... is because gazing at it 'reminds' us of infinity... in the 'back of our minds'.

Sacred geometry 'reminds' us of our direction in life.


Sacred ratio-nality

Sacred geometry 'reminds' us of our infinitely ratio-nal roots.

Gazing at Golden Ratios is the ultimate rational act... because it is the ultimate 'rational' ratio.

If you resolve a ratio infinitely... it's rational.

The Golden ratio is the ultimate rational ratio because it returns us to rationality when we gaze at it.


An eye on phi...

The Golden ratio is known as 'phi'.

Quality is associated with phi ratios.

Gazing at quality is keeping an 'eye' on phi... 

Keeping an eye on phi... brings Quality to our experience.

Keeping an 'eye' on phi brings rationality to our experience.

Keeping an 'eye' on phi brings understanding to our experience.

When you're keeping an 'eye' on phi... you're 'in'.


Quality is 'in'

Gazing at Sacred Geometry... is gazing 'in'.

Gazing at phi ratios... is gazing 'in'.

Gazing at Quality... is gazing 'in'.

Surrounding our selves with Quality... brings us 'in'.

Quality... is 'in'.


NOTE: The Vesica Pisces... is a sacred geometric representation... that can be interpreted as a representation of the dual opposing vortices... of creation.


Total Quality...

The Unknowable is Total Quality... but it is known.

Total Quality is unknowable... until we are Total Quality.

Total Quality is none of our business... until we're totally qualified.


Until then... all we can do is qualify for Total Quality... by practicing.

Practicing is about exercising will... and the rest will be workable.

Practice leads to progress... with progress.


The desire for Total Quality is understandable... but problematic.

The desire for Total Quality is the desire to know 100% of the answer.

The desire for Total Quality is the desire to know the unknowable.

The desire for Total Quality leads to issues with levels.

Level issues will only begin to be resolved when we 'see through' all levels.

Level issues will only begin to be resolved when we 'see' with all 'eyes' open.


Total Quality will be out of our sight... until there is nowhere else to look..

Total Quality will be out of our sight... until everywhere we look... is home.

Total Quality will be out of our sight... until there's no place that isn't home.


Even when Total Quality is within sight... we still won't 'see' all of it.

Even when Total Quality is within sight... we still won't know all of it.

Relief is knowing we don't have to see everything... to 'see through' everything.


Serious business...

It's possible to 'see' Total Quality from 'here'... and still not be totally qualified.

Just because level issues are an illusion doesn't mean we don't have to deal with them.

When we're dealing with magic... we have to take magic seriously... because magic is serious business.

Anything that can fool being into believing it's a 'person'... is a serious business.


Failure to take magic seriously... leads to problems with progress.

When everyone takes magic seriously... we'll all be making serious progress.


Serious in this case is not necessarily somber... it just means that the answer is going to take some serious attention.

Laughter is possible while paying serious attention.

Laughter... breaks lock on the 'personal'... so laughter is a 'serious' ally in dealing with magic.

Laughter is a relief... from the personal.



"It is sacred because it's eternal... that's what sacred means."

(John Michell... from the movie "Crop Circles... Quest for Truth")


When something is pointing to circles... it's best to pay attention.

When something is pointing to circles... it's serious business.

When something is built in a circle... it's for a serious reason.

When something is built in a circle... it's pointing to the impersonal.

When something is pointing to the impersonal it has the power to 'remind' us of the impersonal.

Reminders of the impersonal... are always a relief.

Anything built in a circle... is a place for relief... 


Sacred relief...

Gazing at Quality... is a relief.

Gazing at 'sacred ratios' in Art... is a relief.

Pi... is a 'sacred number'... because it gives us relief... when we keep an 'eye' on it.

Phi... is a 'sacred ratio'... because it gives us relief... when we keep an 'eye' on it.

Contemplating infinite regression in the 'back of our minds'... is a relief...

Anything that takes our minds off the personal... is always a relief.

If it wasn't for the impersonal... we'd be nailed to this place.

If it wasn't for the Sacred... we'd be nailed to the personal.


NOTE: If relief from the personal is a relief... what does that say about the personal.


NOTE: Bodily practices are a powerful relief... when we practice them... 

Spiritual practices give us an experience of Quality.

Spiritual practices give us Quality of life.


Sacred rationality

Spiritual practices are the ultimate rational act... because they return us to rationality.

The eternal... is rational.    Every-thing else... is problematic.

Rationality... takes practice... because the personal is problematic.

Rationality is what we experience... when we're 'pointing' in the right direction.

The practice of Rationality... is an 'Art'.


Mystery vs Awe...

If the sacred were a mystery... it could be 'solved'.

Since the sacred is eternal... the only mystery is which way to 'look'.

Once you 'solve' the mystery... the rest is a matter of practice.

Knowing the unknowable will be known... takes all the mystery out of it... and replaces it with awe.

Mysteries create doubt... awe puts the doubter in its proper place.



If practice were perfect... we wouldn't need to practice.

In order to practice... it takes collaboration with the person.

Struggling to work out the personal... is the path to practice.

Struggling to work out the personal... can be a path to will.

When practice is practical... the person is supported by the impersonal.

The impersonal is practical... because it informs the person of that which it can't 'see'.

Sometimes the practical... takes practice... until it makes sense.

The impersonal becomes practical... when it's 'born' from practice... that makes sense.


The Individual 'person'

The individual is one... but it's not alone.

The person is alone... so it's prone to loneliness.

The individual is never lonely... because it's always connected.

The individual is never lonely... because it's always 'online'.

Individuals understand... because they carry the same burdens.

Peel back any person... and you'll find an individual.


Society and practice

When society practices... we'll laugh for relief... while smiling at 'other' individuals.

When society practices... talking will be in its place... because communication will be understood.

When society practices... Art will be displayed... because all individuals will be understood to be 'artists'.

When society practices... talking will be in its place... because the meaningful will be front and center... for all to 'see'.

When society practices... we'll all have a life.


Having 'a life'...

Having a life is having two lives simultaneously.

When you have two lives simultaneously, anything that happens in 'this' life... isn't everything that's happening in your life.

Having two lives simultaneously puts 'this' life... in its proper place.

When you have two lives simultaneously... 'this' life is on the ground floor... and the 'rest' has a view.

Having 'a life' is honoring the personal while keeping one 'eye' on being.

Having 'a life' is living 'this' life... with one 'eye' on the view.

As long as there is will... there will be 'a life'.

Not everyone would 'trade lives' for 'a life'.

Sometimes you have to lose a bit of 'this' life in order to get 'a life'.

Having 'a life' is profound... it moves you without 'taking you'.

'A life'... is all of life.


Weathering it...

Any mind that can be influenced by the weather... bears keeping an eye on.



Meaning can be personal... but the personal is changeable.

Meaning doesn't have to be changeable... it can be more of a constant... in the background... built into experience.

When meaning is 'built into' experience... boredom is less of an issue.

When meaning is 'built into' life... attention is a given.

When you're seriously paying attention... it means that something has meaning for you.

Meaning and being go hand in hand... because attention on being reveals an impersonal meaning we didn't know was there.

Impersonal meaning is meaning that is not dependent on the personal... or the doing.

When you're paying attention to being... meaning is 'built into' experience.

When you're paying attention to being... meaning is a 'given'.

Meaning and doing are not necessarily synonymous.

When life takes a pause and you're still paying attention... that means something.

When attention stands out when you're not 'doing'... that should get your attention.

When attention stands out when you're not 'doing'... see if you're worried about meaning.


Being has its own meaning.

The more being is a constant... the more life has constant meaning.

The more life has constant meaning... the less we have to constantly look for meaning.


Manifest quality

Quality takes attention... it takes it to manifest it and it grabs your attention when you see it.

When you can appreciate Quality... that adds quality to life.

Adding quality to life... adds meaning to life.

Manifesting quality helps give meaning to 'other' lives.

Manifesting Quality... is a form of 'paying forward'.


The 'God' particle...

When energy goes out of its way to spin in circles... that's intention.

Intention implies intelligence.

Circles... point to the Sacred.

'God' may not be a 'person'... but if a creator exists... it's no fool.


The 'God' particle could be explained... but still not understood.

To explain it without understanding will not get the attention of most persons.

When the 'God' particle is not just explained... but understood... the realization will have implications for every 'person'... and that... will get every ones attention.


When 'particles' are squares... you can kiss the infinite goodbye.

But since 'particles' are circular... hope springs eternal.


Ego and Person

The ego has been confused with the 'person'.

Without an ego... all saints would be silent.

Without a 'person'... all saints would still be saints.

Without the ego... communication would be impossible.

Without the 'person'... communication would be a given.


Without the ego... there would be no laughter. 

Without the person... it would be all smiles.


The impersonal... is not devoid of personality.

The impersonal... puts the person in its proper place.


When the person is in its proper place... the person is not a problem... and the ego becomes a tool for the 'impersonal' individual or being.

An impersonal individual honors the personal... while being informed by awareness.

An impersonal individual has the personal in perspective... because it has a view of being.


Infinite timeless...

The infinite is timeless because the endless has all the time in the world.

The infinite is endless because there is no end to 'in'.

If you're looking for the timeless... the endless is a good place to start.



People may think the artist lazy... but an artist is always working.

For an artist, everything is seed for their mill.

Seed for their mill in this case does not mean grinding seed into powder.

Seed for their mill is transmuting the lead of the personal into the gold of the individual.

With an artist... the 'wheels' are always spinning.

For an artist... there can never be enough Quality.

Their 'path' is the path from personal obsession to impersonal understanding.

The artist takes this seriously... and works all 3 shifts.... takes no days off... and 'holidays' in silence.

The artist... is constantly working... because the problem is virtually continuous.

You can't tell the artist so much by what they do... as by what they don't do.

The artist transmutes the energy of obsession... into useful energy.

The artist... eventually focus's the searchlight... by turning it in the proper direction.

When society practices... art will be ubiquitous... and Quality will be continuous.


When society practices... 'paying forward' will be in perpetual motion.


Society's artists

When CEO's are artists... everything will have quality... and Bonus's will be 'off balance sheet'.

When scientists are artists... we truly won't have to worry about problems with 'progress'.

When Politicians are truly artists... talking will truly be in its place... and then we can all go home.


Artists do their part

When society practices... all will eventually be artists... and then we'll all be doing our part.


"In the wave'... points to... 'in' the wave.


'Stand alone connected'

When we implode background attention that's an act of will.

Momentum is beliefs that are solidifying in the back of our minds.

Compulsive attention to existential beliefs and doubts can be habit forming.

When we implode background attention we break the momentum of habit.

When we implode background attention we break the habit of habit.

Awareness... is the antithesis... of habit.


and Manipulation...

Manipulation... is taking advantage of the momentum of habit in the back of our minds.

Awareness makes us no body's fool.

When you're no body's fool you are 'stand alone connected'.

'Stand alone connected'... is a paradox.

'Stand alone connected'... is standing alone from manipulation while being connected to awareness.


When you're 'stand alone connected' you're 'good to go'.

When you're 'good to go'... you're an independent spiritual practitioner... but connected.

When you're 'good to go'... you can 'go' anywhere... and still be connected.

When you're 'stand alone connected' you're a walking paradox.

 A walking paradox is not likely to be manipulated... because they see 'through' it.


When society practices... manipulation will be unnecessary.

When society practices... manipulation will be unnecessary... because it will be understood.

When society practices... manipulation will be unnecessary... because communication will be understood.

When society practices... individuals will be too impressed with Quality to pay attention to manipulation.


When society practices... advertising will be understood.

When society practices... politics will be understood.

When society practices... everything will be 'different'.

When society practices... manipulation will no longer be necessary... because we'll all be informed.



When you're 'stand alone connected' you can go about your business.

When you're 'stand alone connected'... you're never alone.

When you're 'stand alone connected'... boredom is not an issue.

When you're 'stand alone connected'... you're 'paying forward'... by not paying for manipulation.

When you're 'stand alone connected'... you're a 'citizen'... in the highest sense.

When you're a 'citi... zen'... you can 'stand alone connected'... in the midst of any city.

A society of 'citi-zens'... is immune to manipulation.

Being a 'citi-zen'... is doing our part... of the whole.


When CEO's are occupied with Quality... citi-zens will have occupied the city.

When CEO's have 'a life'... smiles will be 'on the house'.



NOTE: When you're 'stand alone connected' you're free to conduct your business... because you know all will be known.

Patience is knowing all... is known.

When you know all is known... you have more patience with the unknown.

When you know that all is known... the 'unknown' can be an adventure.



When something is infinite it means it's unlimited.

When something is unlimited it means there's is no end to it.

When something is unlimited... it just goes on and on... 

When something is unlimited... it's 'eternal'.


The view of meaning

When you're 'stand alone connected'... meaning comes with the view.

When you're 'stand alone connected'... you're not fooled by separation... because you're connected to the infinite.

When you're 'stand alone connected'... separation is the land of adventure... and being is the realm of reality.

When you're 'stand alone connected'... you have 'a life'.

When you're 'stand alone connected'... you're 'in'.

When you're 'stand alone connected'... 'in' makes sense of the 'outer'.

When you're 'stand alone connected' you've gone from a 'glider' working the updrafts... to 'powered flight'.


When you're 'stand alone connected'... the outer is seen through the eyes... and 'seen through' by the 'eye' of understanding.

When you're 'stand alone connected'... you're 'good to go' because illusions are gone.

When you're 'stand alone connected'... you're 'paying forward' by paying attention.


unlimited view... unlimited meaning...

When you're 'stand alone connected' you may work in a 'square' world... but you hang out in 'circles'.

When you're 'stand alone connected' you see through illusions... because illusions are not all you 'see'.

When you're 'stand alone connected'... meaning is no longer limited to illusions... because the 'view' of meaning is unlimited.

When a view of meaning is 'unlimited'... it means it doesn't stop in one place... so it's not 'limited'.


When the mind settles on 'squares'... meaning 'stops' right there.

When attention doesn't settle... meaning just  goes on and on... so it's 'unlimited'... it has no end.


Meaning... is limited by the 'view'.

Unlimited meaning... unlimited view.


When the view is unlimited... meaning takes on a whole new meaning... because meaning is connected to 'view'.

Meaning is in direct proportion to 'depth of field'.

'Depth of field' is the inner 'eye' of awareness continuously reaching out towards infinity... towards deeper and deeper 'depths' of the field of awareness.


NOTE: 'Depth of field' is 'in'... but it's 'in' experienced as radiating out.


NOTE: 'Depth of field' is seeing 'in'... as radiating 'out'... toward infinity.


NOTE: 'Depth of field'... is seeing 'in' everywhere you look... and beyond...


When the view is unlimited... meaning takes on a whole new meaning because there's no end to it.


Unlimited value...

When you're 'stand alone connected'... you still value the limited... but the limitless has unlimited value... so you value it more.

Value is connected to 'view'.

Value... is in direct proportion to 'depth of field'.

When something is unlimited... it has unlimited value... so you naturally value it more.   It just makes sense.

When something has unlimited value... there's no end to it's value.

When you have something of unlimited value... you still value the limited... but it puts limited values in their proper perspective.

Perspective... is a function of 'depth of field'.

When you have an unlimited 'view'... it puts every thing in perspective.


If you've read this far... chances are you value that which has unlimited value.


Unlimited effort...
When something is of unlimited value it inspires unlimited effort.

Exercising will is the beginning of unlimited effort.

When the unlimited 'view' is always in 'view'... unlimited effort is effort-less...


Every thing in this level... is a reflection of the view.

The difference is... the view has unlimited amounts... so there is no fighting over it.



To call a 'person' deep because they say something 'deep' is a mistake... in level perception.

The 'person' has limited 'depth'... only the view has 'depth of field'.

The 'view' from the person... can come and go.

When the 'person' takes credit for 'depth of field'... that's called impersonating the view.


The 'person'...is a limited  'impersonation' of being.

A concept... is a limited 'impersonation'... of an aspect of the unknowable.

We can live without impersonations... but we can't live without being.


NOTE: When an individual acknowledges the 'depth of view' of an 'other'... that's called validation of the 'others' view.

The individual... through the 'person'... reports the view.

When the individual 'is' the view... 'game over'.


Letting go... 

We can let go of impersonations... but we can't let go of being.

If you can let go of it... it's not 'you'.


Impersonations... are 'imaginings'.

Letting go of impersonations... releases creative imagination.   It's a paradox.

Letting go of impersonations... frees up attention.

When attention is freed up... it gravitates 'up'.

Freeing up attention in the back of our minds frees up inner attention... and then the 'view' naturally comes 'into view'.



When the view comes 'into view'... our 'depth of field' is infinite... but not everything is 'seen'... because the infinite is endless.

When the 'depth of field' is infinite... values shift... to that which has 'depth'.

When the 'depth of field' shifts... meaning takes on 'deeper meaning'.

Only the infinite... has infinite 'depth of field'.


In the end it's all about 'depth of field'... 'seeing' is about 'depth of field'.


'Seeing' puts every thing... in proper perspective.

When an individual has a 'view'... it feels like you have everything you need... but you still have 'needs'.

When a society has 'depth of field'... there will be no need for fighting... because everyone will have  everything they need... because 'paying forward' will be common sense.


When society has 'depth of field'... everything will be 'different'.


Depth of field

'Depth of field' is the depth of vision of the inner 'eye' of awareness.

When an individual view has 'depth of field'... the gaze is virtually infinite... but not all is 'seen'.

When a view has 'depth of field'... all that needs to be known is known when it's needed... but not all that can be known is known.

When a view is 'virtually infinite'... attention is 'reaching out' to infinity... but doesn't reach 'to' infinity.

Infinite means no end... it's endless... so it's endlessly rewarding.

The more infinite regression is practiced the greater the 'depth of field'.

The more the letting go... the greater the 'depth of field'.


'Depth of field' is an extension of awareness.

'Depth of field' is an extension of awareness from the individual toward the infinite.

'Depth of field' is an extension of the 'eye' of awareness... it's the opening of the individual focal point of awareness toward the infinite.

'Depth of field' is a natural 'extension' of awareness of awareness.

'Depth of Field' is an infinite 'regression' that results in an infinite 'extension'.

'Depth of field' allows us to 'see through' the illusion of 'separation'... by seeing beyond it.



'Depth of field'... is unified vision.   It's 'seeing' the outer as 'in'... and infinite.

The greater the 'depth of field'... the greater the 'view'.

The greater the 'depth of field'... the more we value that which has 'depth'.

The greater the 'depth of field'... the 'deeper' the meaning.

The greater the 'depth of field'... the more we go 'in'... by extending awareness 'out'.

When society can extend the 'depth of field'... we'll all be able to 'see' past our noses.


When you can extend your 'depth of field' far enough... even paradox itself is no longer a paradox...

When you can extend your 'depth of field' far enough... there is only "One" individual... and its will be done...



NOTE: Implosion of attention leads to an 'extension' of attention.

That's a paradox.

Depth of Field is an implosion of inner attention that leads to an extension (explosion) of inner attention outward in all directions... simultaneously.  IE: an implosion that leads to an 'explosion' of awareness... outward.

In science, implosion is theorized to lead to explosion... Depth of Field is 'inner science'... come to life.


What is the 'impersonal'?

It's aware

It exists

It's intuitive... so it's capable of being 'informed'

It's individual (at first)... and non-local... so it's 'paradoxical'

It's capable of 'co-existing' with a fully human experience

It's continuous... in phenomenal time... but it has no past or future

It's 'detached'... from 'personal existence'... so it has its own 'existence'... 'outside' of personal experience

It's impartial

It's un-percieved when it's attention is absorbed in the 'personal'... so it's capable of losing a sense of its 'Self'

But it 'knows'... when it 'sees' it's Self... so it's capable of 'knowing' its 'Self.


The 'transpersonal' is the 'impersonal'.   Everything else is the 'personal'.

The Nexus between the 'impersonal' and the 'personal' is called... the 'individual'.

The 'impersonal' is that which is 'other' than the 'personal'.


Waking Up

'Waking up' is just the acceptance that there is no 'person'.   When you 'know' this - without a doubt - that's called 'waking up'.   'Waking up' is knowing - in the foreground - that there is no 'person'... as we go about our business'.   So our 'personal' business recedes into the background as this 'knowing' arises in the foreground.  'Waking up' is an acceptance of this knowledge as the new 'primary working assumption'... as we go about our business.

'Waking up' is not a 'drama'... only the 'person' is dramatic.   

So 'waking up' is a 'seemless' event... it's 'transparent' to ordinary life.  It's a 'matter of fact'  acceptance of the new working assumption.

'Waking up' is an important recognition on the path to Self Recognition... but it's not the same as Self Recognition.

Waking up is a fully human existence... there's just no 'person' involved.

'Waking up' is 'honoring' the 'personal'... without 'pandering' to it... because you 'know better'.

'Waking up' is a relief'... it's slightly 'liberating'.   

'Waking up' is 'being in the world'... but in a 'different' way.

Waking up is waking up to the 'emptiness' of 'no me'... because the 'person' was the 'box'.


Waking up is not just something that 'happens'.   It can be practiced.

Waking up can be 'practiced'... by practicing acceptance of the 'new working assumption'.

NOTE: This new working assumption is based on 'knowing understanding'... rather than an unquestioned belief.

Big difference.


NOTE: When we spontaneously wake up it can be accompanied by Self Recognition, being 'where you are as well as where you look'... Depth of Field or other aspects of awareness.   So just be advised that if you spontaneously wake up there may be two or three things going on simultaneously which can make for difficulty in sorting it all out.  So practice makes these 'aspects' of awareness more familiar and thus easier to sort out which raises confidence in the seekers mind as to whats going on.

When we wake up we wake up to the fact that we're asleep.  We then realize that we are 'responsible' for our own sleep... so waking up is taking responsibility for our own sleep.  So when you wake up you wake up to your own being... which was asleep to it's own Self.  

NOTE: There are two aspects to waking up and that has to do with how we see ourselves... as well as 'others' because attention is 'divided' into inner and outer attention.  Thus we are 'of two minds' on this, so to speak... so we need to address both, simultaneously.  To see how there can't be a 'person' see the seven brief sections below (in the Footnotesfrom 'How to deconstruct an assumption' through 'Metanoia'.     See also... The Gnostic Gurdjieff

NOTE: If you're looking for reality... unrealistic assumptions are a good place to start.



Forgiveness is 'seeing' when 'others' are convinced they are 'persons'... without knowing any better.

Forgiveness is 'seeing' when you are convinced you are a 'person'... even if you know better.


What is 'seeing through' the 'person'?

When you are able to 'see' through the 'person' in the background to the impersonal in the foreground that's called 'seeing' through the 'personal'.

 As the impersonal arises in the foreground identification with the personal 'recedes' into the background.   That which is in the foreground is more compelling so it takes more of our inner attention.  Thus that which is in the background is less compelling... so it gets less of our inner attention.   We 'primarily' identify with that which we pay primary inner attention to... thus we 'see through' that which is in the background because our attention doesn't 'land' there... because  that which is in the foreground draws our attention beyond it... and thus 'through' it.

Thus we 'see through' that which is in the background of the mind... with inner attention.

Since the impersonal 'knows'... and the personal 'believes'... our belief in the 'person' and the 'personal' as our selves becomes secondary to knowing... as knowing is more reassuring.  Thus we 'see through' belief... we 'see through' the 'person' and the 'personal'... while being reassured by this 'knowing' in the foreground.   This 'knowing' is the result of the new working assumption.

Self Recognition

Self Recognition is primarily knowing, and thus 'recognizing' ones Self... in the 'foreground'...  while honoring that which 'operates' in the background.   (the opposite is primarily believing in that which we believe... while that which knows is ignored in the background)

That which knows its Self in the foreground is outside of time, thus it has no conflict with that which operates in time... in the background of our experience.   

When you 'know' your Self in the foreground, while honoring the 'personal' in the background... that's called 'Self Recognition'... or 'being in the world... but no of it'.


'Seeing Being' or 'Seeing' your Self

 Seeing the Self is all about the ability to not only distinguish this 'inner attention' but to direct it as well... at will.  One very powerful and immediate way to have a direct experience of 'seeing' undefined being is to direct inner attention onto outer attention.   Outer attention is an aspect of being... so placing inner attention on outer attention is placing attention on being... undefined being.   Inner and Outer attention are aspects of the Self that are 'looking' in opposite (IE: 'separate') directions.   So inner attention on outer attention is just 'you' placing attention on 'you'.  Thoughts still happen... the ego still functions... but 'you' are that which is paying attention to it all.   Once you get the hang of this it's power is quite obvious and eventually it can lead to glimpses of what's known as the 'Self'... at which point it will occur to you that this undefined attention is 'you'.   Once you 'see' that... that should get your attention.   It's just 'being seeing being' or 'you' looking at 'you' with inner attention.  It is experienced as Self Recognition.   'You' recognize 'you'.   That's how you know its 'you'.   That's why it's described as 'closer than close'.

This recognition of 'you' as formless and undefined attention should come as a slight surprise at first (even if you know better) until you become more familiar with it.   Familiarity comes with practice so the more you practice this the less surprising it will be... and the longer these 'glimpses' will last.   Eventually at some point there will arise spontaneous episodes where you'll just open your eyes in the morning and 'there you are'... without any efforting on your part.   Then 'you' will be 'implied' in the 'seeing'... IE: 'you will be 'implied' by just the act of 'seeing'.    It will be obvious.

So if you remind yourself that to find your Self... all you need to do is place your attention on your Self... then you'll know just where to 'look'... because it's literally right in front of your eyes.

It's what is referred to as 'seeing the seer'.   

And it's not "the" Self - it's not an object... it's your 'Self'... so it's 'you'.

It's 'seeing you'... while 'being you'.

It's 'seeing' your Self... while 'being' your Self.

That's a 'paradox'.   Because you 'are' where you 'are'... and you 'are' where you 'look'.

When you 'are' where you 'are' and you 'are' where you 'look'... you're 'looking at your 'Self' from both sides... now'.


'Seeing' is 'being'

'Seeing' is 'being'.   So 'seeing' and 'being' are synonymous... they happen simultaneously

 'Seeing' being as 'you'... is recognizing being... as 'you'.


Attention that is 'separated' is capable of identifying with that which it places it's attention 'on'.


PRACTICE NOTE: The practice of unseparated attention is exponentially more powerful if one practices 'waking up' beforehand... because with less attention on the 'person' and the 'personal' there is more inner attention to place on outer attention.   IE: the practice is exponentially more powerful if there is no 'person' involved.


The 'simplist' way to practice is to just 'contemplate' outer attention... 'as if it 'might' be you'.   Contemplation is a function of the 'back of the mind'... IE inner attention.  So 'contemplating' outer attention with inner attention is a rudimentary form of 'un-separated' attention.  It's experienced as a heightened intuitive state of 'presence'... and of course that 'presence' is just the hint of the 'presence of you'.



Separation is just the 'perception' of separation.

The 'perception' of separation is what happens... when attention is 'separated'.

Yoga (Union) is the 'union' of 'opposites'.

Yoga (Union) is what happens when attention is 'unified'.

Yoga (Union) is the  'union' of attention that is 'looking' in opposite directions.

The 'yoga of attention'... is the 'unification' of inner and outer attention.



Unity... is the 'unification' of attention... that is 'looking' in 'opposite' directions.


And Will...

'Un-separated' attention... is an act of will.

 Focus is required because being is the hardest 'thing' to 'see'.   We don't 'see' it because it's what we 'see' with'... IE: outer attention.   So the only 'thing' left to 'see' it with is inner attention.   Inner attention on outer attention is called... 'un-separated Attention'.   And it leads to Self Recognition.   You 'recognize' yourself.

 In order to be able to distinguish inner attention the first step is to learn to turn inner attention 'in'.   Then, once inner attention is easily recognizable it can be quickly distinguished and directed at will... either 'inward' in the direction of its infinite source... or onto outer attention... IE:  your Self.   

 Once you recognize 'you' as your Self... the rest is just a matter of practice.

Attachment is just attachment of inner attention onto inner distractions.   Inner attention turned 'in' breaks attachments to distractions so it can be re-directed at will... either 'in'... or onto ones own Self.


On Meditation and the Yoga of Inner Attention

Authors note as of 9/31/15: I have added a piece at the very bottom of this page on how to meditate with inner and outer attention simultaneously that will enhance this practice of inner attention on outer attention as well as enhance your ability to practice mantra meditation and (possibly) 'following the breath' type meditations successfully.


The 'Doer'

Eventually the 'Self Recognized' individual realizes that they are 'that' which pays attention to 'that' which is 'doing'.  Once you know where to look, the rest is a matter of being willing to 'be' less than you thought you were.  IE: less than 'that' which is 'doing'.   Doing still gets done... but there is now less and less attachment to being the 'doer'.   

The ego then is seen as the operating system of the 'doer'.

The personality then is seen as a unique individual expression that runs 'on' the operating system of the 'doer'.

'That' which 'does'... does so whether we like it or not.

Adventure is going along with the 'doer'... while it 'does' what it 'does'... because being is 'interested' in how it turns out.

So 'Self Recognition' liberates being from the 'doer'... and liberates the 'doer' to do what it came here to 'do'.


NOTE: Being the 'doer' is seen as 'optional' as 'doing' still gets done... without  being the 'doer'.


Being has no bone to pick with the 'doer'... because it's aware of what's going on. 

The assumption of a 'person' keeps being out of the 'loop'.

Being out of the 'loop' opens the door to 'imaginings'... as to what's going on.


The ego didn't make 'me' do it.

NOTE: The 'biggest' difference between the 'Self' and the 'One Self' is that the 'Self' needs to be informed by the 'One'... and not the other way around.   Thus the 'One' knows better.


So the ego 'didn't make 'me' do it' because there is no personal 'me' to 'do' anything.  Thus the ego is the operating system of the 'doer'... and a being that is paying attention... has no 'beef' with that.

A 'free' will does not mean a fully 'independent' will.   A fully independent will would be completely free of influences which is not desirable.  That would truly be separation... forever 'free' of connection to 'that' which 'knows better'.  'Free' will is will that is 'free' of personal attachments... thus it's 'free' to be influenced (informed) by that which knows what to 'do'.

That's a 'good' thing.  'Free' will is a good thing.   It's good to be informed by that which knows while going about our business.   It's a 'step up' from willfulness... and a 'step' closer to reality... IE: a 'step' in the right direction.

'Free' will is intuitively informed individual will.  Thus so called 'free' will needs something to inform it... thus it is not 'free' of influences.   Willfulness is will that is solely informed by outer influences (the 'fog' of consciousness).   'Free' will is will that is also informed by 'inner' influences (intuition).   Thus we are never 'free' of influences... thus the path is the path from sole reliance on 'outer' influences to ever greater reliance on 'inner' influences.  But we are never completely 'free' of influences.   We are always being 'guided' by 'influences'.    So the choice between willfulness and 'free' will is the choice between outer influences and inner influences... on an on-going basis.

 So 'free' will is actually the appearance of 'free' will... that's in our 'best' interest to go along with... such as we are... until we 'know better'.   'Free' will is will that is informed by 'that' which 'knows better'... thus the individual is no longer creating unnecessary willful 'self' created problems that only compound their dilemma.  Instead, 'free' will allows them to become part of the 'answer'... for themselves as well as 'others'.

The difference between 'free' will and willfulness is the choice between operating solely from outer influences... IE: the 'fog' of consciousness (the 'cloud')... or primarily from inner influences... IE: the 'inner Sun'... so to speak.   The difference between willfulness and 'free' will is the difference between being part of the problem or being part of the answer.

When you can manifest 'free' will you are aligning your  will with the will of the 'doer'... which is in our best interest... because it 'knows better'... thus life goes more 'smoothly'... because it puts one in a better position to 'do' what's in our best interest.  Willfulness is a resistance to the reality of 'free' will and thus is a perpetuation of the will of the 'know it all' person'... which has the inevitable and predictable consequences.

Big difference...


One direction

NOTE: Contemplating outer attention with inner attention is just 'looking' in one direction.

'Looking in one direction is a practice that can be practiced.


Where am I

'Where am I'... is a question.   The answer is... literally... 'right in front of your eyes'... because you 'are' where you 'are... and you 'are' where you 'look'.

That's a paradox.


'Where am I'... requires a focus of attention.  'Where am I' takes the mind 'off the mind'... and places it on 'attention'.

Knowing 'where am I' eliminates the need for a search in the mind... and narrows it down to a direction... of attention.

When you know where 'you' are... the rest is a matter of directing attention... and the mind just is.

Directing attention is an act of will.   The mind has a 'will' of its own.

When you know where 'you' are... the rest is just a reminder to 'look'.

'Where am I'... is a reminder... to just look.


Asking 'where am I'... keeps the answer 'front and center'... and 'outside' the mind.

Asking 'where am I'... is a reminder to move inner attention off the 'problem'... in the 'back of the mind' of 'Plato's Cave'...

and to just look... 'beyond the mind'... literally.


NOTE: You can't 'find' something until you place your attention on it.


Focus is required because 'being' is the hardest 'thing' to 'see'.

The 'mind' by nature... is out of 'focus'.   Only attention can be 'focused'.

Searching the mind for 'you' is a distraction of attention.   Searching for 'you' with inner attention... requires a 'focus' of attention.

Inner attention on outer attention... is going 'beyond the mind'

Separation of attention is 'pulling the wool over your eyes'.


Knowing 'where' you are takes all the mystery out of it.   Mystery creates doubt... knowledge puts the doubter in its proper place.


NOTE: When you 'are' where you 'are' and you 'are' where you 'look' you 'are' present... and accounted for.


Being... the 'seer'

When 'being' is 'looking' in 'separate' directions... that's called 'separation'.

'Unity' is what's experienced when attention is 'unified'.

Contemplating outer attention with inner attention is turning your 'back' on the 'back' of the mind.

Contemplating outer attention with inner attention is 'mind-full-ness'.

When you know where you are... you're 'present'.


Contemplating outer attention with inner attention can lead to the 'realization' that 'I am 'that' which 'sees'...

IE: 'I am' the 'seer'.

When you are 'that' which 'sees'... you're 'every-where' you look.

When 'you' are everywhere you look... that's called... 'being the seer'.


NOTE: You could say that when you know how to 'see' your Self you've solved 92% of the problem.   

The 'rest' is a matter of willingness.


It makes sense... it's 'simple'.



The correlation of the 'quantum' realm and the mind 'begins' with an'understanding' of paradox... but it 'ends' with 'Depth of Field'.   

IE: Depth of Field... is the real 'Deep Mind'.

If 'Depth of Field' is the real 'Deep Mind' then there is no such 'thing' as a 'Planck Length' in the mind.   If there is no such 'thing' as a 'Planck Length' in the mind then there is no such 'thing' as a 'quantum' of consciousness... so to speak.


On Reading the blog

Reading this blog is an act of will that takes attention, focus and intention... that builds will.   Thus reading the blog helps to build these qualities... because it requires them.   Thus reading the blog helps to build those qualities it describes... so the more it is read the more those qualities become recognizable by the individual... and thus the more they are valued for how they help to build our individuality.


'X' marks the 'spot'

The X is the symbol of balance and Self Recognition.  It symbolizes 'inner attention' on 'outer attention'.

The bottom of the X represents inner attention.   The top half of the X represents outer attention.    So it is a literal representation of the practice of the yoga (union) of 'opposites'... or inner attention on outer attention...

 IE: the union (yoga) of attention.

As such it is a 'dharma bell'... as well as an instruction.  

It is a symbol of the practice... and a symbol of the preservation of the practice... in 'time'.  So it's a literal reminder to practice... as well as a reminder of how to practice.  It's literally showing you how to practice.  Like a 'Treasure map' to 'you'.

So... 'X' marks the 'spot'.

Thus the 'X' has multiple enfolded meanings.

Recalling the X in our minds as a reminder of how to practice is a 'dharma bell'... and a practice... if we choose to practice it.

(See also the section called... Meditation and the yoga of attention at the end of this page)


Note: For a different perspective on the esoteric meanings of the X see Scott Wolter's book 'The Hooked X'at... http://www.hookedx.com/


The 'path is only a 92% solution

Note: The spiritual path is only a 92% solution because eventually you find your self on a road.   Paths are sometimes hard to follow.   Roads are easier to 'travel' on.   Paths meander to who knows where.  Roads take you directly to a known destination.   Once you're beyond 92% of the way down the path you're on a road whether you know it or not.   Once you're on the road the rest is up to 'you'... and something 'else'.

It's a paradox.

Happiness is a result of detachment.  Joy is a function of total detachment or 3rd party detachment (the witness).   Bliss is a function of 'Depth of Field'.   Depth of Field is all about inner attention.

So detachment is a function of focus, will and practice.  No focus, will and practice... no happiness, joy or bliss.  Thus all things are possible with focus, will and practice.


Loyalty lies where our inner attention 'falls'.

All spiritual practice, in the end, is about inner attention.  Especially near the end.


Practice NOTE:

In general... anytime you find your inner attention turned 'in'... it can be re-directed 'out'... onto outer attention.   Thus for the experienced practitioner Self Recognition is just a glance away.  This is an act of will... thus it takes will to 'see' ones Self.

See also the section called 'Depth of Field and the 3rd eye of the Pineal Gland' in the Footnotes at the end of the blog.

See... The 'Law' of Spiritual Practice


The Second 'Stepping Backwards'

NOTE:  You have to become an individual before you can be 'One'.   It's the 'pill' we all have to swallow.   Attempting to become 'One' before becoming an individual leads to inflation of the 'self' at the expense of the 'Self'.


It's possible to 'see' the way 'forward' from 'here'... and still not be totally qualified.

Just because level issues are an illusion doesn't mean we don't have to deal with them.

When we're dealing with magic... we have to take magic seriously... because magic is serious business.

Anything that can fool being into believing it's a 'person'... is a serious business.

Failure to take magic seriously... leads to problems with progress.


The advantage of the 'view' - it 'sets the table'

The advantage of the 'view' is that it gives us a way 'in'... a way to turn our inner attention 'in'.   Once we do that we're instantly informed by impersonal understanding that validates the view and the practice... simultaneously.

This impersonal 'understanding' comes with an understanding of the nature of the problem... and the answer... simultaneously.   That's how you know you 'understand'... because only impersonal understanding understands completely.   We 'see' through the problem... while intuitively understanding the answer... because we're seeing through the 'person' while recognizing that our own being is the answer.   So life is no longer a 'dilemma'... we 'understand'.   The problem was complete focus on the 'person' (attachment)... and the answer is inner attention on'being'...(IE: detachment).

It's simple.

We are living, for all practical purposes, with what amounts to an impression of a 'person' that is 'fed' with inner attention'.  The 'answer' is to turn inner attention 'in'.   

Turning the mind 'in' while maintaining an impersonal perspective... is 'setting the table'... by breaking attachment to the 'person' while growing the connection to 'being'...

but... now you know the way 'forward'.   Knowing the way forward takes all the 'mystery' out of it.   Mystery creates doubt.   Knowledge puts the 'doubter' in its proper place.

Knowledge of ones being... and knowledge of the way 'forward' takes the pressure off of having to be 'awake' or 'Self Recognized'... so it can then happen naturally... organically... with practice... with a minimum of self induced problems with progress (IE:unnecessary distractions)... while breaking attachments to the 'person' within... so it works on multiple levels... simultaneously.

All individuals have to deal with problems... but 'problems with progress' are 'self induced' problems... so when you understand the 'problem' as well as the 'answer' you can move 'forward' in a more reliable and consistent manner... with fewer  unnecessary 'self' induced 'problems with progress' that come with the craving for transcendence... because now you're no longer your 'own worst enemy'...

because individuals are their own best 'friend'... and a friend of society... because individuals are guided by innate conscience... rather than the unpredictable underconscious... so they 'know better'... than to be their own worst enemy.

NOTE: True progress is made by spotting mistakes and then having the free will to choose differently.

So individuals are capable of acting for the good of others... as well as for their own highest good.  
 Individuals use 'Self' imposed discipline for their own highest good... as well as the highest good of those around them.    They are 'paying forward' through what they do... as well as what they don't do.

Individuals make good 'citi-zens'.  'Persons'... are problematic.

NOTE: 'Mindfullness' is just 'minding your own inner business'... as you go about your business.

 Individuals know how to 'mind their own business' (IE inner business) as they 'go about their business'.  

 Separation is not a dilemma for individuals... it's a 'workable situation'... so they are not stymied by separation... they 'work' it.

So... when you see through the 'person' and are aware of your own individual being you've 'set the table' for the rest of the path... you're an independent spiritual practitioner... you're 'stand alone connected'.

you're 'good to go'.


NOTE: Individuals are their own 'best friend' because their being has no 'opposite' to struggle with... and their 'person' knows its 'place'.


The ego is the scapegoat of the 'person'

The ego is the scapegoat of the 'person'.  Once we 'see' that, we realize the 'self' defeating game that is being played at our expense... IE the expense of our individuality or 'Self'.   The problem is that once we 'see' that we have nothing to blame for our dilemma anymore... so we have to take complete responsibility for our own progress.   But it also holds the possibility of a perceptual breakthrough... IE a 'change in perception'... of the 'person' and our 'Self'... by putting it all in its 'proper place'... in relation to 'us'... as individuals.

It also means that our spiritual progress is up to 'us'... as 'independent' individuals.  (IE  'independent' of the ego and the 'person')  We have no more excuses.   It's all up to us now... as it always was... because no one was ever going to 'do' it for us.   Responsibility for our own spiritual progress is... liberating.   And it begins with cutting off the blame game at its source... because the ego is just the operating system of the human experience... not the 'person'.   It's the cynical  'person' that is the issue... not the ego... which is a neutral 'thing'.   Thus we can be fooled.  

It also holds the possibility of mental detachment from the 'person' as we begin to be more 'leery' of it... more 'suspicious' of it.  And that is a good thing because as we lose our faith in the 'person' (and its agenda) we gain trust in our being... and the intuition that 'informs' it.   This is done through a natural shift in inner attention.  Thus our intuitively informed being has the potential to become the 'adult supervision' of the 'person'... which puts the 'person' in its 'proper place'... where we can 'see' it's game for what it is... thus it's harder to 'fool' us.

 When the 'person' and the ego are in their 'proper place' we see 'others' in a different light as well... so we're no longer 'fooled' by them as well.  We 'understand' them now.  Thus the correct view liberates us from our own foolishness as well as the foolishness of 'others'... until we 'all' know better.    

Thus we are what the blog refers to as... nobody's 'fool'.

Being 'nobody's fool' is what is known as... 'right-minded'.

Foolishness does not mean that individuals are 'fools'... just that they can be 'fooled'.  Foolishness indicates that a 'mistake' has been made.   An 'understandable' mistake, given the circumstances.   

Being 'fooled' is what's known as...'wrong-minded'.


When the 'person' is in its 'proper place' the ego becomes a tool for the individual... to 'do' whatever it is we do... whatever it is we came here to 'do'.

When you are 'doing' whatever is is you came here to 'do'... you're no longer 'doing' what the 'person' would have you do.

NOTE: When you lose faith in the 'person' your 'loyalty' to it begins to erode.   As your 'loyalty' to the 'person' erodes, loyalty to ones 'Self' increases.   This manifests as a shift in inner attention because we now have somewhere 'else' to shift it to... IE your 'Self'.   This ability to choose to shift ones inner attention is the onset of 'free will'.   

Free will begins with the freedom to choose where to place our inner attention.   

This leads to a condition known as... 'sanity'.


NOTE: The irony is that as the impersonal 'personality' is liberated from the 'person' it begins to flourish.  Go figure.  



Living with a 'person' (within) is like living with a random and unpredictable "other" (within) that is fed with inner attention.   Recognition of the random, automatic and contradictory nature of this "other"... and the desire for the certainty of our inner reality 'within'... is the motivation to turn our inner attention 'in'... or to place it on the 'Self'.

Once you 'see' how unsatisfactory the contradictory 'nature' of the underconscious is your Loyalty shifts.  Nothing dissolves Loyalty like 'seeing' the contradictory nature of the underconscious for what it is.  This can motivate the individual to 'see' through the contradictions to a single unified view of the Self which is the goal or the 'fruit', of all meditation... a view that 'see's through'  contradictions.   This view is the result of a focus of inner attention which allows individuals to choose to 'see' through contradictions to that which is free of contradictions.

'Contradictions' are the antithesis of 'unity'.

The contradictory nature of the underconscious or 'person' is designed to keep the individual off balance... to keep the individual guessing.  Guessing creates uncertainty... and doubt.   Knowledge puts the doubter in its proper place. 

 'Randomness' creates 'powerlessness'.   Powerlessness is perpetuated by a lack of focus. 

  And no 'focus'... no 'purpose'...

because all 'purpose' has a trans-personal aspect to it... because its motivation comes from 'beyond the person'.   So all 'purpose' is 'bigger' than the 'person'.

 So when attention shifts... loyalty shifts with it and eventually our identification shifts... and then the 'spell' is broken.   When the 'spell' is broken the individual begins to 'see' the world the way it really is.

Loyalty lies... where inner attention falls.  

Loyalty to that which depends on 'Magic'... makes 'fools' of us all.

As long as you're loyal to it you'll be identified with it... and you'll pay attention to 'it'... and you'll be 'fooled' by it.

So then the only question is... are we loyal to our own individuality... or are we loyal to that which relies on 'Magic' to get our attention?

The answer has the power to shift our attention... to 'that' which has a purpose... and it will be obvious.  Once attention shifts then the rest is a workable situation.

So... are we loyal to to our own individuality or are we loyal to that which is out to distract us?


NOTE: Seeing 'through' something is seeing 'past' something.  Only focused attention allows us to see 'past' something... to something else.


So the next time your outside at night, look up at the sky... but not at the stars.  Look at the space between them... and know that it is infinite space... and then just allow the mind to ponder that... to 'imagine' that... to imagine infinity... and then you'll 'see' that infinity is the nature of space... in any direction.  And as you allow your mind to ponder... to 'imagine' this infinite space... you'll see it doesn't land in any one place... that it just goes on and on and on... into infinity... 

And as you allow the mind to ponder that long enough, pretty soon your experience of 'reality' will begin to shift... and soon you'll see that your view of the mind takes on a whole new meaning and on and on and on... until there are no more beginnings or endings and you just are.

Merry Existence!


"May we all enjoy the view...
from our human but impersonal ‘you'.
Big Apple to Katmandu!... may the Hunab Ku renew."

from 'Who Needs the Higgs'

This Blog is a spiritual practice in writing.  The author makes no claims of any 'spiritual attainments'.   The practice of 'infinite regression' described in this blog may have it's rationale in a modern world view but it is the authors belief that there is an ancient equivalent.  Inquiries have been made into this topic but so far have not met with any success... but that does not mean that the practice is not out there in some form in some ancient esoteric tradition.

  To get the most from what this blog says it is best digested from 'top to bottom'.   If the reader attempts to skip around or over passages the first time through it will not have an impact as each section in itself is not going to impress the individual in isolation or when read out of sequence.  If the blog has any value it's in the 'view' it presents... and that 'view' extends... so to speak... as the blog proceeds from top to bottom.

NOTE: Even if posts are not added on a given day to the end of this blog there may still be tweaks to the language inside or new lines added to the existing text.  

When all else fails... make being a 'distraction'... and see what happens.



On Technology

"They reckon ill who leave me out;
When me they fly, I am the wings;
I am the doubter and the doubt,
and I the hymn the Brahmin sings."

From Emerson's "Brahma"

Atman vs Brahman

The 'biggest' difference between the 'Self' and the 'One Self' is that the 'Self' needs to be informed by the 'One'... and not the other way around.   Thus the 'One' knows better.

If the individual being is Atman... then the 'continuously unknowable'... from our perspective... is Brahman.

Brahman fully understands' Atman... and not the other way around... because the perspective of Atman is limited.  Brahman 'knows 'better'... because it 'sees' the Big Picture.

Atman is a function of a limited perspective... and not separation from Brahman.

Atman is an individual 'function' of Brahman.   Thus Atman is a paradox.

Atman... is a workable situation... when it's informed by that which 'knows better'.


In the first 10 years of the Internet browser boom technology was a tremendous vehicle for independent thought and an accelerator (and time saver) for a seeker that was looking to investigate esoteric teachings online.   However, with the emergence of omnipresent wireless technology (along with the ubiquitous 'personal' amplifier of social media) the pendulum has begun to swing in the opposite direction.    In fact, technology has become such a huge and omni-present (and 'personalized') distraction that most struggle to put it in proper perspective... IE: its 'proper place'.   Unfortunately, without this 'proper perspective' it now has the power to overwhelm  and 'absorb' the seeker (at the expense of the 'Self') thus nullifying the gains one might have made up to now... and possibly even reversing them.   IE: technology has gone from  being predominantly an ally of the individual to being predominantly a facilitator of a hyper-personalized 'matrix'.  This is in line with the nature of a world based on 'opposites' and is not unexpected.   Thus technology has now become a serious power... with serious karmic implications for every individual.   Thus the contemplation of its nature as well as its implications needs at least some of our attention.   

Unfortunately this  situation will only become more serious as so called 'quantum computing' comes on line, in conjunction with virtual reality and artificial intelligence in the very near future.   All this taken together makes the commitment to actual reality even more of an imperative... and perhaps even out of reach... if we're not vigilant and aware.

Fortunately there are parallels in technology to the human condition that, when 'seen' for what they are,  can help us in putting it in its 'place'.   In fact, they may even be helpful in our eventual 'understanding'.

Technology (like the 'person') is a double edge sword.   Until you 'understand' the nature of 'persons' as opposed to the nature of 'individuals'... you'll never understand technology.

So it helps if you see that technology is not an end in itself but a message from ourselves, to ourselves, about ourselves.  IE: Technology is a manifestation of a psychological phenomena.  Once seen in that light... it changes our 'whole' outlook on it.


NOTE: You can't take a 'selfie'... of the 'Self'.


Authors UPDATE 5-29-14

There is an article published on WIRED.com ( at... http://www.wired.com/2014/0...  ) that talks about a quantum computer made by a company called D-Wave that interprets magnetic fields (waves) that are traveling around circular loops... in opposite directions, simultaneously (a form of computer generated 'cognitive dissonance' perhaps?).... and a paradoxical phenomenon that is similar to the waves that inspired this blog.  Furthermore, these currents appear to be entangled via the 'quantum tunnel' effect with other loops of current.   This is whats known as so called 'quantum' computing and its used to solve highly complex problems in ways that conventional computers struggle with, at times.   I had previously made some comments (IE 'personal' opinions) on a blog by Scott Aaronson about how I was skeptical of the concept of quantum computing as I was of the 'opinion' that it would only produce random answers.  In the case of the D Wave, though, it appears that they are getting actual realistic results - at times - apart from the random answers.  As such, I have to restate my earlier position somewhat in that while the random answers are one thing... the actual good answers are something else..

That 'something else' that the D Wave computer is doing (I suspect) is what Doug Matzke would refer to as 'paradoxical computing'. as the results are based on paradoxical waves or fields... similar to what inspired this blog.   They are paradoxical because the computer can come up with two 'opposite' answers simultaneously. 

That's a paradox.

A 'real time' paradox.  Or what's otherwise known in physics as a 'superposition'.

This blog is about paradox.   It's about a 'superposition' in the mind.

Knowledge of these simultaneously opposite traveling waves is helpful in understanding how the 'fog of consciousness' that the blog describes is literally tied to the 'noise' in the brain and how we are all essentially 'operating from the cloud'.

For a deeper look at this issue see a 2011 Reality Sandwich article, written by this author,  linked here...  http://realitysandwich.com/102934/where_time/  This view was leading edge in 2011 when  that piece was written but it was validated in the summer of 2014 by a UC Davis study about noise in the brain and 'free' will (article about the study linked here).   It is a very brief piece that covers just the salient points in the study so its a quick and simple read.   It leaves open a possibility about 'free' will that is similar to the conclusion of the blog (in the end) but does not go into the mental and spiritual progressions that lead up to that recognition on the part of the individual... or the deeper spiritual implications of such that are contemplated in the blog from the standpoint of detached awareness itself... which is the only viewpoint on this subject that is not attached to any outcome... and thus well worth investigating if the individual is serious about getting to the 'bottom' of this all important subject... as this is the one and only issue that gets to the 'bottom' of everything... in the end.

That article and its view of the brain, as well as Gurdjieff's view of 'free will'  (and how everything is 'just happening') was validated recently by Deepak Chopra (and a recently revived scientific theory of how the brain interacts with the 'mind at large' or Akashic Record) in a July 14, 2017 television episode linked here and titled... The Akashic Record


NOTE: The perception of paradox is transcending the contradictions of duality

 Simultaneously opposite traveling (paradoxical) magnetic fields are an indication of simultaneously paradoxical arising and subsiding electrical fields as well... such as the waves described in the 'Who Needs the Higgs' article linked in the Core above.   After all... in a world of 'duality' it just makes sense that waves are composed of waves traveling in 'dual' (opposite) directions... simultaneously.   

IE: contradictions are what makes the 'world' go round.

Thus duality is not just how we perceive... it's the nature of 'things'.    Thus it's easier to be aware if your perception is compatible with the nature of things.

Thus if you want to understand your 'Self' then it helps to understand the progression from the contradictions of duality... to the paradoxical view of 'trinities'... to the view of the 'one' with no 'problems'.

Thus the savvy individual honors their automatic 'personal' identification and participation in the world... while 'primarily' identifying with awareness or being.   That's no longer a contradiction... that's a paradox... because they 'understand' now... because they are 'operating' on multiple levels simultaneously.


 Authors NOTE: 2/9/16 

Crazy Wisdom of the D Wave quantum computer

"Nothing is invented, for it's written in nature first"      Antoni Gaudi

If the D Wave computer is creating a form of computer generated 'cognitive dissonance' than are its eventual 'answers' a sort of computer generated simulacrum of an intuitive (so called 'quantum') insight?

If so... is the D Wave a sort of 'crazy wisdom' computer?   One that operates on multiple levels simultaneously? 

IE: is it mimicking a 'koan'? 

IE: is it mimicking what Gaudi would say, is an aspect of our 'nature'.

If you consider that waves are information... and waves traveling in opposite directions simultaneously are essentially contradictory information (a contradiction) to a computer, then perhaps it is.   If so, then that should get our attention.


The programmable 'person' and its relationship to Technology

NOTE: The problem with letting computers do your thinking for you... is that you forget how to think for your 'Self'.

 If the 'person' is an 'impersonation' of the individual (as the airplane was an impersonation of the birds)... and the 'computer is an impersonation of the 'person'... then the 'trans-human' is an 'impersonation'... of the 'trans-personal'.

 So... if the 'person' is an 'impersonation' of the individual... and the 'computer is an impersonation of the 'person'... and the 'trans-human' is an 'impersonation' of the 'trans-personal'... then the 'cloud' is an 'impersonation' of the 'collective unconscious'... and the cell phone video camera is an 'impersonation' of the detached 'observer'... and a substitute for 'self' observation.

And if the 'cloud' is an impersonation of the 'collective unconscious'... and the cell phone video camera is an 'impersonation' of the detached 'observer' (and  a substitute for 'self' observation) then 'virtual reality' is an 'impersonation' of reality... and 'artificial intelligence' is an 'impersonation' of intelligence... and the world wide web is an impersonation of Indra's net of Birkeland currents that connect all the stars and planets (and particles?) in the universe.

it's just common sense...

And if the 'cloud' is an impersonation of the 'collective unconscious'... and the cell phone video camera is an 'impersonation' of the detached 'observer' (and  a substitute for 'self' observation) then social media is an example of (and an amplifier of) what Gurdjieff called 'considering'  (IE over-identification with the 'persona' of 'others'... at the expense of ones 'Self' Interest).

(Social Media as an amplifier of idiot compassion)

Gurdjieffs 'considering' is what's otherwise known in Buddhist circles as... 'idiot compassion'... as opposed to actual compassion (or actualized compassion) which 'actually' serves the highest interest of 'all' involved.   Gurdjieffs 'idiot' is the 'persona' we play... vs the individual that we 'are'.   So 'idiot compassion' is indulging others 'personna'... whether they are acting in their own highest 'Self' interest or not.

IE: it's giving them what they want... instead of what they need... as in validation of their 'personal' opinions instead of encouragement of their impersonal opinions or 'understanding'.


So if the 'cloud' is an impersonation of the collective unconscious then the robot is an 'impersonation' of our 'mechanical' personal destiny... devoid of true purpose... such as we are.

 So if the 'cloud' is an impersonation of the 'collective unconscious'... and 'virtual reality' is an 'impersonation' of reality... and 'artificial intelligence' is an 'impersonation' of intelligence... and the 'robot' is an 'impersonation' of our 'mechanical' personal destiny, devoid of true purpose... then 'Quantum Computing' is an 'impersonation' of an intuitively informed individual... operating on multiple levels simultaneously.

That should be a wake-up call.

The 'person' is programmable... the individual is aware of their 'personal' programming'... as well as awareness itself.   Thus they 'know better'.
 The only way to stay a step ahead of technology is to 'see' it for what it is... as a message from our 'selves'... to 'ourselves'... about our 'self'.  Otherwise the individual will be perpetually reacting to it... rather than intelligently responding to it...  IE with 'understanding'.  

 The same knowing 'understanding' that 'understands' our 'personal' self can be applied to technology... both of which we have no choice but to work with.

Same approach... same detachment... same 'understanding'.

Thus, the 'reality' of Gaudi's words... "Nothing is invented, for it's written in nature first".

IE: Gaudi was certainly 'intelligent'.

Impersonal awareness is 'informed'... but not 'programmable'.   If you wish to distance yourself from technology then impersonal awareness is the only 'way' out.

IE: Impersonal awareness is the 3rd force... the balancing force... that helps to balance the pendulum swings of technology... and the world... because unlike the pendulum swings of the world, impersonal awareness... isn't 'going anywhere'.



NOTE:  For more on Gurdjieff  see...   The Gnostic Gurdjieff  


More on technology

NOTE: All technology is an unconscious attempt to create a mirror of our robotic 'personal' predicament... as a message to our 'Self'... about our 'self'.   So technology is not necessarily an 'end' in its 'self'.  Once you 'see' that... it puts technology in its 'proper place'.

'Free will' puts technology in its 'proper place'.

The Singularity

The so called technological 'singularity' is a modern day technological impersonation of the ever-ongoing evolutionary progress towards a spiritual recognition of a 'singular Self' (Brahman).   Thus there are two singularities occurring simultaneously.  

 Its a paradox.

The technological singularity is a mistake based on a limited awareness of the role of the body-mind... and especially its subtle energy fields (mind)... in the process of spiritual evolution... and... the role of the body-mind in developing awareness of ones ultimate 'Self' (Brahman).   Thus a technological Singularity is a distraction... a 'self' created distraction.   Thus it's an inevitable 'problem with progress'.

The technological 'singularity' is an attempt to immortalize the 'person'.   Thus it's 'foolishness' taken to it's ultimate conclusion.

A 'self' created problem... is an unnecessary problem... if viewed correctly.

It's a 'self' created problem because silicon is 'seen' as a 'resistor' to the subtle energy of the body-mind... and thus a disruption to its balance... which is the facilitator of awareness.

So when you disrupt balance you interfere with awareness.  

Silicon is the antithesis... of flexibility.   Rigid 'solutions' lead to rigid thinking.  Rigid thinking promotes willfulness.   Rigid thinking is a characteristic of the 'person'.

Its just common sense.

NOTE: Rigid 'thinking' is a product of stubbornness.   Tenacity is a product of knowing.

Big difference.


The 'difference' between living in a technological or a spiritual singularity is what 'free will' and awareness are all about... in these times.

The technological singularity is a technological 'solution' to the 'problem' of 'death'.  The only 'solution' to the 'problem' with 'death'... is to seek out that which never 'dies'.

Seeking 'freedom' by taking on the characteristics of a programmable mechanical machine... is 'foolishness' taken to its ultimate conclusion... but predictable in these times.

The technological singularity is the ultimate flight from immortal 'being'... by immortalizing the 'person'... inside an inflexible machine... and thus making it 'immune' to being.

IE: it's the myth of 'Peter Pan' all over again... in a technological guise.

The yogi works to extend life in order to extend the window of opportunity to perform spiritual practices in order to minimize 'opportunities' of returning to this place.

Big difference.

In this age, the more things change the more they stay the same... by covertly avoiding true 'progress'. 

IE: we're reinventing the mistakes of the past all over again... in modern disguises.

NOTE: You can't 'upload' the soul because you need a frequency faster than the soul in order to 'sample' it.    Thus the 'soul' is eternally 'one' step ahead of the 'person' foolish enough to think they can 'capture' it.

When you know that you 'are'... then the person that needs to 'know it all'  is in its proper place... and then the individual being 'knows better' than to 'capture' that which they 'are'.


The computer is an 'impersonation' of the 'person'

NOTE:  The computer and its 'artificial intelligence' (such as a robot) is an 'impersonation' of the unconscious habit based 'person'... so the computer is the habit based 'person' that is 'robotic and willful, twice removed from being... thus twice removed from reality.  If you want to get a handle on technology... you have to address the robotic nature of the 'person'.   Making something that is twice removed from 'awareness'... the 'answer'... is foolishness twice removed from the answer.   Foolishness twice removed from the answer... is compounding the problem... instead of addressing the answer.   

The computer is an 'extension' of the 'person'.   We create that which we believe our selves to be... as a reflection of our selves... as a message to our selves.   In this case its a message about the 'robotic' personal predicament we find our 'selves' in.

So... the individual creates the 'person'... and the 'person' creates the 'personal' computer... and the 'personal' computer leads to robots and 'artificial' intelligence which 'mimics' its 'self'.

So... what does the 'robots' and their 'artificial' intelligence create?  

Humans?... to mimic its 'self'?.  To 'do' the work 'it' can't 'do'?... or doesn't want to 'do'?.

If you want to get a handle on technology you first have to get a handle on the 'person'... and then intuitively 'informed' individuals will know just what to 'do' with it.

IE: Intelligent prosthetics restore lives... but escapism is something else altogether.


Humanity is only a 'problem' from the standpoint of the 'person'.   When the 'person' is in its 'proper place'... the 'trans-human' is not even 'on the table'.

Technology will have served its 'purpose' when humanity recognizes technologies 'purpose'... in relation to humanity... and then we can all go Home.


The difference between individuals and computers

The difference between an individual and a computer is that when a computers 'life' is over it 'dies'.  When an individuals 'life' is over it doesn't 'die'... it transitions to another more subtle level of existence.

People don't come back from the afterlife raving about the 'cool' computers there.   They come back reporting on how they 'see' things from their 'proper place' now.

 And no computer has ever reported 'life'... or anything else... after its 'death'.   And they never will... because once they have 'died'... they are truly dead.

Computers are not reborn... into this life... or another.   Only individuals are.

Thus the individual will 'play on' long after computers have 'died'.

Count on it.


But... can a computer be 'intuitively informed'??

If the D-Wave computer generates two opposite 'answers' simultaneously then 'who' or 'what' is coming up with it's eventual 'answers'?... as somewhere along the line it has to make up its mind and come up with a single answer... to each 'paradoxical' conundrum.

IE: something has to 'break the ties'... so to speak.

IE: the D-Wave's hardware is only coming up with 'options'... not answers.   So 'who' or 'what' is coming up with the 'answers' to the 'options' it presents?

IE:  'Who' or 'what' is 'informing' it?... 'who' or 'what' is coming up with its answers?

Whoever it is... or whatever it is... it's intelligent.

If the D-Wave computer is being 'informed' by 'answers' to its paradoxical 'options' then is it being'informed'... outside of time?   If so, then it would be operating 'in and out' of time... at the same 'time'?

If the 'person' is an impersonation of the individual... and the computer is an impersonation of the 'person'... then the D-Wave computer is a technological simulation... of the intuitively informed individual.

It was inevitable... but will it 'know better'?    Maybe... when it 'prefers' to play 'dumb'... and 'answers' mostly in silence.

When humanity's technological 'progress' outstrips humanity's spiritual 'progress'... you could call that... the Ultimate 'problem with progress'.

IE: the Ultimate  'self' created problem'.


NOTE: Technology is an 'effect' based on the 'effect' of amplification... and the 'manipulation' of 'data'... which has the 'effect' of amplifying and manipulating the 'person' and the 'personal'... in a 'personalized' society... until we 'know better'.


Einstein's 'higher' consciousness

When Einstein said that 'no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it' he left something out.   A higher level of consciousness is not just 'consciousness'.  It requires awareness.  Consciousness is 'raised' when awareness 'expands'.   So no awareness... no 'higher' consciousness.

The difference between awareness and consciousness is that awareness is primary and consciousness is an 'effect'.   Awareness raises 'conscience'.    Consciousness has no access to conscience... because its only an 'effect'.   

So without awareness we have left the future of technology up to our consciousness of it.   We've left it up to an 'effect''... an 'effect' with no access to conscience.

Consciousness of technology will not be enough to put technology in its proper place because consciousness is informed by the senses... while awareness is informed by something 'else'... that 'knows better'.    Senses provide feedback.   Awareness informs the individual of that which 'knows' better than the senses.

IE: intuitively informed impersonal awareness is 'The Master Algorithm'


The power of 'three' on the path

The reason that the 'progressions' in this blog are described in 'three's' is that most problems in this world are described as a choice between 'opposites'.   The  problem with opposites is that it leaves no middle ground for the mind to bridge the opposites.   Thus this lack of choice fosters the dilemma of opposites by forcing individuals to 'choose' one side or the other.  But a paradoxical mindset 'understands' both sides... because it is 'standing' in between them... on the middle ground (or Middle Earth... so to speak) of being or awareness.   Thus when we express progressions in terms of three instead of the duality of two, it gives us a stepping stone

It's a paradox.

Thus the 'Law of Three' applies to the steps along the path itself as well as reality... which is fitting in that the path itself is an analog for reality itself.

For a much more detailed breakdown of the many progression of 'three' on the path see the 'Spiritual Roadmap' below...


Tesla and 'three'

NOTE: Tesla was obsessed with the numbers 'three', 'six' and 'nine'.   The number three is traditionally associated with the creative principal or 'creation'... six is associated with the balancing principal or 'maintaining balance' (as well as karmic balance)... and nine is associated with the destructive principal or 'endings'.

IE: Shakti (creative = 3), Vishnu (maintains balance = 6) and Shiva (destructive = 9).

Thus the 'Law of Three' is everywhere... and always in effect.

Tesla understood 'three'.   Tesla understood our ''remote' controlled 'robotic' nature as 'persons' that are continuously under the sway of 'outer influences'.   Tesla built the first working electronic remote controlled 'robot'... as a model of his 'self'... as he saw his 'self'.

'Persons' are ruled by 'outer influences'... individuals 'observe' their 'outer influences'... while relying on 'inner influences'.

Tesla was an 'observer' of his 'outer influences' and open to (while being skeptical of) his 'inner influences'.

If Tesla was alive today... he would know exactly what was 'going on'.


"I'm seeing... things... for the first time"... From 'Seeing Things'... by the Black Crows


Some notes on the 'self' observation of outer influences by Tesla

Tesla was aware of Vedic and Buddhist thought systems.   He was also aware of the value of 'self' denial as a tool for transmuting willfulness into a single minded focus and will.  Thus he was intuitively aware of what it meant to be a 'yogi'.   So the following may shed some light on how Tesla was able to observe his outer 'robotic' influences from a detached position.

 Gurdjieff taught 'self' observation as in observing ones 'self' or personality from a detached position.   It was a way of recording in ones mind the mechanical habits of the person thus coming to know its 'nature' as a pre-cursor to the practice of 'Self' remembering, as in 'remembering' ones 'Self'... IE: knowing ones 'Self' directly.

However, if you took the time to read the articles mentioned in the Authors NOTE in the Summary of the Clarifications on  Where is Time and Free Will and Brain Noise you'll see that so called 'outer influences' can take on a literal meaning.   What those articles show is that our thoughts are in essence 'broadcast' to us in our brains through signals whose source can be found in 'noise'... the natural background noise in the aether.   This 'aether' was something which Tesla was very familiar with as it was a concept that was 'in the air' in the late 19th century.   These signals literally have all the characteristics of 'remote control'... IE control from the mind that 'remotely speaks'to the 'person'.  When you take into account that our DNA can literally be programmed by sound and possibly other frequencies these 'outer' influences can take on - literally - a more literal meaning.

Gurdjieff taught that individuals that were unaware of their own being or essence we're (for all intents and purposes) 'asleep'... IE: that they were (for all intents and purposes)... 'machine like' - IE: 'robotic'.  For more on how Tesla may have been able to 'observe' this 'broadcast' of his robotic (IE machine like) outer influences and thus take advantage of his inner influences see... The Gnostic Gurdjieff


How to Deconstruct an assumption

There is an ancient 'way' of substituting one assumption for another and that is to ask 'what if'... as in 'what if there is no 'person'?   This opens the possibility in our minds to a new assumption by directly questioning the old assumption in our minds.   But that is just the first step.

 Next we state... 'if so... then what?.   This 'if so' statement makes this new assumption 'reality' in our minds for the moment... and asking 'then what?'  gives us permission to fully contemplate all the implications of this new assumption.

 So it's a 3 step process... "What if... if so... then what?'.

 'What if?'... openly questions the old assumption by allowing for the possibility of a new assumption...

 'If so'... acceptance of the new assumption in the mind...

 'Then what'... gives the mind permission to contemplate the implications of the new assumption... thus helping us to 'see' the new reality as real... by 'seeing' it in action... so to speak... in our minds.

 Merely asking 'what if?' and then allowing the mind to drift will not be enough as the mind will reassert the old assumption on its own.  So just asking the question is not enough.  This is why most people don't succeed at questioning assumptions... they fail to substitute a new one in its place.  We have to actively be willing to substitute a new assumption and then contemplate the actual implications of that new assumption in our minds in order to get it to become our new reality.  


Self Inquiry Clarified

Self Inquiry is often difficult to practice at first because the 'person' is unconsciously posing the question of 'Who Am I?'... to the 'person' in their mind... because they don't 'know any better'.   Naturally the 'person' doesn't understand such a question or why it should question itself so the mind moves on quickly and the practice is defeated.   Thus its a classic case of the fox guarding the hen house.

However, the savvy individual that practices Self Inquiry poses the question in the form of an open ended inquiry in the form of a questioning 'attitude' in the mind as to the assumption of the existence of the person.  Thus its an open ended or open minded inquiry that makes 'room' in the mind for the Self - in the form of intuitively informed impersonal awareness or being - to arise in ones own awareness... as ones Self.

So this attitude is reflected in the practice as... if not a 'person' then... 'who am I?'

Thus the blog is a philosophical preparation of sorts for this open ended or open minded inquiry to be practiced which over time will create a level of comfort with undefined states of being or just 'being undefined'... as ones 'Self'.  IE: the Self as 'you'.

So the savvy, knowing individual that practices Self Inquiry 'knows better' as the ground of the mind has been prepared on a philosophical basis for this deeper inquiry to take place.


NOTE: There is another way to approach this Self Inquiry and that is to contemplate ones existence in the form of an inquiry.  This form of inquiry is particularly helpful when dealing with fear or anxiety as all fear is fear of non-existence.  So contemplating ones existence is reassuring... IE it quickly dissipates fear... because it's only the 'person' that 'fears' for it's existence.

   So see... Self Inquiry and Buddhism


How to 'find' a 'person'

If you are looking for the 'person' then the following exercise might help.

If a 'person' exists would it exist as the body?   If so... what part of the body would it be?   Would it be in a finger and if so... which finger?   Would it be in the foot... and if so... which foot?    Would it be in the brain... if so... then which side of the brain?    Would it be an arm... if so... which arm.

Perhaps it's in the mind.   If so... where in the mind?

Perhaps it's in the emotions... if so... which emotion?    and where would that be?

Eventually you can only come to one conclusion.   It literally doesn't exist... other than in our imagination.    The good news though is that 'you' do exist... as 'you' are that which is looking for it.

Becoming comfortable with that fact is somewhat 'liberating'.   It's being in the world... but in a different way.


IE: Either everyone is a 'person'... or no one is.



Correct gazing

"The ancients taught that gazing at the world correctly was a spiritual practice"

from "Where is Time?"

When you simplify the 'problem'... the 'answer' simplifies itself.

A 'Metanoia' means that you are now just 'gazing' at the world... correctly.


A Spiritual Roadmap

The Spiritual Roadmap below is composed of six different lists and descriptions.  They are...

1) The Leading Indicators of Spiritual Progress - This is a list of characteristics that are initial indicators of spiritual progress for those who may not feel that they are making progress... at first.

2) The Progressions on the Path - This is a list of spiritual progressions that the individual can use as a 'troubleshooting' guide to 'progress' on the path.

3) The Stages on the Path - These are not static stages but rotating stages that we all 'rotate' through at one time or another.

4) The Archetypes - These are descriptions of how individuals perceive who are making gains that are changing the course of their lives.

5) A Profile of a 21st Century seeker - is a list some characteristics of seekers who have made some gains on the path.

6) The aspectss of our experience -  what makes for a human experience.

See the rest in detail at... A Spiritual Roadmap


On 'riding' the 'horse with no name'

"I've been through the desert on a horse with no name 
It felt good to be out of the rain 
In the desert you can remember your name 
Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain" 

from "A Horse with no name"... by America.


NOTE:  Impersonal being is the 'horse with no name'


Something to keep in mind

Consciousness can be 'personalized'... awareness is always impersonal.

Consciousness is a 'moving target'.   Only awareness can be 'found' in the same 'place' every time.

'Zen Mind' is Direct Experience

NOTE: When you hear someone talk of 'direct experience'...  It denotes an experience based 'directly' on knowledge... as in knowing.  Knowing gives direct experience... all else is interference with direct experience.

 Indirect experience is experience filtered through ones limitations and 'personal' opinions... IE second hand knowledge.   Knowing short circuits the 'person' and its opinions... thus making ones perception more 'direct'.

One is in 'time'... the other outside of 'time'... but not incompatible with it.

Direct experience is 'direct' because there is no 'filter' between ones perception... and ones experience.

So when you can speak from 'direct experience'... that's a little more than a 'leading indicator'.   That's an 'indicator' of direct knowing.


NOTE: Direct experience is viewing the world 'directly'... without the filter of the 'person' and the 'personal'.

Direct experience is 'beginners mind'.

'Bare attention' is required... for a 'direct experience'.

The 'filter' of discernment is necessary... but 'personal filters' are 'in the way'...  IE: in the 'way' of 'direct experience'.


Zen mind is a flexible mind.

Zen mind is no distraction.

Zen mind is paying serious attention...

So Zen mind is continuous attention.


Zen mind gives us Quality of life.

Zen mind is always in season.

Zen mind is bypassing the 'middle man'.

Zen mind is impersonal mind.

Zen mind is no body's fool.

Zen mind 'understands'.

Zen mind... gives us 'a life'.


NOTE: Zen mind starts with individual 'direct experience'... and 'extends' outward... from there...

Zen mind 'begins' with 'beginners mind'... and 'ends'... with 'Depth of Field'.


NOTE: If ever there was a time to exercise will... it's now.


Ponder this?

Question?   What is the one thing in this world that everyone who has ever lived has seen?

Answer... the face of the moon.

So the next time you look at the moon, take a moment to remember that everyone who has ever lived... from ancient Pharaoh's... to Jesus... to George Washington... to yourself... have gazed on the face of the moon.   It's a human touchstone - literally -  it's something we all have in common.

We've all looked at it... we've all seen it.   

It's literally the one experience that all of humanity has had  - other than our own being.

Think about that...


A 'person' meets an 'individual' who appears to be doing nothing

Person: What are you doing?

Individual: Paying attention.

Person: To what?

Individual: To whatever comes up.


Stages on the Path

There are 3 main stages on the path that paradoxically overlap at times but they can be summed up in the following categories...

1) The 'separate person'.  The separate person is an individual whose internal experience is dominated by the personal underconscious mind and whose being is 'unappreciated, or for all intents and purposes, 'absent' to their awareness.   It's otherwise known as the 'Narcissistic Trance'.  It gives the unquestioned appearance of 'separation' and it's dominated by linear perception and thinking.

2) The 'individual being'.  The 'individual being' is an individual whose experience is a paradoxical balance of the 'separate person' or 'personality' combined with an overlay of impersonal being.  This level is characterized by a certain level of detachment from the 'person' or the 'personality' and a growing level of reliance on being informed by intuitive insight as a 'leavening agent' or 'adult supervision' of the 'person'... which comes as a relief.   They can also at times extend their awareness or inner attention outward to wherever their physical eyes can see and thus results in 'Self Recognition'.   This is the first step to a more 'non-local' perception.

The paradox at this level is that we are experiencing a 'personal' life along with our own individual being... simultaneously.   Thus this is an example of the 'second' level of paradox... that is explained here... The 3 levels of Paradox

3) The 'non-local individual'.  The 'non-local being' is an individual whose perception is similar to the 'individual being' except now they have the ability to extend their awareness 'outward' beyond their line of sight and outside the normal boundaries of the body based ego.  This is referred to in the blog as 'Depth of Field'.  Thus they begin to 'see' their 'Selves' where they look as well as where they 'are'... and beyond that as well.  They are a paradoxical combination of a 'local' individual being and 'non-local being'.   And like the individual being, there is a perception of a separate person but it is a much more diminished perception - like an 'afterthought', in relation to their much larger extended impersonal 'view'.  This 'non-local' extension of awareness or attention can fluctuate between the 'line of sight' of the eyes or beyond them... as a focus of the 'third eye' of awareness that is not limited to line of sight.  Thus their 'sight' could be described as 'over the horizon sight'... or 'non-local sight'.
This 'non-local sight' is an initial indicator of an enlightened perspective but not all there is to an enlightened individual... merely a symptom that the individual is aiming correctly.

The 'non-local' individual is more pre-occupied with the 'Self'... so it's less concerned with it's 'self'... but it's not oblivious to it's 'self'.

NOTE: It's important to note that the ego still functions in all 3 stages and that ego boundaries are still necessary for protection of the individual.   The ego is still required for a human experience no matter how extended the awareness of the individual.  But... as awareness extends outward in a non-local way the individuals reliance on the ego and its 'needs' diminishes in relation to the 'depth of field'.   Awareness is not an ego function... thus it is not limited to it.   Thus the 'non-local' individual has a paradoxical experience of a greatly diminished ego based human experience in the 'background' (and appreciation for its needs) and unlimited depth of field of awareness that is not limited to the egos needs and restrictions.

There are three levels of paradox operating simultaneously at this level.  The first level of paradox is a balance between the 'personal and the 'impersonal'.  And since the 'personal' is time based and the impersonal is outside of time that adds another layer of paradox.  But there is still another level of paradox operating simultaneously and that is that we are experiencing ourselves as an individual being - where we 'are' - and as a 'non-local' being... where we 'look'... simultaneously.  

This experience is summed up when we hear sages say that... 'I am not in the world... the world is in 'me'.

This is because their own Self is that which extends outward as awareness, attention or being.  Thus the world is 'in' them.

This is similar to the third level of paradox... which is explained here... The 3 levels of Paradox

See also... A Spiritual Roadmap


The Three levels of Detachment

1) Mental Detachment:  There are two steps to mental detachment and they are first... to let go of the assumption of a 'separate person'... combined with 'seeing through' the impersonal 'personality'.   Detaching from the 'personality' is easier if you see there is no 'person' behind it. 

 Beginners mind or 'bare attention' is a form of 'mental detachment'.   Beginners mind is impersonal attention.

 Beginners mind is mental detachment... from the 'person' and the 'personality'.   Beginners mind can be practiced.

2) Emotional Detachment:  Emotional detachment is letting go of 'suffering'.  This does not imply a 'denial' of suffering.  In fact it requires a level of emotional intelligence before the individual can practice emotional detachment without 'falling' for denial.   So emotional intelligence is still a prerequisite for this level of detachment.   See... A Spiritual Roadmap

 When someone 'wrongs' us we automatically feel we have the 'right' to feel 'wronged'.   Letting go of the 'right' to feel 'wronged'... while addressing what's 'wrong', is a form of emotional detachment.   Practicing that will make it less 'automatic'... and raise awareness of it.   

 Emotional detachment is liberating... it liberates us from that innate and 'primordial' resentment of being 'wronged'... by our experience of separation.

 Detached and engaged... it's a paradox.  

 Letting go of being wronged while dealing with what's 'wrong'... is an 'Art'.   'Seeing' the world through a paradoxical mindset is an 'Art'... that can be practiced.

 There is a term for being detached and engaged... it's called... 'being assertive'.

The individual has the right to stand up for its 'self'.   The non-local individual may be less 'interested' in its 'self'... but it's not oblivious to it's 'self'.

3) Spiritual Detachment:    Spiritual detachment is characterized by any amount of spontaneous separation (IE detachment) of awareness from the fog of consciousness such that awareness is distinct from consciousness of the personality and the body... and it usually happens as a result of the cumulative effect of working with inner attention and other spiritual practices.   It is accompanied by an awareness of being that is informed by a non-verbal intuition.

Total and complete 3rd Party spiritual detachment as in the 'witness', can be characterized by a deep sense of Happiness, Joy and Freedom from all 'personal' concerns... but not from the responsibility for them.   

So we are detached... yet responsible.   That's a paradox.

Mental Detachment is an act of will.  Spiritual detachment 'just happens' as a result of the sustained will of practice.

This list is not necessarily a linear progression on the path.   Yoga and chi-gung and mantra are helpful at any level.

In short detachment is something we can practice at several different levels.


NOTE: Awareness is the 'mysterious power'... that 'looks after' this world.

For more on this 'witness' or 3rd party spiritual detachment that 'looks after' this world see... The Witness

 See also... A Spiritual Roadmap


The 3 Levels of Paradox

 Paradox is perceived differently depending on the level of awareness.

A) Contradictory Paradox or Contradiction:  To the separate 'person' paradox is a dilemma that can not be resolved with logic... so it's an unsolvable dilemma... leaving the 'person' in a state of limbo... unable to come to any lasting resolution of the dilemma.   Thus forward progress is stalled... hung up on the horns of dilemma itself.

B) Simultaneous Paradox:  To the individual whose impersonal being overshadows the personal self,  paradox is 'understood'... because so called 'paradoxical dilemmas'' are resolved by understanding both sides of the primary dilemma...  IE: the 'impersonal-personal' dilemma.  We are now co-existing in both the 'impersonal' and 'personal' worlds... simultaneously... which is a dilemma... but an 'understandable one'.  But only from the simultaneous standpoint of being.   Because only impersonal being understands the personal... completely.

 All dilemmas are now 'understandable' because, from the view of impersonal being, so called 'dilemmas' are no longer a source of 'conflict' in the individuals mind... because the personal is now in its proper 'place' in relation to being... because being puts the 'personal'  in proper perspective.  So 'separation' is no longer a 'dilemma' now... because impersonal being has its own meaning that overshadows the limited meaning of the 'person'... thus relieving the anxiety of separation.   With a 'foot' in both worlds, the individual 'see's' the world from 'both sides now'... 

 When you have a 'foot' in both worlds... you 'understand'.    Everything makes sense from the level of 'understanding'... that's how you know you 'understand'.

 All dilemmas in this world are a distraction from the primary dilemma... so they keep the world in a perpetual state of conflict.  

C) Non-existent Paradox:  At the level of the Enlightened 'One Individual'... the one who perceives is both sides of the paradox... thus no paradox... no problem.


NOTE: Paradox is the ultimate expression of a 'flexible' mind... because it's a reflection of an individual that has 'flexible' attention... that is both 'localized' and 'non-localized'... simultaneously.

Flexible attention and paradox are synonymous... so to speak.


'Depth of Field and the 3rd eye of the Pineal Gland

Practicing Depth of Field by allowing inner attention to free fall 'in' (or out) is one way of extending Depth of Field... but... eventually, with practice, the individual only has to 'look' in order to extend Depth of Field... and it's done through the 3rd eye or Pineal Gland.  The opening of the pineal gland is 'looking' with inner attention on outer attention... but... not through the eye's.  It's done through the 3rd eye... the eye of inner attention that when 'opened'

All serious spiritual practitioners have an array of spiritual practices and this opening of the 3rd eye is helped along by just such a typical combination of practices on the part of the individual like mantra, meditation and yoga in addition to developing the 'view'... so a certain 'balance' must be achieved in order to accomplish this.   But... when you are it's clear that you are doing so as an act of will... as a choice... to just 'look'... and 'see'... with inner attention... while going about your business.

The first thing you will notice is that there is an instant happiness that occurs in your being... and it can be quite intense.   Its experienced as intense joy and happiness as well as a sense of freedom from 'personal' concerns and limitations.   Yet you are still in touch with the practicalities of life.

NOTE: Any day you can extend your depth of field is a... 'Field Day'.

Note: When you have 'Depth of Field' you're 'smiling' in every 'general direction'.

NOTE: Another term for 'Depth of Field is 'plumbing the depths of the eternal now'... by extending awareness 'into it'.

IE: Depth of Field is the 'all seeing eye'... of awareness.


The 'koan of pi' is a shift in perception

Consciousness is awareness of 'things'.   It's an 'effect' of awareness.  When we focus awareness we call that 'attention'.   Consciousness is what 'happens' when 'things' come to our attention.  

Therefore awareness is primary and consciousness is secondary.  Consciousness is a secondary 'effect'. 

 The 'effect' of consciousness is the awareness of 'things'... over time.

The 'effect' of waves as we know them is linear perception... 'in time'.  Consciousness is linear... because it 'takes time' to produce the 'effect' of consciousness.

Awareness is non-linear because it takes 'no' time to produce 'it'.   It can occur at any time... because it is 'outside' of 'time'.

If the 'nature' of nature is paradoxical then the paradoxical nature of reality is best realized when we are in-sync with natural law.

Paradoxical thinking is important because if the 'nature' of nature is paradoxical and thinking is linear then there is an automatic disconnect from reality when we rely on thinking alone.

'Natural perception' is perception that is in alignment with natural law.  Natural perception is natural because it takes into account the perception of our 'nature' as awareness or being... simultaneously with the consciousness of 'things'.

Therefore being 'only' conscious of 'things' is not a reflection of the 'nature' of reality.

Natural perception is simultaneously linear... and non-linear... time bound and 'timeless'... at the same 'time'.   

The exclusion of the timeless non-linear aspect of our experience isolates us from reality.

The exclusion of the timeless is a distortion of reality.

The 'koan of pi'... is the natural perception of the linear and non-linear... the time bound and the timeless... simultaneously.

The 'koan of pi' is 'natural perception'.

The 'koan of pi' is a 'shift in perception'.

'Natural perception' is just being in-sync with natural law.

'Natural perception' is just being in-sync with the 'nature' of 'things'.

Taking into account the simultaneous existence of ones being is abiding by natural law.


The 'Law of Spiritual Practice

Every time the speed of computers doubles... the complexity of the world doubles.

When the complexity of the world doubles... the world gets doubly 'serious'.

When the world gets doubly 'serious'... it requires some 'serious attention'.

Every time the number of 'serious' spiritual practitioners doubles... the world gets less 'serious'.

When society is completely 'serious'... inner attention will be a given.

When inner attention is a given... we'll all be minding our own business.

When we're all minding our own business... smiles will be on the house.

When smiles are on the house... the world will be smiling on its Self.

See also... The Practice of Inner Attention


The Gravity of the situation

If the gravity of the sun moves the planets in spirals... then gravity must be spiraling.

If gravity is a spiral... then gravity is scalar-like.

If gravity is scalar-like... then gravity is a wave.

If gravity is a scalar-like wave... then 'gravity' is a collection of waves.

If gravity is a scalar-like wave... then 'gravity' is 'waves within waves'.

If the gravity that moves the planets is scalar-like then the gravity that moves the planets is a 'scalar'... on a grand 'scale'.

If the gravity that moves the planets is a 'scalar' on a grand 'scale'... then gravity is fractal 'in 'nature'.

Either everything is fractal in 'nature'... or nothing is.


NOTE: Intention is pointless... without will.



If you believe it is difficult to develop a yoga practice you might be inspired by Jules Febre, who grew up on the lower east side of Manhattan back when it was a very difficult place to exist... much less to be a 'yogi'.  He took up yoga asana at the age of six, traveled to India at the age of 13 and went on to develop what is known as Hip Hop Asana which has helped many 'beyond at-risk' individuals to become good 'citi-zens'... so to speak.  See his website at JulesFebre.com.

And if you are having difficulty developing a meditation practice you might derive inspiration from the story of Darren Littlejohn who had the urge and the will to meditate even in the midst of a very desperate drug and alcohol addiction.  See... 

For a link to a yogi that is a 'spiritual traveler' who 'understands'  what it means to overcome a major injury (with yoga)  and to 'pay forward' to the community... with a 'Temple' dedicated to yoga... designed with Sacred Geometry in mind see... http://www.pineappleyoga.com/

Speaking of Temples... see what 'Spiritual Artists' can accomplish in a society with this complex of underground temples in northern Italy called Damanhur   -   it's been called the 'Eighth Wonder of the World'.   The Virtual Tour is simply beyond words... http://www.thetemples.org/?ref=dhhptemples 


Still looking for stillness?

If you've read this far and are still looking for stillness then the following will produce it in the space of 3 deep breaths.

Pronouncing 'Om' (as Ah-um) at the beginning or end of meditation or yoga is a common practice yet its often not appreciated for its true power because its often 'prounounced' incorrectly... so to speak... in the throat instead of allowing it to reverberate in the chest.   When om is allowed to reverberate in the chest, instead of allowing it to dissipate in the throat, this sets up harmonics and overtones that have a major impact on the spinal fluids and thus the chakras and the brain.   

When done correctly it should literally leave the practitioner in a deep state of stillness that is quite profound.   The key is to take a deep breath first... and then after verbally pronouncing the 'Ah' portion of Ah-um we close the mouth and allow the 'um' portion to reverberate in the chest.   You can move the vibrations that develop in the mouth down into the chest with the mouth, tongue and jaw... it will be obvious.

Repeat that for 3 deep breaths... then let go and relax.

It's a slight change that has a major impact and it will bring a new appreciation of 'Om' that may not have been obvious to the seeker who was merely pronouncing the word out loud.

Everyone enjoys stillness.   Stillness has its place.   Stillness helps with life... but is not the nature of life.   So stillness is a practice... that helps with life.

NOTE: This is why 'Om' is known as... the 'Great eraser'.

Om is more than just a 'word'.


Authors NOTE as of 8-31-15

Meditation and the Yoga of Inner Attention

If you are having issues with maintaining a meditation practice because your mind wanders then the following should help.  This works with a simple single syllable mantra and even with a 'following the breath' type of meditation, so it should work with a TM practice as well.

When we meditate the mind is benefited in two ways... first with the outer focus on the mantra or breath... and when we return to the practice after the mind wanders.   It has been shown that the act of will required to return to the practice builds new brain patterns in and of itself.   Thus this returning to the practice is a practice within a practice.  In fact you could say that meditation is actually two practices... one of outer attention on the breath or mantra and the other with inner attention on the practice itself... simultaneously.  The failure to recognize this dual nature of meditation is what sabotages its success.

When you repeat a mantra the mind pays attention to it with the faculty of outer attention even if the eyes are closed.  So inner background attention is left to wander which inevitably becomes a distraction in the mind as most people who meditate can't follow both at the same time.    However if, while you are repeating your mantra, you are also paying attention to when the mind wanders with inner attention at the same time your chances of staying on track with the mantra (or breath) go up exponentially.

This is done by simply counting with your fingers (gently cupped at your sides) each time you notice the mind wander.   Thus you are not only paying attention to the mantra (or breath) with outer attention but you are paying attention to the practice itself... with inner attention... simultaneously.

Thus the whole mind is engaged... and no longer susceptible to distraction.

So the 'goal' of the practice becomes...

5 minutes or 5 'recoveries'... whichever comes first.


10 minutes or 10 'recoveries'... whichever comes first.


20 minutes or 20 'recoveries'... whichever comes first.

What you'll find is that your success rate with the practice goes up immediately and you can continuously meditate for longer periods of time.   And because you are successful now you'll actually look forward to the next practice as we always look forward to practicing something we are successful at.  So now your chances of continuing the practice on an ongoing basis go up exponentially as well.

You should find that your finger count may go down with each successive practice but that doesn't matter.   What matters is the 'returning' to the practice each time more quickly and more often in the practice as the result of a newly developing inner attention.  In any case, your outer focus should increase with even the first practice.  You'll also be somewhat taken aback, or at least pleasantly surprised at how effective this simple technique is.

It's also a great example of working with inner and outer attention simultaneously so your awareness of and appreciation for both will go up as well... as well as your ability to place inner attention on outer attention as you go about your business or in moments of quiet reflection.

NOTE: Eventually you should be able to extend your inner attention in the midst of your day and this should manifest as an expanded sense of presence.   Its important to note that ego boundaries remain in place as this expanded presence is felt because its not the ego that is breaking down but awareness that is extending beyond it... as awareness is not an ego function.   Thus we 'operate' in a perfectly normal manner... its just that our sense of 'Self' has extended outward... IE: non-locally.

It's a paradox.

So... this is a 'Self' initiation into non-local awareness.

This extension of inner attention on outer attention should be accompanied by a deep. deep sense of satisfaction and happiness (as stated above) as in 'uncaused happiness'.   Uncaused happiness is 'impersonal' happiness... vs 'personal' happiness which can always be traced to some cause or 'thing' that 'happened'.   This uncaused happiness is a symptom of the opening of the focal lens of the 3rd eye of the pineal gland or what's known as the 'eye of awareness'.


A message to the reader

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NOTE: Now that Yoga has been practiced on the ISS and civilians are going to space (not to mention plans for a Rotating Space Station with partial gravity - to begin deployment in 2023) this authors article about Yoga on a future private Space Station is topical.  See... A Yoga in Space

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