Profile of an Independent 21st Century Seeker

Profile of an Independent 21st Century Seeker

NOTE: This page was originally written in 2012 and was then  re-published in 2015 by New Dawn Magazine (with a brief intro) in their July-August 2015 issue linked here...

Such independent individuals in the 21st century might have the following characteristics:

* Comfortable with being undefined... see it as the ultimate advantage in life.

Aware... and they are aware they are aware...

Adaptable and flexible... adaptable to whatever their personal destiny has thrown at them and flexible in body and mind.

* Focused... on whatever is in front of them... because they see the world from "both sides now"... it's a paradox.

* Exhibit Self imposed discipline... even when so called "work" is hard to find... because the 'artist' in them is always busy.

* A good citi-zen... because they are 'paying forward' by paying attention... 

* Appreciates Quality... see's it as a reminder of the Infinite nature of reality and inspiration for such... Quality is seen as a reflection of their inner values and a reminder of their inner direction in life.

* Grateful to and respectful of spiritual traditions... but may not necessarily be a part of any tradition.

* Detached and engaged... detached from personal attachments but engaged in life... confident that their efforts will eventually be rewarded when it's motivated by awareness.

* Understands... as in... 'understands' both sides of the paradoxical 'personal-impersonal' dilemma of life... unconflicted by so called 'dilemmas'.   IE: they have 'A life'.

* Practical... exhibits common sense... see's it as a benefit of awareness.   Common sense is seen as 'that which is obvious' in light of awareness.

* Has a developing individual will... and diminishing willfulness.   And this will is focused on 'doing what they came here to do'.

* Independent... in mind and spirit... not subject to manipulation... because they see 'through' it.  IE: they are nobodys fool.

* Creative problem solver... isn't defeated by 'problems'.  Comfortable with creative 'workarounds' and adaptations.

* Creative expression... as a spontaneous expression of their appreciation of 'Quality'... and it has the 'qualities' of Quality.   Creativity is seen as inspiration that's 'paying forward' to ones 'Self'... and to 'others'... as well as paying Respects to 'that' which is greater than the 'individual'.

 But... when the need arises in phenomenal life they are:

 * Rational (another aspect of common sense).   They see this use of rationality as an 'Art' to be practiced and a benefit of awareness... as this logical rationality is merely a practical part of a multilayered existence... and not the 'heart' of it.   And this rationality is not incompatible with their emotionality... or their awareness... or their creativity... it's simply a useful tool for navigating through phenomenal life and for accomplishing what they came here to do with minimal distractions... IE it serves their 'purpose'.   It's an expression of an 'economy' of awareness by not wasting awareness on distractions when it's most needed.   'Economy of awareness' is 'efficient'... because they don't waste what they value.  So efficiency of awareness is an expression of their value of awareness... it's an expression of a 'focused' mind... when needed.   So they are focused and rational when needed and open to creativity when creativity is called for... or when the inspiration arises.   IE:  they are flexible.

Intuitive and discerning... because they are informed by that which is outside of time... and capable of acting on it.


* They make good use of 'time'... because they are not held back by the past... or the future.   They are moving forward through life in the moment... IE the 'moving moment'.

* Comfortable with their 'humanity'... see their humanity as a vehicle for experiencing... not a burden to be endured.   Has no 'problem' with 'it'.  IE: they don't make a habit of complaining about it.

Appreciates experience... because experience is intimately tied to awareness.  No awareness... no experience.   No experience... no existence.   

The 'personal' is not their 'purpose'... because their 'purpose' has a 'trans-personal' source.

So the 'person' knows its 'place' in relation to the individual... and the individual knows its place in relation to the unknowable... IE the Sacred.

In other words...  It's not all about 'them'.

   Such an individual is an asset to any society... as well as to it's 'Self'.   May we all be so fortunate.


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