Out of the box quotes

Out of the box quotes

Authors NOTE:  I wrote all but a few of the first fifty off the top of my head yesterday (2-6-18) and the rest last night.  If anyone knows a prior author I'll be happy to put their name next to it.  I just haven't taken the time to look.

* On Sparks, Nevada... I always wanted to live in the middle of nowhere, especially if it's the center of the universe.

1) If North Korea is heaven then why bother to clean up your act.

2) When everything is peaches and cream the world will truly be bananas. 

3) If you don't like the weather wait till you get a taste of the air on Mars.

4) When politicians are seekers of truth you won't be able to believe anything anymore.

5) Roses are red and violets are blue... when politicians are tenured they no longer need you.

6) The day you've got it made is the day it goes on sale.

7) If TV were really paying attention it would be focused on itself and then we could all get back to reality.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

8) The complaint department is closed until some fool opens it.

9) If everyone were awake there would be no one to blame.

10) When the 'Big one' hits, survivalism will be a slam dunk.

11) When bad news comes it never stops but when good news comes it's yesterdays news before you can even sneeze.

12) By the time the road to happiness is paved we'll all be driving SUV's.

13) When humor is history the mean get their way.

14) If it weren't for sewer caps we'd all be in the drink.

15) By the time you figure it out it's already figured into the price.

16) The problem with taking yourself too seriously is that you're stuck with your self... and no one wants anything to do with that.

17) When idiots reign supreme intelligence will be over-rated and intuition will be in hiding.

18) The problem with people is they act like animals but they sound like people.

19) When people are perfect someone will be hiding something.

20) When the stock market crashes headaches will be on the house.

21) Why walk on the moon when you can crash on Mars.

22) Science only wants what's best for us... without asking us.

23) The problem with Big Pharma is you wouldn't want their karma.

24) Life is easy when you get used to the hard part.

25) When life is hard it's because the easy part took another sick day off.

26) The problem with 5G is it won't go through walls but it will go through you like a bat out'a hell.

27) When the world ends politicians will be the last to know and the first to get out.

28) When the world ends science will be studying it till hell freezes over.

29) When the world ends Pluto will look like paradise.

30 When the world ends the complaint department will be open in perpetuity.

31) When the world ends barter will be the latest startup and toilet paper will be worth more than gold.

32) When the world goes to hell everyone will be pointing fingers... but in hell no one has any fingers to point because they're all holding on too tight.

33) GMO's are a karate chop to the bee's knee's.

34) Bitcoin looks great until all the real money disappears.

35) When driverless cars are an everyday thing, freedom of the road will be a thing of the past.

36) The road to hell is paved with convenience and lined with upgrades.

37) Atlantis 2.0 is 7G in your crib.

38) Vaccinations ruin nations when the price of the cure is worse than the cost of the disease.

39) GMO's curl my toes when my RNA is the price to pay.

40) When people are paying attention governments don't 'need' to. (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

41) By the time science has your best interest at heart your heart will be in your throat.

42) You'll know things have gone too far when drones are delivering babies and surgeons are working from home.

43) Daredevils are great until the Go-Pro goes silent.

44) Submarines are the King of the sea now that whales have to wear earmuffs. 

45) I'd rather watch a good forklift operator than a good movie because the movement speaks for itself.

46) When prescriptions are treated like emissions we'll all be able to breathe again.

47) When too big to fail is too hard to take then the money center banks will fall back in the ranks.

48) You'll be able to see through other people when you can laugh at your self.

49) I told my doctor I don't need a cure if it puts my health at risk.

50)                    The End Game

 The west plays checkers... Russia plays poke-a-mon.

 The west plays chess... Russia plays Risk.

 If the west plays Risk... the world won't be worth Monopoly money.

51) I was into astrology until my chart said I wasn't so I took up Nostradamus until he missed the last election.

52) Life is a four way stop sign... someone jumps their turn, you got problems.

53) I took up yoga to stay in the game but now I practice just to stay the same.

54) Herbal remedies may have fewer side effects but who has time for that.

55) Organic food tastes better, especially when it's more expensive.

56) Cell phones give me headaches but landlines give me overdue bills.

57) Driverless cars are going to make us more productive because we can work on the way to work but you know damn well that people will figure out how to play on the way to a play.

58) Scientists get Nobel Prizes while figuring they're a shoe-in but the booby prize of unintended consequences gets passed down to the guy who least expects it.

59) If everyone was Mozart concert halls would be empty and we'd all be singing for our lunch.

60) When you're ahead of your time no one has any time for you but when you're behind the power curve you're a U-Tube sensation right up until impact.

61) If there was nothing to names, Tiger Woods would be called Max Titleist.

62) There are more geniuses in kitchens than in laboratories but kitchens can get you on TV and no one wants to look at laboratories.

63) When you're trying to get ahead there's a lot of pushing and shoving but when you're on your way down everyone is shoving each other to get out of your way.

64) You can bore people to death all night at a party but say one word about God and you're a party of one faster than you can say damn!

65) A lot of people take up yoga because they are hurt but they stick with it because they like looking down at the dirt.

66) "When you first start off trying to solve a problem, the first solutions you come up with are very complex, and most people stop there. But if you keep going, and live with the problem and peel more layers of the onion off, you can often times arrive at some very elegant and simple solutions. Most people just don’t put in the time or energy to get there."      Steve Jobs

67) Newton was an alchemist until he saw the gravity of the situation.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

68) A world ruled by opposites will be bound by the gravity of it all.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

69) The future can only be trusted to that which has no future.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

70) Progress is perfect until it's a problem.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

71) What if opposites were made in heaven?  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

72) The future is assured when the present is in the way.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

73) This world wasn't just designed for distraction... it was engineered that way... (from 'Where is time?)

74) Boring is when the person has nothing to keep it busy so it frets... but being keeps busy because there's always something to be aware of.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

75) When there's no place like home that's called 'the search'... when there's no place that's not home that's called enlightenment.  (from the Who Needs the Hoggs blog)

76) Intuition is 'being' being informed by real-time information... discernment is the practical application of real-time information.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog).

77) Revolutions are what happens when evolution's fail.   Evolution's fail when common sense is no longer a common characteristic.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

78) The next evolutionary step of humanity will be the evolution of common sense because common sense is just that which is obvious in light of awareness.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

79) Beginners mind is impersonal attention... IE: beginners mind is just bypassing the middle-man.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

80) The impersonal life is just living the life of a person... without being a person.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

81) Paradox is not a contradiction at the level of understanding.  At the level of understanding, paradox is the answer.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

82) Individuals are beings who function as persons but whose being shows them otherwise.  (from the Who Needs the Higgs blog)

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