How to Deconstruct an assumption

How to Deconstruct an assumption

There is an ancient 'way' of substituting one assumption for another and that is to ask 'what if'... as in 'what if there is no 'person'?   This opens the possibility in our minds to a new assumption by directly questioning the old assumption in our minds.   But that is just the first step.

 Next we state... 'if so... then what?.   This 'if so' statement makes this new assumption 'reality' in our minds for the moment... and asking 'then what?'  gives us permission to fully contemplate all the implications of this new assumption.

 So it's a 3 step process... "What if... if so... then what?'.

 'What if?'... openly questions the old assumption by allowing for the possibility of a new assumption...

 'If so'... acceptance of the new assumption in the mind...

 'Then what'... gives the mind permission to contemplate the implications of the new assumption... thus helping us to 'see' the new reality as real... by 'seeing' it in action... so to speak... in our minds.

 Merely asking 'what if?' and then allowing the mind to drift will not be enough as the mind will reassert the old assumption on its own.  So just asking the question is not enough.  This is why most people don't succeed at questioning assumptions... they fail to substitute a new one in its place.  We have to actively be willing to substitute a new assumption and then contemplate the actual implications of that new assumption in our minds in order to get it to become our new reality. 

So 'what if?' allows us to let go of the old assumption... 'if so' allows us to become comfortable with accepting the new assumption... and 'then what'? allows us to contemplate it as if it is the new assumption... and to develop a deeper comfort level with that in our minds... to allow us to 'see' how that is going to play out for us.   IE: it allows us to overcome the unknowns of it all and to become comfortable with this new reality... in our minds.